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My first attempt at a Interactive Story

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Not sure where to put this, so Ill just put it here.I greatly enjoy writing stories as one may have guessed by my Nuke thread, and while that is on hold currently (( and that thread is not dead, I have many stories ready for that thread when the time comes)), I decided I wanted to try something new. I'm a big fan of literature, and have become a fan of "Whodunit's". I recently have become a big fan of "And then there were none", for a few reasons and it gave me a idea.

What if there was a SS13 version? So I am asking this, I would like to write a story where ten of our characters meet on the station for whatever reason, and slowly one by one they are picked off by the killer. Now I have about three to four characters who already are picked, but I like to ask if anyone is interested in volunteering their character. If so, I ask that you Pm me their name, a brief description of them physically and their personality. It would also be obvious if my character was the killer, at least in my opinion. So I ask that when you PM me, if you are interested in your character being the killer you give me a reason to why they are on a killing spree. While, my character or the other two are still suspects, I think it be interesting to have everyone be a suspect, with anyone being the killer.

The characters so far:

Winston Carton

Anthony Wright

Jason Wright

Eira Yates

Dorian Bonds

Flint Mahnke

Tony Adams

Robert Dalton

Inis Truesight

Sabrina Song

Rudy Hardin

Sorry if this is confusing at all, but I be happy to clear this up. But if you are interested, please PM me ASAP, I love to write the first chapter as soon as possible. But please be aware ,your character may die at any time, but I will try to give at least one scene to each character per chapter. But please, if you are interested PM right away!

PS. Excuse grammar mistakes.

PSS. Also, just to alert people in case they have this fear, it obviously will not be canon. Just in the rare case someone thinks their guy will die for real.

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Chapter 1:

Groans filled the empty halls as the ghost crew of the station trickled in slowly, making their way towards the Chapel. One by one they entered, most muttering about the utter bullshit the IAA was spouting from his mouth, how some rather be asleep, and how the rest were just happy to be doing something during one of the dead shifts. Ten men and women entered the chapel, being led by a dark skin, elderly miner with a frown plastered on his face. As each individual took a different seat, the black suited, slick haired, sun glasses wearing inside, IAA stood before them.

“Before we start, I will be taking attendance to make sure the entire crew is here” the suited man said, looking out to the small crowd before he started reading names.

“Winston Carton”

“Here” the detective said with a sigh, his commonwealth accent coming through heavily as he rolled his dark green eyes.

“Anthony Wright”

“Yep” the cargo tech said, leaning back, his green eyes and half smirk meeting Dorians gaze.

“Jason Wright

“Mhmm”” the similar looking miner said, nodding his head before leaning over and whispering to his brother

“Eira Yates”

“Mm…” the albino woman would say, pushing up her glasses as her cold gaze moved up to the internal affairs agent.

“Flint Mahnke”

“Here” The bartenders voice would ring out, the brown hair, green eye, Irish bartender raising his hand up a little as a smile crossed his face

“Tony Adams”

“Yep…” the security officer would say, his eyes hidden behind his glasses as he seemed to look over the IAA for a moment before looking back to the crowd.

“Robert Dalton”

“Here!” a booming voice would ring out, as a man in the back dressed in the HOS gear would shout, making a few of the people cringe.

“Inis Truesight”

“Present.” A tall, pale woman, with long blue hair, reaching half-way down her back and bright green eyes; slightly darker lines crisscrossing her skin across her body

“Sabrina Song”

“Right here!” a chipper voice would say, belonging to the brown hair, blue eye journalist as she gave a smile

“Rudy Hardin”

“Yessah” the older miner would reply, his scowl remaining plastered on his face as the crowds eyes turned towards the man in front of them.

“Ah...Good, you are all here. For those of you who do not know, I am Agent Dorian Bonds. As Im sure you all know, we -”

A voice broke through the comms for a moment, distorted and almost sounding robotic as it spoke.

“I am...sorry to interrupt this very important meeting. But I believe, now that everyone is here, it is time for our show to begin. All of you, in one way or another, are responsible of some sort of crime. You may know what you have done, and you may have no idea what you have done. But you are all responsible. Tonight though, you shall pay for those crimes. When your meeting is done, I ask you return to the bar, as I have left a present.”

A few smirks crossed the faces of the crowd, even a giggle. Dorian stared ahead, raising a brow for a moment. Anthony leaned over and whispered something to Jason, making the former laugh and cover his mouth. Tony, who kept a rather straight face during the entire ordeal, quickly stood and made his way out the door. Dalton let out a huff, a smile crossing his face as he followed Tony. One by one, each of them stood and followed, finally Dorian sighing as his curiosity took over and followed from behind.

Upon arriving at the bar, 12 pieces of paper were pinned to the wall directly in front of them. Eleven of them, their pictures from their files, each member in a different pose. Six on one side, five on the other. In the center, a piece of paper, printed nicely in the center were the words:

"Eleven little space men, locked inside a pen

One cut off his little yelp, and then there were ten

Ten little space men, none of them are fine

One floated off, and then there were nine

Nine little space men all tempting fate,

One made a slip, and then there were eight

Eight little space men, one felt somewhat drunken,

He lied down for a little nap, and then there were seven.

Seven little space men, one joked with some sticks

He ripped apart his precious suit, and then there were six

Six little space men, how are they alive?

One ran out of air, and then there were five.

Five little space men, scared of the dark for sure,

One tripped and skipped, into a hole he dipped, and then there were four.

Four little space men, one far less than glee'd

He dried up like a raisin, and then there were three.

Three little space men, wondering who was who,

One merely wished for the cold, and then there were two

Two little space men, wits and minds undone

One was left behind, and then there was one

The group stared in silence at their pictures for a moment, each taking a turn to read the poem to themselves for a moment. Finally, Dalton spoke up.

“..What the fuck, this isn’t even fucking funny, or at least I don’t fucking think it is. So whoever is fucking doing it, cut the fucking shit!”

For a moment, there was silence, before Rudy shrugged “Well they ain’t wrong about me committing a crime, maybe it ain’t a joke”

The crowds eyes shifted between each other, before the lights suddenly dimmed once, then twice, making a few heads look out before they were surrounded by darkness. A loud scream was heard, chilling most to the core, with people suddenly bolting for the door. After a few moments, the lights flickered back on, and only Dorian, Tony and Robert remained in the bar.

Dorian bit his tongue, giving a small sigh at how the small scream had scattered the group like rats. Looking over to Tony and Robert, the agent spoke in a near mono tone.

“So...what do you believe they meant by “paying for our crimes”?”

Robert gave a small shrug while Tony gave a small sigh and looked over to the agent.

“Don’t know, don’t really care, just think we should handle the situation before things get even more out of hand.”

The other two gave a nod, Robert speaking up.

“We should go find them, gather them all up and bring them back here so we can figure out whats going on.”

The other two nodded, making their way out of the bar as they set out on their mission.


Winston ran through the halls, passing the bridge, eyes closed, mumbling to himself,

“Fucking hate the fucking dark..”

He suddenly slammed into what felt like a wall, landing on his back and letting out a small groan. Slowly opening his eyes, he was met by the towering figure of Rudy.

“...Fuck man” the detective groaned

“Watch where yer goin’ next time” the miner would mumble, staring down at the man.

“Yeah...Yeah...What the hell happened back there? You know who screamed?” Carton asked, standing and brushing himself off

Rudy gave a small shake of his head

“Nosah, but I thought it was a little girl when I heard it”

Winston seemed to freeze up for a moment

“...Y-Yeah, thats what I thought too! Speaking of which, we should split up. Since we were all in the room together, the fucks probably hiding in the maintenance tunnels, we should go teach him a lesson for being a creep”

The miner gave a small smile

“Im always in the mood to give a beatin”

Winston nodded, going to walk past the giant miner while the older man set off in his own direction.


The Journalist walked through the halls, mumbling into a recorder as she headed back towards the chapel.

“Weird scream, everyone seems to panic, attempted to follow but I seemed to have lost them...Damn”

As she passed by the chapel door, she saw a figure inside, that of Inis. Looking around, the Journalist slowly entered and spoke in a quiet tone.


The woman slowly turned, giving a small smile to Sabrina. “Oh, Hello”

The journalist tilted her head slowly, giving a slight smile.

“What are you doing in here?”

“Ah,I just felt the chapel would be the safest place to go, so I rushed out here when everyone ran.”

“Oh. So what do you think that announcement was about?”

“No idea,but did you see some of their reactions when they mentioned crimes?”

“Yeah, few of them seem really taken back for a second,it’s probably all a big joke though” she gave a warm hearted smile, though she wasn't quite sure herself. Her recorder still recording silently.

Inis gave a nod and smiled back at the journalist.

“I’m sure you're right, you gonna stay here?”

“No, I think Im going to go find the others, see what they think”

Inis gave a small nod and turned back to, what Sabrina just noticed ,was a small book. Paying it no mind, Sabrina turned and made her way out.


The Albino woman and the Bartender ran side by side, Flint looking back and stopping in front of the med bay.

“...Fuckers scared the shit out of me...Arseholes”

Eira gave a small nod,

“Mm...” she said, her voice remaining as cool as ever though.

Flint smiled over at her, “So...What do we do now?”

Eira gave a small shrug, her expression changing back to neutral. "I am not your superior, n'or are we working together."

Flint gave a small shrug, scoffing, “Whatever....”

The Albino woman made her way towards the med bay as the Bartender watched her go, shrugging and starting to walk.


Jason walked through the halls, passing engineering as he gave a shout "Ey, Ann?! Where r'ya? Don'tell me yer'th'ne who jus'shouted then..?" he said smirking, though he wouldn’t let his nerves get the best of him.

All that responded was silence for a moment, Jason shaking his head and making his way towards the Cargo lobby.


Anthony ran through the maintenance tunnels, having taken a shortcut through medical and ended up by engineering. Looking to the doors, the sound of Jason shouting his name filled his ears. Turning, he started to wave, opening his mouth to shout back when he felt a tap on his shoulder.

Turning, he was met with the cool gaze of the Chief Engineer’s visor, someone wearing his EVA suit and calmly staring at him. Anthony raised a brow, taking a step back.


The figure gave a small nod, and Anthony, tilting his head slowly was unprepared for what happened next. Looking down to their hands, he saw a knife in their hands, eyes going wide as he opened his mouth to shout. But as he did, the figure rushed forward, plunging the knife into his chest and covering his mouth with their free hand. A low, robotic whisper came from under the helmet.


Anthony mumbled something before his eyes rolled into the back of his head, his body collapsing onto the floor.


Footsteps echoed down the hall as someone approached the bar. Peeking in, they saw that, for some reason, the bar was still empty. Giving a small shrug, they approached the hanging portraits on the wall, and stuck the bloody knife into Anthony's picture. Quickly using the maintenance tunnel to escape, the footsteps of the person went unnoticed.

Anthony Wright

Eleven little space men, locked inside a pen

One cut off his little yelp, and then there were ten


Authors note: I hope I got everyone's characters right, if not please pm me and I will make any changes you see fit. Otherwise, I encourage guessing on who you think the next to die will be, how they will die, or who you think the killer is. I will try to release the next chapter ASAP

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Well, I can only assume that the IAA is the killer since you mentioned robotic voice and he said he would punish people, but I'll guess there is a twist. Eira Yates is next (if she's an engineer) since no one else would have any reason to be in space and thus be able to 'float off', otherwise, Inis is getting spaced through the chapel coffin ejector.

Also, you did Tony good. He only ever smiles to acknowledge social interactions as being entertaining or pleasent and only laughs when something is so morbidly funny that he doesn't know how to react to it in a socially acceptable way. Like the time he was extracting a prisoner who died in space trying to escape. The other officer threw the body towards him, but it missed him completely and bounced off the station hull into space. He almost choked to death laughing. He's a true introvert, only expressing emotions when he's with people he trusts or gets overwhelmed.

Otherwise, he smalltalks in a pointless attempt to reduce his own boredom or make others feel better, because he feels like he should. This means he would attempt to ensure the crew that everything is (going to be) okay.

It feels like your writing is strained by your attempt to fit all the cameos into the chapter. Try ommiting characters that are not doing anything meaningful to the story in the next one. You're free to ignore this if you think I don't know what I'm talking about, because I possibly don't.

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Chapter 2:

Dalton let out a low growl as he heard the chatter behind him of the Detective and the remaining Cargo tech. The HOS stared straight ahead as he entered the bar, looking around to notice he was the first one here and raising a brow. Looking over to pictures, his eyes spotted the knife and the blood slowly dripping down the portrait of Anthony. Mouth opening in surprise slightly, he looked back to the other two as they entered. Both met his gaze before looking over to the wall. Winston’s eyes widened before looking over to Jason.

Jason’s eyes widened as the panic set in, starting to breathe in and out at a surprisingly fast pace. Putting his hand to his ear, he started to shout into his comms.

“Ann! Ann are ya there?!”

Winston slowly made his way over to Dalton and started to whisper as the last wright screamed into his comm.

“What the fuck is this shit. I mean the pictures were creepy enough but what the fuck do we do about the fucking blood?”

Robert slowly looked over to the detective, frowning as he pushed the man away from him slightly.

“You need to calm the FUCK down. Now. We will handle it like we always do...or, try to do.” he said with a roll of his eyes, remembering how most shifts running sec went.

Winston gave an angry shake of his head and turned, starting to head for the door, “I’m getting my revolver then.”

Dalton turned his attention back to the comms as he heard Rudy’s voice come through.

“Found Ann...Got cut up real good by engineering”

Jason froze, eyes going wide as he struggled to breathe, tears forming in his eyes as he let out a scream and threw a punch at the wall. Dalton took a step outside to give Jason a moment alone, sighing sadly as he put a hand up to his ear.

“Adams, go to engineering and deal with that. Rudy, stay there.”


Adams sighed, looking back to Flint and Song, the pair he had found.

“Head to the bar, got something to deal with. Stay together”

The pair nodded as Tony made his way towards Engineering, Flint starting to jog to the bar while Song followed behind by a bit , trying to catch up as her nerves started to get to her.


Dorian stopped at the mention of the dead body, turning back to look at Yates for a moment.

“Doctor, I believe you are needed at engineering, please bring a body bag.”

Eira nodded, Inis looking up as he spoke and speaking in a low tone. Dorian looked back towards Inis, motioning her to follow with a white gloved hand.

“Lets go”

Inis nodded, tucking the book close to her chest

Eira wasted no time in talking, instead going to head back to the med bay to gather the body bag and meet the officer at the scene to take care of the body.


Adams slowly approached the scene, Rudy impatiently tapping his foot next to the remains of Anthony in silence. The Security officer looked down to the body, and to his surprise he saw only one stab wound.

“Looks like they knew what they were doing..” he mumbled to himself, Rudy giving a small nod in agreement. Tony looking up to him.

“So where were you when this happened?”


Tony narrowed his eyes as the miner ended there, the miner giving a smirk as he clearly enjoyed making things hard for the Sec officer.

“Why were you in there?”

“Well sah, me and Winny decided we go find the jokester who was prolly hidin in them tunnels, teach him a thing or two, found him afta”

Tony shook his head, “You two need to cool it then….get to the bar”

Rudy gave a small frown

“Don’t let th’ doors hitcha on the way out Offica” he said sarcastically, starting to head up towards the bar.


Flint slowly made his way to the bathroom, looking up at the lights as they began to flicker again. The doors slowly sliding opening before he hurried through. Making his way into the bathroom, he looked into the mirror and let out a small sigh.Putting his hands in the water and cupped his hands. Splashing the water in his face, he looked back up to the mirror and gave himself a small, reassuring nod. Making his way to the door, he started reciting the parts of the poem to himself again.

“Ten little space men, none of them are fine

One floated off, and then there were nine ….Guess Ill just stay away from the airlocks then, fucking arsehole thinks he can trick me”

As the bathroom doors opened, he let out a surprised yelp and scurried back, feeling the cold, hateful eyes burning through her from under the visor as the chief engineer’s hardsuit stood before him. The figure quickly sent a fist flying at his face, making him fall to the ground with a cry of pain. The next thing he knew, the killer was standing over him, and sent a fist flying towards his face again, the back of her head slamming against the ground in recoil as the world started to go black.

“You mumble...very loudly” the robotic voice said “Smart….but wrong.”

Flint slowly faded in and out, feeling the figure pick him up and start dragging him through the showers, and out into the activity area. In his final moments, he saw a few things, blood trailing underneath him. He groggily did his best to struggle free, but was met with another fist to the side of the skull from the armored figure. Flint saw the pool approaching, and spat out and in a weak whisper in one of the few seconds he was conscious,


The killer gave a small grunt as they reached the edge of the pool, going to shove Flint’s head into the water as the man did his best to struggle against it. But with the blow to the back of his head after hitting the ground so hard, there was little the man could do. The bubbles rose as he fought and fought, but after a few moments the last bubbled popped. Grabbing the back of his vest and shoving the body into the water, the killer stood. Watching the body slowly float down into the pool, the killer turned their attention to the bar.


Jason had his head, buried in his hands as he silently sobbed over his brothers death. He heard the door from the pool open, but he didn’t care, only giving a small peak to see someone in the chief engineer’s hardsuit making their way over to the bar. Jason put his head back down, it had to be some late arrival, he just didn’t care, someone had killed his brother and the last thing he was worried about was who was getting a drink.

The figure slowly poured themselves a cup of Brandy, looking over to Jason who had his head buried in his arms. The rest of the bar was clear, though the figure could hear voices outside talking about what to do now. Slowly making their way over to the picture, they took the brandy and tossed it at the picture. Soaking Flint’s picture in booze, it felt appropriate. The killer calmly set the glass down on the nearest table and made their way back towards the pool. Jason, too busy with his own thoughts of revenge and depression to be any wiser.

Flint Mahnke

Ten little space men, none of them are fine

One floated off, and then there were nine


Author's note: I took your advice, made the scenes a little bit quicker and didn't try to have everyone. Tell me what you think, critiques welcome and, again, encourage guessing. I love to see what people think since I have my own notes on who is going to die next, how, and who the killer is.

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Dorian entered the bar, looking over to the huddled form of Jason and giving a small sigh. A moment later, Inis followed behind him and quickly took a seat. Opening her book again, she started mumbling something to herself as her eyes darted back up to the pictures. Dorian slowly made his way over to the pictures as well, eyes noting that Flint’s picture looked...different. Touching it with a gloved hand, he realized it was soaked. That’s when a black shape caught his eye to the right, and looking over to the door, he saw a shape floating in the pool.

Putting a hand to his ear, he spoke into the comms.

“I believe I need Sec in the recreational area, we seem to have another body.”

Looking back over to Jason, who had looked up at the arrival of the two, Dorian frowned. Speaking in his usual, business like tone,

“Jason...did you happen to look up and see anyone in that room a few minutes ago?”

Jason gave a shake of his head.

“N-N-No...But I did see some guy come in with the chief engineers Hardsuit and pour himself a drink.”

Dorian looked back to the picture of Flint, and then the body as Robert entered the bar. A moment later, Carton and Tony entered as well, Dorian motioning the three to follow as he walked through the door and out into the rec area.

Sabrina entered the bar a moment later, followed by Eira and Rudy, each taking a seat and forming a small circle. Except for the miner, who poured himself a drink in silence.


Winston bent down, helping Tony drag Flint’s floating body out of the water with a sigh. Tony giving a grunt as they dropped the body, looking up to Robert, who gave a shake of his head.

“This is getting bad real quick...two bodies in less than a hour. Get everyone together, no one is leaving my sight until we figure out who fucking lost it.”

Tony gave a small nod, but was stopped as Dorian raised a hand.

“Actually, I believe the Detective should go and check the body for prints, while Officer Adams checks security records and see if we can narrow the list of suspects down.”

Robert seemed to narrow his eyes at Dorian for a second but gave a nod, turning back to the other two.

“Sounds good, you two, head off, me and Bonds will watch the crowd.”

The pair nodded and headed off towards the Sec department. The IAA and the HOS turning and heading back into the bar.


Rudy, quickly chugged down his drink and shook his head.

“We all dyin and those chicken fucks don’t know how to do their jobs”

Inis looked over, mumbling somewhat silently in the presence of the hardened criminal.

“They are trying...we just need to stay together and stay calm..”

Sabrina gave a small nod, staying in the corner table as she fiddled with her recorder.

“We all just need to stay together and stay calm, if we are together then none of us can go off and die.”

Rudy gave a shake of his head, giving a growl as he spoke.

“Naw, if you wanna deal with it, you do it yaself. If Sec gonna pussy foot the situation, Ill handle it.”

Eira gave a small shake of her head at the idea, looking out the window deep in thought about the situation as Rudy made his way out of the bar.

Jason looked up, his tone angry as he spoke.

"Hs' right though, we need t'fucking find this goddamn /fuck/ and make him fuckin'pay for what he's done. Goddamnit, I won't let him get away with this shit!"

Sabrina and Inis looked at each other for a moment as Eira looked over to the arriving Sec officers.

Robert spoke up first, looking to the doctor.

“Were all staying here, but just to be safe incase anything else happens, can you run to medical and grab some supplies?”

Eira gave a small nod, "And for the love of god, make sure your suit sensors are on. I'm not in the mood to play hide and seek with a dead body."” she said, in her usual distant voice.

Robert gave a small frown at that, the comment putting him off slightly as she made her way out of the bar. Looking to the rest, he raised a brow.

“Isn’t there suppose to be one more?”

Sabrina gave a nod, “Rudy just left a few minutes ago”

Dorian gave an annoyed sigh, looking over to Robert.

“Should one of us go with the Doctor then? Maybe the the other up to make the two officers are alright?”

Robert looked to the group, motioning to Sabrina.

“Make sure no one else leaves.” he ordered, the frown plastered on his face.

“Gotcha” she said, giving an nod.

Robert turned, going to head back up towards the pool and Sec as Dorian started to make his way towards Medical.

Sabrina looked over towards Inis, motioning to Jason.

“Watch him, I got to go to the bathroom”

Inis gave a small nod, putting down her book for a moment as Sabrina stood and made her way just outside.


Rudy wandered into the mining Area of Cargo, opening a locker silently as he picked up his trusty pickaxe. Holding it up to the light, he didn’t even hear the door behind him open as the Chief Engineer’s hardsuit slowly stepped through, taking a seat at the mining shuttle console as he started gearing himself up.

Slowly reaching up as he put on the Mining hardsuit, they hit the airlock button, the two airlocks opening slowly as Rudy turned around and narrowed his eyes at the person.

“Thought ya could get the jump on me huh?” he sneered.

The figured slowly lowered there hands, Rudy’s eyes following them as they activated their mag boots, making him tilts his head for a moment.

The figure looking him back in the eyes and speaking in a sarcastic tone.

“Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.”

Rudy’s mouth opened slightly in confusion for a second before his eyes widened, the figure hitting the button on the console as the shuttle shot off towards the mining asteroid, leaving the cold void of space tugging on the pair. The figure slowly stood, the mag boots keeping them in place as Rudy dropped his pickaxe, reaching for his air tank and helmet, but it was too late. Being thrown into the wall, a sick cracking could be heard. Rudy gasped for air, clawing at the ground as he slid towards the airlock, trying to scream for help as the figure watched in silence. Realizing he was doomed, Rudy gave one last act of rebellion, flipping his killer off before being sucked out into the cold embrace of space, his figure hurtling off into a random direction as the killer slowly reached forward and closed the airlock.


Sabrina walked back in, brushing herself off and smiling at the remaining pair as she took her seat.

“Miss anything?”

Inis shook her head, looking back up to the pictures as Carton walked back in, looking around the room.

“Where is everyone?”

Sabrina shrugged,

“They went off to find some things, were all going to stay together until we figure out who is killing everyone”

Winston nodded, “Solid plan”

A moment later, Adams walked in, followed by Robert who gave a grunt. Dorian walked in, a deeper frown than usual plastered on his face.

Eira followed behind him, carrying a small box of medical supplies. A similar frown plastered on her face as Robert looked to Dorian.

“Whats wrong?”

“I was stuck in the medical bay, as the doors closed behind Doctor Yates after she entered and I was locked out. But after checking the suit sensors it appears that Rudy has passed.”

Eira gave a small nod of confirmation to this, Robert narrowing his eyes at Dorian.

“How did you check the sensors?”

“I did not, the Doctor did to make sure you all put them on”

Robert kept his gaze on Dorian, Sabrina giving a small shake of the head as she started taking deeper breaths, trying to stay calm as Inis’s eyes widen, looking down at the book. Winston and Tony started whispering to each other. Jason growling as he raised his fist and punched the wall once again, causing everyone to turn and look at him. Jason put his head in his arms and said in a almost yell,


As the eyes were glued on Jason, someone subtly made their way to the back of the crowd, their backs to the wall of pictures. Quickly turning and letting Rudy’s picture fall to the ground, they took their place back without anyone really noticing, whispers about the possibly unhinged man distracting them.

Rudy Hardin

Nine little space men all tempting fate,

One made a slip, and then there were eight

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Chapter 4:

The group watched in silence as the situation started to really set in, the obvious realization that someone was trying to kill them all heavy on their minds. Taking a moment their eyes darted to each other, realizing that one of them must have been the killer. Winston rested his hand on his revolver, the other sec officers reaching for their stun batons as eyes darted all around. Sabrina, seeing everyone going for their weapons, was the first to speak.

“Why don’t we all just calm down, no need to jump to killing each other” she said, doing her best to give a smile.

Everyone tensed for a moment, before Robert gave a firm nod of the head.

“Everyone, take a seat...I’m grabbing a drink, anyone else want anything?”

A few nods from the small crowd were visible, causing Robert to make his way over to the bar and climb over. Meanwhile Dorian made his way over to the pictures, seeming to study them for a moment in silence, before finally speaking.

“The voice over the intercom mentioned we all had some sort of crime we committed...I believe that may be an important piece of the puzzle. Does anyone have anything they would like to share?”

Silence met his question as Robert brought a small tray of drinks over to the group, some people looking to others just to avoid eye contact with Dorian. Inis looked up to the pictures behind Dorian, before looking back down to the book and smiling a bit. Dorian raised a brow at this, but said nothing for now. Winston made his way over to Tony, his eyes darting over to Jason.

Eira played with a scalpel silently, her eyes also glued to the pictures as she seemed to study each inch of every portrait carefully. Robert made his way over, going to place the tray of drinks down on a nearby table. Winston, Sabrina, Eira, Tony and Robert each took a cup, watching as Jason angrily made his way over and swiped the last cup, taking a sip and making a face of disgust. Winston finally speaking up,

“Well...Obviously nothing can happen while we are all in here, so no need to worry for now.”

Jason gave an angry grunt, the rest of the crowd slowly making their way towards the portraits, hoping for a clue, a sign, something that could tell them who the killer was. Jason set his cup down on a table and made his way over, staring at Anthony’s picture.

Tony started to mumble the rhyme to himself, getting slightly louder as his eyes widened. But he was interrupted by Eira’s discovery. Looking at Jason’s picture, she saw his was folded, and lifting it she unfolded it to see the rest. Written in blood, the word “CHEERS!” was written under his picture. Jason rushed forward, going to grab the picture and stare at it.

“Is that Ann’s?!” He shouted.

The crowd slowly gave him some space, afraid of another violent outburst. Slowly though, a pair of hands found their way into a pocket, picking up a small pill. Jason gritting his teeth.

“Im gonna kill this fuck…” Jason said, his voice covering the sound of the small splash as the mysterious pill found its way into the very drink Jason had set down moments before. The figure stepped away as Jason turned, making his way over and grabbing his drink.

Lifting it back and gulping it all down, Tony remembered part of the rhyme and let out a scream.


Every pair of eyes darted to Tony, each person remembering the rhyme one by one, the “CHEERS!” making more sense now. Jason’s eyes widen, his skin turned pale a bit as he slowly looked down to his drink. His breath going shallow, choking out a single word.


He reached for his throat, air escaping him for a final time as he struggled, grabbing onto Robert, eyes wide. Eira wasted no time, making her way over to her medical kit and quickly fetching supplies. The crowd watched, stunned as Jason collapsed on the floor, the only sound in the room his wheezing. Eira quickly made her way back over, but Jason could only look back at the crowd. In his final moments, he locked eyes with the killer, able to tell by the look in their eyes, the satisfaction of another kill giving the person a rush. Jason’s anger was quickly replaced by darkness, letting out one last gasp it became clear.

Alone or together, they were not safe.

Jason Wright

Eight little space men, one felt somewhat drunken,

He lied down for a little nap, and then there were seven.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Eira slowly stood, giving out a small sigh and shaking her head to the crowd. There was no need for words, Robert letting out a low growl.

“That’s it. Everyone sit the FUCK down now!” the large man shouted, everyone looking over to him before slowly going to take a seat.

“We are going to figure this the fuck out right now, or everyone is going into a damn cell and we wait for CC to find out who is doing this! Understood?”

Everyone gave a slow nod, except for Inis, whose eyes were glued to her book as she seemed to be reading something to herself. Dorian Bonds being the first to speak up.

“May I just point out that Mr. Carton, at least in his Sec records has a history of violence and has nearly killed a man before…”

Eyes darted to Winston, who frowned at the comment and crossed his arms. Not skipping a beat, Eira chipped in with a quiet, almost innocent tone

“If I recall correctly from the medical records too Mr. Carton, you pride yourself in your sadism as well?”

Winston responded with a low growl, Robert starting to make his way over to Carton before he was interrupted by Eira yet again, with the same innocent like tone.

“Tony...isn’t this your first shift back since you were deemed unfit for duty after a few psychological evaluations as well?”

Robert froze, looking between the pair as Inis looked up, narrowing her eyes. Robert looking between the two before motioning Tony to come over.

“Sit next to Carton...Now.”

Tony gave a small nod, going to plop down and cross his arms as Robert looked between the pair. Sabrina silently recorded the conversation, but her eyes were focused on Inis. Silently she thought over the poem.

Seven little space men, one joked with some sticks

He ripped apart his precious suit, and then there were six

She was certain Inis knew something, or that Inis was the killer. But whatever was in that book must have had the answers she was looking for. Getting up, she made her way over to Inis and took a seat next to her, whispering as she listen to Robert interrogate the pair about where they had been during the murders.

“If you don’t mind me asking...what’s in the book?”

“The riddle” Inis whispered, making Sabrina raise a brow. “Almost figured it out...Very close”

Sabrina opened her mouth to talk, when she heard Carton say out loud.

“Loosen up Robert, fuck”

Sabrina looked over to see Robert a few inches away from Carton’s face, his face dark red as if he was about to lose his mind. When suddenly the lights went out yet again, another loud scream filled the room, this time from a very deep voiced man. The sound of footsteps followed by the sound of the door opening could be heard. After a moment, more footsteps from all over the room could be heard, and when the lights flicked on. Sabrina and Robert were all alone.

“Shocking…” Sabrina mumbled, shaking her head at the fact that they had all run off.


Inis made her way towards the Chapel. She had it figured out, but she needed to get away from everyone. If the killer had heard what she said to Sabrina, then she would be the next on the list. Sabrina would come looking for her soon, and she could tell her then. If she just stayed in the chapel, no one could come in or out without her knowing, it was the safest place, it had to be.

Entering, she took a seat and waited, looking over the poem. It was difficult, but she had finally pieced it all together. The red herrings, the clues, the killer wasn’t just killing them off, they were playing with them. It was a twisted, sadistic game.

She heard footsteps approaching, making Inis turn towards the door as a familiar figure entered. The figure smiled at her, tilting their head.

“What are you doing in here?”

Inis gave a small shrug.

“Hiding...safer in here then in the bar…” She said, getting up and backing up towards the door towards the funeral parlor. The figure frowned as they walked up.

“Is something wrong?” a slow smile crossing her face, eyes darting down to the book as Inis held it close to her chest.

The figure reached into their pocket as she approached, Inis preparing herself to run as the figure quickly drew a flash from their pocket and raised it at Inis, clicking the button. The world went white for Inis as she tried to run, the doors opening as the figure gave chase. Inis tried to let out a scream, but the sudden force of the figure tackling into her, knocking her to the ground.

Inis did her best to scream into her comms, but they were quickly yanked off by the figure, who quickly punched her in the face for the trouble they had just experienced. Inis let out a scared cry as the figure slowly stood up. Inis started crawling, doing her best to put distance between herself as the figure reached for something on their belt. Drawing the handle of a energy sword, Inis's eyes widened in horror. The figure suddenly went to swipe the sword across her stomach, ripping open her stomach and her jumpsuit, letting out a bloodcurdling scream as the sword ripped through her. The figure wasted no time, swinging the sword back after a moment of enjoying the screams, cutting her throat open.

The killer closed their eyes, smiling sweetly as they listened to the last gurgled sounds of Innis echoed throughout the room of coffins. Finally, it went silent, and the killer looked down to the now blood soaked book. Bending down and picking up the book, she flipped through the book until they found the riddle. Giving a small smirk, the person looked down to Inis and chuckled.

“Clever girl.”

The figure tucked the book under their arm and slowly made their way towards the maintenance tunnel.


Robert ran through the hall, Sabrina following behind him as they had heard the scream only a moment before. Stopping in front of the Library, Robert quickly peaked in and saw nothing there, as Dorian and Sabrina charged by, making their way to the Chapel.As she entered, Sabrina could see the familiar shape through the glass of the door leading to the funeral parlor, covering her mouth in shock as she slowly approached. Robert entered slowly and noticed Sabrina’s expression, following behind her and looking down to Inis, cringing.

“Fuck...Alright. We know that neither of us are the killer now. We gotta find Carton and Adams now and get them in a cell before someone else dies.


The figure slowly made their way through the maintenance tunnels, entering the arcade room and peeking into the bar to make sure no one was there. Seeing that they were safe, they made their way over to the pictures. A smirk crossing their face. This had almost been a close call, almost being exposed by more than one person in less than a few minutes, but everything was cleared up now.

Grabbing Inis’s picture, they slowly ripped it in half before hanging the right half back up, dropping the leftover half to the ground. Putting their hands in their pockets, they slowly started to whistle a song as they exited the bar.

Inis Truesight

Seven little space men, one joked with some sticks

He ripped apart his precious suit, and then there were six

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Fuck... that was brutal.

I have to admit though, none of the riddles make any sense to me or seem contrived, so I can't really get any clues from them. Do you have to follow patterns of activity to find the killer? If so, I think there could be more than one or the killer is yet to be revealed as a character.

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Ah. The riddle itself will not help you find the killer, it only tells you the order in which people will die with the occasional hint of who is still alive by a certain point. The killer is using the riddle for a purpose that we will learn at the end of the story. That being said, The activities is a good way to narrow down your suspects, but that leaves about....2-3 people still. So, there are big clues to who the killer is in every chapter as we go along, but they...aren't as obvious. There are many red herrings as well, so some of the things that could be clues could be there to trip you up. Overall, I say pay attention more to the dialogue of the characters, what the characters know, and if you know their jobs, that would help a bit as well.

But here, let me show you a example of what I have done. These are the following clues that hinted towards Rudy was the one to "Get lost in space"

-Rudy is a miner, and as such is usually exposed the cold embrace of space

- Rudy told Tony to "Not let the doors hit him on the way out", again you might not have caught that, you might have caught it. While that is quite hard to think "Oh that means he is going to die next chapter", it was a subtle hint to him being sucked out.

-Rudy was a red herring, and with his long criminal history, was not bound to last extremely long

Now that is not a lot of clues, as its a little hard for me to go farther into detail without giving you hints to the killer. It will not be easy to guess who the killer is, but I am proud to say that one person has successfully gathered all the clues so far and shown me their evidence to who they think the killer is and guessed it correctly. I will be honest though, the more characters there are, the less clues you have been getting who who will die next, so starting next chapter there will be many more for you to narrow down the killer that way.

But I do ask, just look at what you know about the killer so far, every detail is chosen for a reason.

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