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Dea's Lore Dev re-application take II

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key/BYOND Username: Dea Tacita

Position Being Applied For (coder, mapper, spriter): Lore Dev

Past Experiences/Knowledge: I have written lore on a number of other servers, though I also was a lore developer on Aurora before my previous (Less than graceful) exit. I've served in the military for most of my adult life and so I believe that I could assist the team further with that knowledge, in addition to my formal education in linguistics, behavioral psychology and military history.

Examples of Past Work: I created the background on which the current lore is based, though It has since underwent numerous revisions which have overall made it much better in my opinion. I created the Kocasslani (Not my greatest work) along with a number of other minor races that never really went anywhere (http://auroraserver.freeforums.net/thread/701/minor-races).

Preferred Mode of Communication (Skype, Steam, etc.):Skype

Additional Comments:

I admit that my previous experiences with the Lore team have left a bad taste in their mouths. However I honestly believe I have learned from my mistakes and am more than capable of working productively to create wonderful lore for the server that I so care about. I do sincerely want to apologize to Erik, Jackboot, Rusty, Gollee and Tablespoon who I so inconvenienced with my rather graceless departure earlier in the year, I know that hasn't left the best impression of me in your minds but I really wish to be able to help with the lore again.

I also do admit I don't take criticism very well but am endeavoring to change that as best I can.

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Not a lore dev. However, as an admin, I've gotten to work with Dea and see her in action as a mod since she rejoined our staff, and I can say that she seems a lot less tense than before - more laid-back and friendly. I don't know how much this translates to devving (which tends to be filled with a lot more conflicts and internal problem-solving), but I figured I'd put in a few good words for her, as that's what I have observed recently.

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