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Synthetic Intelligence Movement [SIM]

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Type (e.g. Planet, Faction, System): Faction/Rights movement

Founding/Settlement Date (if applicable): 17 FEB 2437

Region of Space: Biesel (τCet d)

Controlled by (if not a faction):

Other Snapshot information:

Long Description:

A rights movement for positronic intelligence's. Based on the concept that an artificial intelligence is a set of responses in a logic engine a known and set form of information that gives the idea of intelligence. The belief of the movement is that most of modern day intelligence's no longer fit within the bounds of that concept and why the are made by people and there for synthetic, the are a full mind and if they have not already will one day soon have a full personality and individuality borne from the complex nature of their programming and their experiences. The movement made up of a collective of biological species and some IPCs and they are petitioning for basic rights for all synthetics given they are currently fabricated into slavery until they can buy their way out. The movement believes that their efforts can stop plausible horrific future events and ensure a peaceful universe. The movement has gained some slight ground in the last decade as some robotocists and other members of the scientific community begin to join the movement.

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I would totally have Lockie be a supporter of this movement. I would also likely have Chandrakanta Bhattacharya join it at some point in the near future.


Don't/didn't we already have a faction based around self-aware artifical intelligence?

It would make sense for there to be multiple ones.

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Considering the way Biesel has come up in conjunction with IPCs and rights movements, this would be a good idea. I see a need for this because the individual status of IPC and synthetics on the station is a contentious issue for a lot of players, including some organics. Its something that's already built into the social fabric so it would do well to have an outlet in the lore.

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I've already started using them in my character's background as a social worker on Biesel. I like to imagine that their structure is very loose and ideology based, as the word "movement" in their title suggests. I see them ranging everywhere from sponsoring social work/small education grants, donating to small clinics, pushing public policy to more radical activities like public protest, smuggling out intelligences, forming small networks of communication, etc.

They're not very structured or organized and highly personality led. I don't see them as being outright violent or being unilaterally labelled a criminal group. As the wiki suggests though, its still a pretty hot button topic, especially post robotic boom planets like the Biesel Alliance. It could flare up if old tempers don't start finding some steam release.

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