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Sadi Disjal: More of a Tail then a Tale

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BYOND Key: Nikolai The Beast

Character Names: Rai Amari / Nikolai Petirosky / Jasri Bassi

How long have you been playing on Aurora: Since Conception, on and off again.

Species you are applying to play: Unathi

What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Diona exempt): Red (darkish red, preferably.)

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes, and I noted an incorrect sentence.

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race: I see too few of any aliens, and currently I am the only player who seems to prefer alien races. As such, I'd like another race to use for roleplay, and particularly, a female unathi, as I feel a stern and stout unathi scientist lady would be amusing, and interesting.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Besides for the basic physical differences, aliens possess an entirely different view point on all situations, and will act in such ways. Each alien is obviously limited to being a humanoid, but their culture, upbringing and personalities can and will vary wildly from a humans.

Why does this species in particular hold your interest? I see very few good Unathi. Sadly, I see so few that I can name the interesting ones off one hand. Mostly, I find that they are overly angry or stout in all matters. As such, I'd like to play one and increase the number of good Unathi to six. Seven, if I count that one who ate someone else.

Character Name: Sadi Disjal.

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs

Born and Raised on Moghes, Sadi has lived a simple life of attempting to get off of Moghes as quickly as physically possible. Possessing a love of science, she has studied hard and sternly to attempt to gain employment on another races vessel, in an attempt to find meaning in her life, which she hopes to find in scientific research and discovery.

She is currently staying in a small apartment on Biesel, and has spent the last six months attempting to appropriate human culture, to better assist herself with working with them. This has not been particularly successful, and she may have somehow ended up with even less of a understanding of human culture. However, she is eager, willing, and has very sharp teeth, so don't even you dirty pervert.

What do you like about this character? She feels like a fun and simple character who will have plenty of things to do with, and will be a pleasant change of pace from my usual nonsense as Rai.

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I'd FINALLY like to have a female Unathi onboard, whether I even get to interact with them or not is not really an issue, because I know Nikolai will RP with whomever he has the chance to. This will also (hopefully) motivate more people to create female Unathis.


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Hi. Before I (or witt) decide whether or not to accept your application, there's a few things I'd like to raise.


  • The events around your Tajaran character Raieed/Rai. Namely the gender changing and the ridiculous colour changing? What are your thoughts of those things happening? Would we be presented with those issues again?
  • The name of your Unathi. Unathi's have a difficulty speaking Ceti Basic properly due to their constant hissing. Due to this they would prefer using softer sounding letters when commonly referring to something rather then heavy sounding letters. Heavy sounding letters being; b, d, g, j and w. They would have a difficulty saying these letters in Ceti Basic constantly so they wouldn't really have these letters in their names.
  • Could you provide more incite into your character? Give a bit more backstory. Things such as their personality, why they love science so much (as in what even sparked the interest for it), why do they want to work for NT and why do they want to leave Moghes so quickly?


Please answer these points I've raised and we'll continue from there.

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I'll avoid questioning my own questioning. Although I do find your way of speaking adorable, Pumpking.

Firstly, Rai, as said before, has and never was particularly sexually, and more importantly, genderly set in her ways. This was a choice made IC and ooc with other players, and was discussed at length on station. She eventually decided that a female body would be more interesting, and that she always somewhat felt like being female would be more generally pleasant in a way that she couldn't explain.

However, at some point in the future, and event occurred off station that killed her. During her cloning, she had made to escape mid-way through the cloning (Due to not recognizing the location and the cloning vat she had been inside not properly keeping her under throughout the process.) and falling out of a window on the second story of said hospital. This, and being out of the cloning treatment for a deal of time, left her with three malformed bones. Specifically, the right arm, left leg and coccyx (I'll not bother labeling the specific bones). As well, her liver and right kidney were slowly shutting down also due to the escape attempt. But the most violent of issues caused by brief stint outside of the cloning vats, was the damage was done on the most basic of genetic levels. As such, she could not be properly cloned again to solve the concern with the "Severrrrly shitty body" During the next month, she continued working, under severe watch and daily mental checks (and with the use of a cane) before eventually realizing that she was going to die a far less pleasant and shorter death then she hoped.

She spent the next two days eating ice cream, cake, and anything else sweet, and trying to decide whether suicide or seeking a new body was a better decision. However, multiple IC opinions led her to decide on the second rather then the first.

At this, she employed the assistance of a Geneticist IC to create her a, and I quote "Farrr less fucked to the nines bodies", and out of a whim had them finaggle her to have a different fur colour (A spur of the moment choice that she has admitted several times was a poor one) and was successfully transplated into the secondary body. She spent the next month in rehab, learning to functionally use this new body while taking drugs to offset the body rejecting her brain, and gene treatments to attempt to slowly cause the

Currently, she takes a drug to keep the body from rejecting her, and continues to see a therapist weekly to assure that she will not relapse into a depressed state.

I would like to think that the above situation was not absurd by any means, specifically relating to a character who is simply apathetic to many situations and concepts, much like gender. Unless being a transvestite is some form of concern, or her having made a spur of the moment desicions while under the influence of Tramadol that the colour brown would be "Morrre appealing to keep carrre of", I can retconn either of these things if this is somehow a problem, I suppose. Raieed and Rai are essentially the same person, but with a few added bits or removed bits.

As for "Occurring" again, this was specific occurrences for a single character, who is also notable for having at one point stolen the HOS's porn and created a memorial to it (All as an objective as a antagonist, I might add). I sincerly doubt every one of my characters is going to decide that they wish to become the opposite gender and then decide a new body is in order.

On a actual note, all of these medical happen-hap's were agreed to be fine by some person or another. Who, I can't tell you, it's been awhile.

Secondly, I will quote Skull on this, but I was told how to name a Unathi "By smashing your hands on the keyboard". I did such, as the wiki lacks any article on the naming scheme of Unathi, and I presumed using another Wiki would be a poor choice. As such, I just went with what I ended up with "Saodi Didsal" and worked with it. but I decided on Sadi, a vaguely human name that could serve easily enough, and Disjal as a random so and so alien name.

This can easily be changed, although I am fond of the name Sadi.

Thirdly, I would have posted all that, but I am suppose to keep it short and decided against it. This can be rectified.

Sadi's love of science came from a Skrellian merchant, who had decided that selling random baubles and basic pieces of Skrell tech to unathi would be a simple way to live their life. After said Skrell had successfully insulted every single Unathi in a five mile radius, and had fled with nothing but his ship and his pants, Sadi had quite happily...acquired many of the foolish merchant's possessions. In particular, she had found a video player that possessed a great many tapes on plasma research, Telescience, and the work done on stations much like Aurora.

From there, she began studying any and every thing relating to the word science, and eventually was able to enroll in a school situated on Biesel, mostly due to her parents pleasure in their daughter wanting to be a rich scientist (They may or may not actually understand what a scientist is, but they were supporting nonetheless.)

Her attempts to get off of Moghes is specifically around her displeasure of her own races attitude. She is not fond of the attitude around clans and how others are treated, and the general lack of intelligence and knowledge in the multiple ways that the other races have reached. (Once again, the Wiki is sufficently lacking in any actual information on how the culture of a city or tribe works, or their level of technology, so I'm improvising by making no specific statements on what they have)

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(Once again, the Wiki is sufficently lacking in any actual information on how the culture of a city or tribe works, or their level of technology, so I'm improvising by making no specific statements on what they have)

Dat all, Pumpy? I'll drop a new name here, I suppose, but I'd prefer to at least keep Sadi.

Sadi Misrili

Suni Misrili


Yes. The Unathi lore is being re-worked by myself and Witt so at the moment it isn't really up to scratch. There is enough however to make whitelists (besides a few points which will be done and dusted fairly soon, shhh).

The new names you've made are fine, either of them work.

Okay so. I'm willing to accept this app however on one condition. That condition being we don't see anything like gender changes, colour changes (if I recall, you put in Raieed/Rai's flavor text their fur was green because of some nuclear incident) or something extremely out of the blue that just wouldn't really make sense.

So with that, accepted.

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