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Thundy's CMO Application

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BYOND key: Thundy

Character names: Mel Hanford, Steph Hodge, Karis (Dobbs) Straughan, Mitchell Jenkins, Brendan Cooper and now (reintroducing) Charlie Dove

How long have you been playing on Aurora?: Since September, so around three months or so?

Why do you wish to be on the whitelist?: Only the cool kids are on the whitelist. Since I am a cool kid, my application seemed inevitable.

Why did you come to Aurora?: I saw a friend playing SS13 on a different server. After a big misunderstanding, I was banned for a day on that one and came here. I never left. I love the community you have going here.

Have you read the BS12 wiki on the head roles you plan on playing?: Yep.

Please provide well articulated and argumented answers to the following questions in a paragraph each.

Give a definition of what you think roleplay is, and should be about: Rollplaying is the concept of bring a character to life from dusty bones, its letting the person inside your head step out and become real. Not only that, I think a lot of people forget that you have to let your now living breathing creature grow. I find that getting too comfortable with a character can result in things being a tad boring. Your character should always be changing subtly, growing up and making better decisions because of their in-game interactions with others.

What do you think the OOC purpose of a Head of Staff is, ingame?: Heads have responsibility. OOC can quickly become an assaulting place to be if people are not careful to tread delicately. I believe heads should be levelminded and calm when traversing the wild world of Aurora, both IC and OOC. People should be quick to listen, slow to react, refrain from using harsh language and generally try to be the voice of reason.

What do you think the OOC responsibilities of Whitelisted players are to other players, and how would you strive to uphold them?: The whitelist, to me, represents the people whom the server can generally lean upon to know the rules and play according to them. To be whitelisted is to hold a position of trust and respect. People look to you to guide them and that posiition of trust. People look to you to guide them and I would strive to be a good example to current players and for new players coming in.

Please pick one of your characters for this section, and provide well articulated responses to the following questions.

Character name: Charlie Dove

Character age: 43

Please provide a short biography of this character (approx 2 paragraphs):

Charlie grew up with her Dad. Her mother had left when she was just a baby and she could never get the truth of what had happened out of her heart broken father. He was a workaholic lawyer, extremely intelligent and she looked up to him immensely. As soon as she was able, she was helping him in his lonely office, researching for his cases. Most of the cases her father took were on corporate law but one particular case stood out more then the rest. It involved a Doctor that was being sued for malpractice. The descriptions of the surgery, the tools and procedures depicted sparked something in Charlie and she decided to go to medical school. Her father died shortly after her enrollment and she vowed to make him proud. Using her inheritance money, she put herself through her schooling and on-the-job training, finally ending up on a research team. She was the only human in a group of Tajarian's (Tajara? what is the plural?) and quickly learned what it meant to have a big family. She learned their ways, their culture and was accepted as a little sister of them all. After being made redundant but keeping in contact with her feline friends, she got a job with Nanotransen.

What do you like about this character?: Charlie is determined and follows her dreams. She sets goals for herself, is punctual and organized.She is not afraid of getting close to people and trusting them. She tries to include everyone she meets into her preexisting friends group. She is also loyal and logical in her demeanor.

What do you dislike about this character?: The fact that she is very trusting is also her down fall. She is sensitive to peoples feelings and this makes her an easy target for ridicule and abuse, which she can quickly take to heart as personal criticism. Although she is authoritative and commanding, people that know her well can see how peoples words can affect her.

Do you think this character is fit to be a Head of Staff? (Please note that Head characters must be over 30, unless given special clearance): Yes

Why?: She is competent at directing and delegating jobs to others and doesn't hesitate to ask if she doesn't know something. She is hardworking and diligent. She has a keen sense of justice and tries to be a good example to those around her. She lives by a code of conduct and honor. I believe her growth is pushing her toward attaining the CMO position.

Please provide well articulated and argumented answers to the following questions.

How would you rate your own roleplaying?: I try to throw myself at my rolls and really get into it but I know I still have a lot to learn. I have been roll playing for a while now but still feel like I am testing the waters a bit. So, as a rating, I'm okay.

Extra notes: It might be cool if Charlie could speak some Tajarian but I know it uses tail and ears so might not be something humans can learn. Cool little thought. If I can't, I'm cool with it.

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I've had limited RP experiences with Thundy, but the experiences I've had (with Mel especially) have been really good!

And while Siik'maas can be spoken by Human (It's rather monotone so to speak without a tail and ears) it's generally not allowed for Humans to selected it in the server's setup.

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Application approved.

Unless I'm wrong, I have seen you struggle with surgery in the past - since a CMO trying to accomplish surgery themselves and failing is a bit silly, I'd recommend that you either get yourself more familiarized with surgical procedures before attempting them as CMO, or delegate them to another member of your staff.

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