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Gang Gamemode

Guest XanderDox

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So, I was thinking, Goon has the Gang gamemode, or did, I'm not sure, basically, one or more "Gang Lords" spawned in, they got the ability to put a locker down with unlimited "gang clothes" and basically went around, recruiting people, fighting other gangs, spray painting their turf and alluding security, I propose we make our own version.

At the start of the round, two key antagonists would spawn:

The Godfather/mother

The Don


Basically, the Godfather/mother would be the decision maker, and would decide where to setup the initial base, and would spawn with the black variant of the detectives outfit on, with a black fedora. He would also start with the "spraypaint" which would be used to claim for areas, although he could pass this spraypaint on to someone else if they don't want to do it. They would also get a "Name Your Gang" box that appears upon spawn, just like when the Chaplain names their religion, and that would affect the message that new gangee's would get upon joining, such as "You have just joined [chosen gang name] welcome to the family. "

The Don would be in charge of recruiting people to the gang, he would be the Executive Officer of the gang, handling most business for the Godfather/mother, and doing whatever they ask, they invite new people, ect, and basically are second in command.

Upon spawning, they would also get a notice like this:

You have been chosen to start a chapter of the [chosen gang name] here on the Aurora, grow the family, and remember to follow these core tennants:

Family first

Follow your Godfather/mother's orders

Don't betray the Family.

And any new recruits, invited in the same manner that RP-Revs are, would get the same message.

The gang would have goals such as:

Move the entirety of the vaults contents to the gangs HQ (first place chosen by the Godfather/mother to setup)

Make an example of a Head of Staff or Security

Establish connections with Security, turn a cop dirty.

Establish a drug ring within Botany (Basically have 7 Ambrosia crops growing in gang zones)

Collect [random amount] of credits

Extort the Medbay into supplying the gang with sedatives.

And tons of other things.

I just think it would be fun, no idea how hard it would be to code in the "gang zones" and the "spray paint" ideas though, guess icons would need to be made for the spray painted graffiti if we don't use the already basic ones.

I haven't come up with any lore for this, so, any Lore Devs can do as they please with the idea if it goes through.

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Denied, this is a workplace, not somewhere that gangs would be able to form or work. They would be caught immediately if they tried to infiltrate.

Also we are not GOON.

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