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[Completed] CSI Jacket - Ana Issek


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BYOND Key: SueTheCake

Character name: Ana Issek

Item name: CSI jacket

Why is your character carrying said item to work? It was part of her original uniform (of which she wears one piece now); given that she is assigned to medical positions to perform the duties of a medical examiner, the jacket helps reinforce her skillset and capabilities, whether as part of medical or as part of security. It is a relic of her time on the force before reforms and changes and she carries it mostly everywhere she goes while on duty.

Item function(s): Clone of EMT jacket.

Item description: A black jacket with the words 'CSI' printed in the back in bright, white letters.

Item appearance:


Additional comments:

Tony Adams says, "Ana, the entire left side of the victim is missing!"

Ana Issek says, "Looks like he is..."

Ana Issek puts on sunglasses.

Ana Issek says, "Alrrright."



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Will only support if you bring sunglasses and strategically equip them while making puns.

Ana is an awesome character and Sue is a great Rp'r. Ana is like some avatar of justice and will take no shit from anyone. She's real distinct. There are few characters I've seen with such a distinct personality.


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I support this item application, but I was just wondering one thing... Wouldn't it be better to also make this a default item that can be found in the Detective and Forensic Technician lockers? I don't think Detectives would mind having a jacket that isn't noir for those players that partly dislike the theme, and the Blue/Red Jacket the Forensic Technician gets doesn't really mean anything unless examined? Unless you examined the Blue/Red Jacket when they're not wearing it, then they don't really have much of an indicator of their job (sans OOC knowledge that the F-Tech gets the Blue/Red Jacket).

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I'll just wander how much NT actually gives a fuck if security wears proper uniforms, if they do, might be a bit snowflaky. Other than that, nothing I can really say that I haven't said before, Sue deserves it. +1

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