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Music Thread? Music Thread.

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Muzic Thread

So, as you can probably guess, this is a thread to discuss your favorite music genres, bands, songs, et cetera. Share some gud tunez and chill.


I can honestly stand a variety of music genres, though heavy metal and some forms of rap just annoy the living hell out of me.

Favorite Song:

(dunno, this song just givz me dem gud feelz)

Favorite Composer: Eminem -- I think Eminem is probably one of the greatest artists, not just of rap, but of all genres (modern, that is), some may see this as a stretch, but the amount of emotion and meaning he puts into some of his greater songs is very awe-inspiring once you realize it.

Favorite Genre:...eh, I'd say Classic Rock, or Country..really because that's what I was raised on, though like I said, most other genres don't bother me (except for kidz pop, fuk dat shit).

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