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[Completed] Alexis Shaw's Degree in Xenoneurology


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BYOND Key: Tenenza

Character name: Alexis Shaw

Item name: Honorary Doctorate Degree Certification In Xenoneurology

Why is your character carrying said item to work? Because even though she doesn't like to admit it, Alexis Shaw is really proud that she somehow managed to earn a Degree. She really didn't expect to end up earning a Doctorate in anything originally, and considers obtaining said Degree to be a high point in her life and a symbol of how much she's accomplished.

Item function(s): It's funtionally a Poster. It prints it's sprite onto the wall as a poster. Said poster follows the same rules as normal posters, in that it can be torn off. Examining it as a poster on the wall will produce it's Item description.

Item description: An Honorary Doctorate Degree Certification in Xenoneurology, owned by Alexis Shaw. Appears to be from a St.Grahelm University, Biesel, and was awarded for contributions to, and excellence in the field of Xenoneurology. The watermarking indicates this is the authentic copy.

Item appearance: Degree%2BSprite.jpg

Additional comments:

This is the first time I've sprited something in two years, so if anyone wants to edit or do something completely from scratch, feel free.

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I can see Shaw as someone with a degree hanging on their wall. Competant to the point where I was asking myself 'what the fuck am I doing here' while playing a scientist.

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