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Incident Report 9/13/2459


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Reporting Personnel: Ss'aktha'a Khokseh: Victim (Cheap31)

Rank of Reporting Personnel: Janitor

Game ID: bQr-b6DB

Personnel Involved:

- Ss,rite Ketriss, Security Officer: Offender (Munks)

- Ezekial Taylor, Detective: Witness (Unknown, sorry)

Time of Incident:

Real time: 1450 GMT, 9-13-17

Location of Incident: Crew Transfer Shuttle and Odin Holding Area

Nature of Incident:

  • []Workplace Hazard


    []Destruction of Property

    [X]Neglect of Duty




    []Other _____ (Place an x in the box that applies. If other, replace line and specify.)

Overview of the Incident:

My spear is an artifact of the Contact War and stays with me at all times unless emergency warrants it's stowing. I also have a copy of my Weapons permit carried with me and it is noted in my security records.

At the beginning of shift, I was casually lounging in the bar (Kitchen Side) waiting for a power outage to clear. Officer of the Station Ketriss walked through on other business, looked at me and said, "Lose the spear, Janitor". Before I could respond to explain myself, he went off on his other business. The officer did not follow up on the issue afterwards for the rest of the shift even after seeing me performing my duties around the station with spear still openly carried, but stowed.

The station remained on Green Alert status for the entirety of my shift, meaning there was no emergency to warrant me stowing my weapon for later recovery. When the crew transfer shuttle I arrived and quietly entered and took my seat ready to end my shift and head home. It was at this point that the Officer approached me to harangue me about my weapon, noted in transcript 1A. He requested that if I wanted to keep my weapon I would need to stay in the detainment cell. Seeing no difference in my situation I complied not expecting to be actually detained. I remained in the cell and did not complain at all even though there was no reason to illegally brig me.

When the shuttle arrived on the Odin, I expected to leave and return to my living quarters. Instead, I was told that I would be held in a secure area for processing . I told the officer and detective that I was not getting into a cell because it was demeaning. The officer then forced me into the cell and then left me there when I asked to speak with his superior. I was left, attended by the detective and the detaining officer abandoned me there without processing me or anything, noted in transcript 1B.

I live in the staff dorms of the Odin with my spear, I take public transport with my spear, the attending security know about it, and this weapon does not leave my side even on work shifts. I have a permit for Open Stowed Carry and was not asked once by the detaining officer for it. 'Not in the mood' is no excuse for conduct unbecoming of an officer. I was treated unfairly for a non-emergency situation and was not acting suspicious.



Ss'rite Ketriss says, "Janitor, you were warned about the sspear."

Ss'aktha'a Khokesh says, "Look at my sssecurity record."

Ss'aktha'a Khokesh says, "Then assk me about my sssspear again."

Ss'rite Ketriss says, "Cool. You were told to get rid of it nonethelessssss. Not in the mood."

Ss'aktha'a Khokesh says, "It will go with me to home."

Ss'rite Ketriss says, "Then you can go with it to home while riding in sssafety and comfort in the ssshuttle sscell. Come with me pleasssse."

[ss'aktha'a Khokesh moves to the shuttle cell.]




Ss'rite Ketriss says, "Come with me. Assss long assss you have the weapon, you will be in a ssecure area."

[The two move to the Odin Holding Area.]

Ss'rite Ketriss says, "Right in there, chief."

Ss'aktha'a Khokesh says, "I am not going into a ssssell..."

Ss'aktha'a Khokesh says, "That issss demeaning."

Ezekiel Taylor says, "It's for your safety, as well as our own. Standard procedure."

Ss'rite Ketriss says, "Yesss, you are. You refusssse to get rid of the weapon, ssso you can ssstay with it in a room where you can do no harm and no harm can come to you."

[ss'rite Ketriss grams Ss'aktha'a Khokesh and pulls them into the cell before leaving the cell.]

Ezekiel Taylor says, "It's not supposed to be interpreted as a slight."

Ss'aktha'a Khokesh asks, "Where iss your ssuperior?"

Ezekiel Taylor says, "Thank you, Mister Kh-- I really wouldn't know."

Ezekiel Taylor says, "I don't think we have one."

Ss'aktha'a Khokesh says, "Obvioussssly. You act assss though you are a ssssuperior power."

[ss'rite Ketriss leaves.]

Ezekiel Taylor asks, "If you wish to file a complaint, I'd advise you to consult with the Internal Affairs Department. Do you know how to contact them?"

Ss'aktha'a Khokesh says, "Yess, I will do ssso."

[ss'aktha'a Khokesh begins to devour chunks of a giant spider that he has brought with him.]

Ezekiel Taylor says, "Mister Khokesh. Possessing a weapon on the shuttle, especially after being warned by an officer -after- the--"

Ezekiel Taylor says, "What are y-- Oh, no."

[Ezekiel Taylor averts his gaze.]

Ss'aktha'a Khokesh says, "The officer requesssted I not take my weapon, but it issss mine. And it isss sssignificant at that."

[ss'aktha'a Khokesh cleans up the spider remains from the floor with soap.]

Ss'aktha'a Khokesh says, "We have not had any worriesss and it hassss sssstayed sstowed the entire sssshift."

Ss'aktha'a Khokesh says, "It iss alsso regisstered in my sssecurity recordsss."

Ss'aktha'a Khokesh says, "The fact that I am in a holding cell iss ridiculouss, esssspecially consssidering that I have it on me every ssshift"

Ezekiel Taylor says, "I understand your concerns, but you should make an attempt to understand his. There's a reason that folks aren't allowed to walk around with a weapon on Nanotrasen facilities. It's not conducive to the maintainance of a healthy work environment, even if you do not intend to use it."

Ss'aktha'a Khokesh says, "I had a permit..."

Ezekiel Taylor asks, "It's an indirect method of intimidation, Mister Khokesh. You ca-- ...A permit?"

[Ezekiel Taylor fornws and taps on his PDA.]

Ezekiel Taylor says, "I see that there's an excerpt in your Security records relating to the possession of the spear. Understandable. I'll speak with officer Ketriss and get his input on the matter."

Ss'aktha'a Khokesh says, "He hasss already given hissss opinion which isss to ignore the law and unlawfully hold me."

Ezekiel Taylor says, "I'm fairly sure it's not an intention to unlawfully imprison you, Mister Khokesh. He wouldn't have gotten past Cadet with that attitude."


Did you report it to a Head of Department or IAA? If so, who?: No, none were available and this event occurred very quickly at end of shift.

Actions taken: None

Additional notes: Spear is spiritually significant. No other security has given me any trouble on any other work shift after being informed of my special circumstance.

((For this round there was only a one line reference in my sec records, but that is only because those are still being worked on by myself. I still did have a permit though.))

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TO: Ss'aktha'a Khokesh, Janitor, NSS Aurora


SUBJECT: RE: Incident Report



This is an automated message to inform you that your incident report has been received and placed in a queue for the CCIA Division to review.

You will be contacted, if necessary, by a CCIA Agent if and when an investigation begins.


DTG: 13-15:55-TAU CETI STANDARD-09-2459


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TO: Ss'aktha'a Khokseh, Janitor, NSS Aurora


SUBJECT: RE: Incident Report



This is an automated message to inform you that an investigation has now been opened regarding your incident report, and assigned to CCIA Agent Ruslan Gregorovich (Mofo1995).

You may be contacted by the CCIA Agent for an interview, or you may contact them directly if you have any questions.


DTG: 12-22:49-TAU CETI STANDARD-09-2459


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TO: Ss'aktha'a Khokseh, Janitor, NSS Aurora


SUBJECT: RE: Incident Report



The incident report has been closed with no punishments given. Spears are contraband and are not to be brought on station.


DTG: 12-22:49-TAU CETI STANDARD-09-2459

SIGN:CCIAA Ruslan Gregorovich

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