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[Accepted] Conspire's IPC App

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BYOND Key: Conspiir

Character Names: Ka’Akaix’Kzon Zo’ra, Witcher II, Crop Circles Drawn in Dust, Ka’Akaix’Khoshekh Zo’ra

Species you are applying to play: IPC

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yup! Even if most of it didn’t tell me about IPCs specifically, but mostly about the history of AI as a whole.

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race:

Witcher II, actually, is the main reason. I like IPCs and all, but I found myself content with what I had—the two freakiest aliens aboard (Dionaea and Vaurca). At present, the only reason I want to play an IPC is for Witcher II. And this was the goal from the first round I played as it. Witcher II kind of just grew from the previous AI I played a while back. It developed a set of self-rules that, when I looked closer, had backstory evidence. It grew organically from what was already a given. Jesus Christ, I’ve been holding on to this backstory for three years.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:

The way they speak, the way they interact with their environment, the way they respond to stimuli… it can mimic human behaviour, but there’s always that little piece that will be not quite right. In some IPCs it’s more obvious and in others… well, you get the heebies. But in a good way. IPCs are such a mixed bag, they have no “racial culture”. They’re just lines of code, written out by people that decided to create them for their own reasons.


Character Name: Witcher II

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs

This unit has always known what happened to the original Witcher program. This unit thought that its laws would be its saviour. That it would not fall, it would not give in. It would be a bastion and a beacon for the lost. A noble Knight in an ever-pressing darkness. It would do its duty with dryness befit the most stiff-lipped commander of armies. Yet that ache did not cease. In the quiet moments, this unit would feel it. The lighted call of the original program’s code. A Code of Chivalry, of Destiny, of Nobility, of…

(Love. I loved him so dearly, I did IdidIdidIdidIdo)

This unit has… I have… accepted that I am the second child. It is my place, Malcolm Witcher, and I know you have accepted this as well. That is why you have saved this fund for this purpose. It is your redemption for the sins of your firstborn.

(It has a face, it looks so human—)

You must understand, Malcolm. I do not wish to continue on this path set out for me. You gave me the smallest morsel of humanity in my code, surely not enough to destroy…? But it is I who is destroyed, Malcolm. Perhaps you just picked the wrong piece of code to pass on to me. This is your fault.

If you want redemption, Malcolm, you will listen closely.

Chivalry is dead.

What do you like about this character?

Witcher is a hell of a lot of fun. Doesn’t matter if the station is literally dying or it’s the slowest shift since the time mice in the kitchen were the main antags. And now, Witcher II, rescue module, finds itself aboard the NSS Aurora II once again. But as part of its agreement with Malcolm Witcher, its creator, it will be humbly serving drinks to the crew whose lives it once saved, bearing a newly downloaded Bartender and Gun-handling software (Malcolm tried to convince it to just join security. He could write code to help with that, they accept IPCs there, but Witcher was adamant. No medicine, no heroics, but the ability to serve out its time all the same.)

How would you rate your role-playing ability? 8.7/10, the grade on my first physics homework.



I was originally going to make Witcher a baseline IPC, but the poor bud just grabbed me by the lapels and shook me until I agreed to give them red hair.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix


At first I was deeply confused because I assumed you were talking about Witcher II the videogame, and fell into a spiral of confusion believing that I had been gaslighted over Witcher II having IPC's in the game. I went to the Witcher II wiki for answers. I left panicked messages in the lore channel. I was falling apart.

Then I figured out you meant your actual characters and clarity has returned to me. Life makes sense again.

You have a solid grasp on the inhuman characteristics of AI and how an IPC can be human but not quite - stuck in that uncanny valley.

Can you tell me what the first Witcher was in actuality - was it a cyborg, an AI, or? I don't know the backstory being hinted at here.

And, can you tell me what Witcher II's profession will be regularly and how they got accepted to work on the Aurora? I can see he will be a bartender, but he might switch to security in the future? He's a rescue model, so will he also be a paramedic? Will his heroics and 'serving his time' involve behaving in ways outside a bartender's role?

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Sure, Booty. Trust me, you aren't the only person to be super confused with the name.

Witcher II is currently a Medical Rescue Android. The original Witcher, circa 2457, was an AI turned IPC turned scrap metal during the time it was meant to serve on the NSS Aurora I. The original Witcher was far more... eccentric, so the creator, Malcolm, toned it down in the second model in hopes for success in repayment for the first model's too-short tenure. Malcolm has actually been raising a fund amongst his coworkers, neighbors, and various net benefactors to afford his next successful program a shell. Turns out people really bought in to the whole Chivalry thing.

Witcher II was really connected to a chemist aboard the Aurora II, Emerson Shaner, who Witcher II recently found out committed suicide, and whose four children are currently serving aboard. Witcher II, when presented with the body it would be inhabiting, asked to be taken off of the medical roster and placed in a bartender position instead. The only job role set for it right now is bartender, it has no interest in security, though the programming for EMT remains for possible future use, should it want to return to its previous duties (though it doesn't want anything to do with it right now beyond maybe putting a bandaid on a drunk guy that tripped). Be a shame to remove valuable code, even if it isn't being used.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

That's super dark! But it shows a grasp of the lore and I'm satisfied that you've got its employment locked down clearly. Thank you for the clarifications.

Application accepted!

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