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Reforming a players identity


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So I’ve been on the station for a bit now but I’m still pretty new to the forums. I don’t want to post in the wrong spot so I thought posting here would be best. On station I’m Travis Davis, if you know who I am, well I can probably say I’m sorry for my behavior and it apply to something I’ve done to you... First I’d like to explain my annoying RP and behavior. Simply put, I had no idea how awesome serious rp could be in this game. Any other station I’ve been around was always a joke so I never cared for anything else other than griefing and being dumb as fuck. The moment you try doing anything interesting on another station some asshole blows it up. I’ve realized that is not the case here and I absolutely love it. However I’m worried I’ve ruined my reputation because of my harassment and other stupid things I have done, I would like to start correcting it now. So I just want to apologize for that first and express that I have a strong intent of changing that so I can become a part of this awesome station.

Anyways, I’ve been wanting to become more serious in role-play and what not but I don’t know where to start. I was given a hard time trying to transfer because I do not have an employment record, I’d like to know where I can submit one and perhaps a background for my character as well. Also any other useful information I need to help become a part of this station would be appreciated :D

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Want a tip? We're a pretty big place nowadays. If you shine through good behavior, you'll be remembered by many; if you misbehave and make a fool of yourself, you'll be quickly forgotten by the few.

I used to do horribly trolly shit too. I don't think anybody even /remembers/ any of it. So if you want a new beginning, you have it. As far as I know, you've never gotten in trouble with staff, and haven't made anyone rage in OOC. That's pretty much good in my book - if you want to focus more on serious roleplay and building strong relationships here, you're good to go. You'll find we're pretty welcoming.

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Hello there!

I know exactly how you feel. Been there, did that.

For the records and so on, there's this handy thread http://aurorastation.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=68&t=275 - having a template to work off makes the process a brazillion times easier.

As for the RP - the only advice I can think of, identify with your character.

Think realistically.

Behave accordingly.



Hope you'll enjoy your stay with us!

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Yeah, what they said.

People tend to forget about throwaway characters and events, mostly because we've enough throwaway characters and events that it'd be un-fun to try and remember them all. So just try and be memorable for something else.

I mean, a great deal of the server population, myself included, has done some stuff we'd rather want people to forget, and have somehow managed to pull it off.

Oh, and on character and stuffs.

Try talking to people. Just make small talk.

Really works.

Just don't forget to do your job (If you're not an assistant.)

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I haven't seen much of you other than getting seriously wounded and murdered by slimes every round, so there's not much to apologize for. Everybody learns or starts to fit in over time unless they're a routine asshole, and you're always polite and communicative when talked to. If you messed up, well that happens to all of us eventually.

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The only reputation you have that I know of is joining as a xenobiologist and promptly getting yourself attacked by slimes.

So, here's the thing: If some random dude joins up and starts digging into the game, people don't mind it too much. Newbies happen and often don't know how to make a fleshed out character. Travis Davis however is a constant. You play him in fields he's not qualified to be in, which In Character is a no-no. People who are in their jobs are there because they're qualified to be there.

So, save Travis Davis in one of your slots and go build another character to be whatever else you want to try!

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well i like the sound of the support :D thanks guys this is going to be fun now! on a side note i found out xenobiology was broken, i had no idea because no one ever did xeno and told me >.< so it made all the slimes into adults and aggressive, travis davis shal no longer find himself eaten by slimes often! now only sometimes.

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