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[Accepted] ForgottenTraveller's WikiDev App

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Ckey/BYOND Username: ForgottenTraveller

Position Being Applied For: Wiki guides developer

Past Experiences/Knowledge: Pretty much none as I have only started to learn wiki formatting and code in general. Apart from having a a significant hand in the form development team for the new SOP and learning that very basic formatting I have not done much in developmental areas of this nature. Though I have often quickly grasped code bases and have started teaching myself a few types as of late though mainly within other types of programming such as the 3D software Maya using its own embedded language script and my complexity is not very advanced. I am a designer by nature and education and hopefully soon by trade so following a workflow, specifications and ability to communicate and take critique is all second nature for me.

Examples of Past Work: A quick learning test using our current chemistry system with the compounds broken down into types and how advanced they are. Advanced based mostly on needing other chemicals before being made itself: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uss1Lwmc3mkvzmLuddW3W_b4Z7ofwwEiMJiJgQnwPCc/edit?usp=sharing I have yet to put it onto a wiki itself to see how the code turned out though it reads pretty clean and I see no spare parenthesis, it probably has a few small errors that I can fix with ease once I see how it looks

Preferred Mode of Communication: Email, forum PM and open to other formats like skype if needed.

Additional Comments: If approved. While some of my early work in progress stuff may have errors I have little doubt in a short amount of time I can produce logical helpful and nice looking guides that follow a standardised format if guidelines are given. And with the English I was raised with I will often use the non-Americanised versions of spellings unless requested such as 'Colour' some I may be unaware of the other spelling variant and may need noted to me at a later date.

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Been sitting here and not sure what is going on a while. But I have still been learning and improving fixing the issue in my last template and doing some new work.

For some new examples of work

I updated the Rimworld wiki to a new tabular form as the old version was 5 Alphas out of date using tables and styles already set within the wiki. http://rimworldwiki.com/wiki/Structure

I ?finished? The cargo crate lists for our own wiki.

As it currently was. Fully formatted.


Similar but with the contents of all crates listed in collapsible lists.


Even if this app is not accepted feel free to copy either of these current versions to speed things up.

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