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[Accepted] Diggey Mineson IPChassis Application

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Diggey Mineson

Character Names:

Han Song | Ka'Viax' Tlili K'lax | Keira Pfeifer| Ka'Akaix'Theth K'lax | Marlowe Philips

Species you are applying to play:

Integrated Positronic Chassis

What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt):

Well technically I already have a first character,but since this is an IPC I guess it is moot either way

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?:

Yep and it still refers to Phoron as Plasma at one point so you know i done did read it

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race:

I am already a passionate Vaurca player and I thoroughly enjoy playing stationbound AIs on other Stations

Furthermore a IPC is actually capable of more free thought than a Vaurca worker which I personally find rather entertaining,I would absolutely love,love,love to roleplay a very specific mindset and apply it to a wide variety of scenarios

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:

Well,if we are talking a multi billion credit Shell there is no difference...besides the fact I don't breathe air; I actually use air to stop myself from beeing set on fire by myself...or rather...Okay so beeing an IPC has gameplay consequences,

but besides that, an IPC that is just your average run of the mill person, with rights and ambitions,yet still they are usually made by someone,so they have flaws in their thinking - or rather advantages - who knows?

You can't sway a robot with emotions,maybe you can...depends on who made the blooming thing,but maybe they will keep a cool head in a sticky situation by acting objectively; maybe they will doom somone by falling victim to a logical error in their setup

it's all very engaging to me

They do not fall victim to things others might fall victim to such as inebriation or beeing injected with mercury,but in turn they might still act it out if programmed accordingly

oh...maybe not programmed sometimes,just merely designed,depends on who made the thing

Character Name:


Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs

X-avier was an integrated positronic chassis designed on Biesel by a Nanotrasen Sales Executive.

Said executive was a hobbyist with much too much money and time on their hands,as such his work was maybe less than stellar but well funded.

As such the X-avier project came to fruition inside of this childless excentric's personal garage

The Goal of the Project was to build an intelligence capable of performing independant thought and to be able to create and conceive new ideas,as well as set values to and judge old ideas,in essence the least original idea for making an AI ever,a philosophy bot.

X-avier was mediocrely constructed,yet he was constructed with prime parts,his positronic brain for example was a couple of grades above what this task would even need of him.

Due to the shoddy craftsmanship of his designer this was of course a great failure,as though X-avier was capable of performing his duty of wandering around aimlessly and waxing philosophically he often came up with nonsense and logical fallacies,accepting and verifying them on his own and saving them as good and usefull in his databanks; Incapable of accepting his own failure the Sales Executive merely discarded his pet project on a dump and began anew on a different construction,that IPC was (of course) a failure too but this is not the character this story is about

After 5 years of inactivity X-Avier was reactivated after almost beeing trashed in a trash compactor after somone found him inside and thought they might be able to strip him for parts,now free to go his own way he is once again able to wax philosophically and apply his own logical fallacies to day to day situations

What do you like about this character?

I want to play a Guru character

I just really enjoy a character that is pseudo philosophical and bends over backwards to accomplish something meaningless because it has meaning to them for no good reason

I also want this character to attempt to help other people change their mindsets to something X-Avier deems to be good especially if it's technically speaking wrong simply to entertain the players around me,because that's a big part I wanna accomplish,making every round a unique experience and deeply enjoyable for the playerbase

How would you rate your role-playing ability?

I previously said 7 now I'm aiming for a solid 6.5 because on occasion I screw up,but I assure you I am a good character actor and no two of my characters are exactly alike


I am planning to play other IPC characters such as an overly-concerned-with-customer-statisfaction medibot or a slightly dim mining bot but I am putting forward the most risky concept first to make sure I got the Loremasters support in that my concept of the race is not entirely false

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Hello! Sorry for the delay. Now, your character does have an interesting dynamic but there are two concerns I have.

The first one is that a positronic brain is incredibly valuable - just dumping them in the trash is like throwing out a luxury car.

The second is that he's admitted to have no applicable skills - how did he convince an NT recruiter that he was worth being hired to be employed by NanoTrasen? The concept of the race is good but the execution of this specific character is rocky. What qualifications do they meet for what role?

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Ah,thank you very much for reading the application,if the pricepoint for the positronic brain is too much maybe the story can be rewritten incorporating constant resetting of the brain by said hobbyist and reprogramming,yet always ending up with the same result,as a positronic brain isn't as simple as our fledgeling roboticist imagined,after a while made pathways refused to go away, after resets the "way of thinking" became hardwired and no amount of different approaches to the problem would solve it

Now if just him giving up on his project is out of the question we can always have the SIM step in as this man tried to repeadatly murder and rebirth this individual only for the individual "person" inside the brain to "die" and the continued deletion and reemersion of this Identity has basically amounted to little less than attempted murder as well as torture

You can't ethically keep attempting to murder something that has proven to have developed a set personality

Now how SIM found out about this project might actually be through the hubris of X-Aviers developer,thinking he could build a philosophy bot he advertised it to his "peers" (people with actual robotics degrees) who were deeply involved with the SI Movement and through political gerrymandering and other terms which I do not know what they mean X-Avier was granted a permit to leave his "fathers" "Custody" while his "father" had to deal with some mild debates and possible legal action

Afterall the SIM is based in Mendell


Now how did X-Avier end up on the Aurora,a high class science vessel?

What qualifies him of all people?

He could of course fill the role of an Assistant or a Librarian

His inquisitive nature would qualify him for trying out to become a scientific assistant

jobs such as cargo technician are also for less qualified workers,as nothing in his personality would disqualify him from handling crates or making sure no one buys guns

I wouldn't put him as a chef or Bartender,though as a gardener,making life flourish at his hands would have spiritual meaning to him as a cold lifeless husk

I hope these job suggestions make sense

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I like the concept for the character and you do seem to know your stuff lore-wise. I also, enjoy that you were able to quickly retort claims against you and adjust your background accordingly with something that makes sense. Looking forward to seeing this on station. +1

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

Thank you for your response! I can accept your character (and application) on the merits of being an abandoned project 'saved' by SIM. Given its waxing philosophical nature I think a librarian, assistant, etc role would be the most fitting. I can't see him in a field higher than the service/civilian jobs. Otherwise your knowledge is solid and feedback is positive, so application accepted!

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