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[1 Dismissal] New Terrain/Terrain modifier - Floor Hatch


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Something in choice locations that allows someone with access to the hatch via ID card or heck,even only someone with the right equipment,such as a powered voidsuit or exosuit or a specialised hyper mega crowbar or even both to open and go down a Z-level,hopefully with an extendable ladder

This would be cool in case of hull breaches or infestations,if you are trapped or are a crafty antag to use to traverse the station in emergency situations,maybe when engineering needs to get to the sublevel 3 minutes ago or something they put on the suit/dig out the pneumatic crowbar/grab their guest pass from the Chief engineer and get down there

possibly even interesting interactions where if there is an energy alarm in the room the floor hatches automatically open or if there is an atmospherics problem they never open or something like that

Maybe even the ability to put floor tiling over a floor hatch so only someone with in depth knowledge of the station can realiably use these,such as an engineer,maybe even add a pinpointer to the engie lockers...

This would minimize the amount of times where you are stuck in an area because of a vast variety of reasons,it would add a means of traversing the map to engineering in case of emergeny,give knowledgable players something to employ in their plans or even an escape route

I am worried about the balance concerns with adding doors to a station,but if they are secure enough I don't see why making them an ordeal to open wouldn't counterbalance this

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I really like this idea. It is realistic that there would be emergency hatches to move between floors in the event of issues. I like the ID lock too, though there should be a way to crowbar in severe emergencies - perhaps that would automatically trigger the fire alarm on both floors and alert security via comms in departmental areas (not so in maintenance)

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