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JKFawkestrot's Unban Appeal

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I did apply this ban due to you jumping down disposals, as a non antag and without proper reason, and then logging when staff tried to get in contact with you. I am not against liffiting this, as once you read the rule and point what exactly is the issue with what you did.

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Well, I would certainly be appreciative of that. I don't like any other server, because the RP is what's fun to me. It just seemed like EVERYONE had gone AFK, and I (In game) got suicidal out of boredom. I don't see how that would have negated any RP for anyone, since there was no way anyone could have known my motives for the suicide.

Anyway, Thanks.

- Juice Willis

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Still, we have rules about suicide, and boredom is not a good reason for so;


Avoid pain. A sane, well-rounded character would not engage in actions that are overly painful, or put themselves in harm's way without consideration (e.g. going EVA without a suit, stabbing themselves repeatedly, or continue to run at someone after being shot multiple times.) Suicide is generally a NO, unless you have believable reason for it and do it in a realistic way (ODin on chemicals as a chemist is realistic, but cutting off your head isn't), you can contact the admins to clear situations like that.


So, read the rules again, and I will have no issues in unbanning you, and promisse that such will not happen again without proper reason.

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