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Vaurca Medicine: How Do I Give Medicine to Bugman?

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So you want to know how not to kill your Vaurca patient. Well, have I got a guide for you! I once survived infections, internal bleeding, severe burns, and broken ribs just knowing these medicinal tips!


Give it phoron. Or a K’ois bar from a vending machine. Most of you know this. However, if they've gone a prolonged time under the influence of oxygen, they'll need dialysis from the sleepers and a shitton of dylovene and/or tricord.

If you have a chemist, they’ll likely know to make a 10-20 unit pill of phoron if a Vaurca with symptoms shows up. Assuming they know what they're doing I think we have like five chemists that know what they're doing.


In the event of an EMERGENCY where a Vaurca is injured, STOP ANY BLEEDING with bandages. This is common sense and is something that should be done for every patient. Vaurca are no exception, despite the pale green blood.

After you have stopped any bleeding, note that bandages, ointment, and other topical applications of care have little effect on Vaurca. Use PILLS OR INJECTIONS of medication to assist in the healing process. Workers (Those whose name begins with Ka) will especially be susceptible to burns, so here’s hoping your chemist has made some keloderm and hasn’t just sat around screaming “REEE!!!” all shift! Warriors (those whose name begins with Za) are more susceptible to brute damage, which can be a little trickier. Try to keep bicaridine on hand, EMTs, if you’re heading into a hurt Za situation.

INAPROVALINE is a great drug for Vaurca. It’s a mild painkiller, which gets them back on their feet surprisingly quickly in most cases, and it’s free. Use it along with the actual treatment to have them working with you a lot faster.

DYLOVENE is a drug all Vaurca will take at one point or another. They take double toxin damage so you need to stay on top of the dosage. My best suggestion is to use the sleepers to administer as much as is needed over time because syringes and bottles are a lot slower.


DO NOT FUCKING PUT THEM UNDER USING A FUCKING ANESTHETIC TANK. Their internal tanks are literally keeping them alive with phoron, why would you think this was a good idea to put a tank on them that didn’t include phoron?

USE SOPORIFIC. It’s free from the vendors.

As the wiki suggests, their carapace is hard. Use a surgical drill, not a scalpel.


The big daddy. That’s why you’re here right? How the fuck do I clone a Vaurca? Shit ain’t working. It dies.

Yes, it does.

In a perfect world, you should be able to follow these steps:


  1. Prepare a tank of phoron with the help of engineering
  2. Clone the Vaurca, putting it on the phoron tank internals
  3. With the Vaurca on the external tank in one OR, perform surgery on the corpse to remove the internal tank. Transplant immediately. (Knocking out the Vaurca with soporific, as we all now know)
  4. Put the Vaurca in cryo until its health seems normal.
  5. Let the Vaurca out, they’re totally good!


How it works in reality

  1. Engineering ignores you, you're on your own.
  2. You clone the Vaurca
  3. You go to transplant the tank, turns out the tank is already inside the Vaurca for some reason!?!
  4. You cryo it and ask your fellow doctors and even admins wtf
  5. You frantically keep it on life support in the sleeper using dialysis, dylovene, and inaprovaline until it wakes up and turns on its own tank using the little blue button.


If someone could clarify how cloning Vaurca actually works, that’d be great. As of right now, the experience I have is being the one dead.

Some other things to clarify:

What happens when a Vaurca eats something other than K’ois? TOXIN DAMAGE. Don't eat human food.

What happens when a Vaurca takes Dexalin/Dexalin+? Is it the same problem as Vox? SHOULD it be? Dexalin and Dexalin+ are completely safe for Vaurca. ... For now.

What happens when a Vaurca is given a blood transfusion of red blood cells? (Assuming toxin damage, but need confirmation) Blood transfusions are totally fine. Give them a transfusion if they need it.

@tmmytbbt What are Vaurca genitals like? (Yes, this did come up. No, you don’t want to know how. No, it wasn’t anything banworthy.)

If need be, I can translate this guide into an IC guide to be linked to residents and others for in-character teaching of Vaurca physiology, but for now I think this will do.

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@tmmytbbt What are Vaurca genitals like? (Yes, this did come up. No, you don’t want to know how. No, it wasn’t anything banworthy.)



Yeah, that was an....interesting shift (Poor Rocco, he was so innocent). I really like this guide. Being a new bugman (hes' even in Medical, too), this will help out alot. Hopefully the cloning gets figured out and we shouldn't run into many more issues with Vaurca care.

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