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Forgetting to Remember.

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... Ugh, my fucking head hurts so much. What the hell happened? Last thing I remember is-

Damnit Doc, leave him be, you're going to kill him!

Thats right, I was knocked out for some reason, and whoever helped was yelling at someone... But who were they yelling at? And why was I out cold?

I don't fuckin' care what'cha think! Im helpin' da poor bastard.

And then whoever it was started yelling back. Something about helping me... Ugh, fuck my head, why does it hurt so much? I need to get up.

You open your eyes and find that your out in the open, laying in some sand in nothing but your underwear.

What the... Where am I? Wait, WHO am I? I can't remember my name!

Try to remember what your name.


Italics means the character is thinking.

Bold means someone is talking.

Unline means the character is remembering.

Normal text is an action.

This is a suggestion RP game, meaning anyone can cast suggestions, or you can +1 a vote you want to win.

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He propped himself on his elbows, and ran a hand through his hair, sweeping them back from his face - the gesture came to him naturally, a force of habit, and triggered something within his mind.

Stockstill. I'm Andrew Stockstill.


Right... Andrew, how could I forget that?

Look around you find yourself in a desert, nothing but sand, hills and more sand as far as the eye can see. Emptiness as far as the eye can see, not even a cloud.

What should you do now?

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