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[Accepted] Munks' M'sai Tajara Application

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BYOND Key: Munks

Character Names: Ss'rite Ketriss, Is'sariss Suthir

Species you are applying to play: M’sai Tajara

What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt): Wheat (205,186,150)

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes.

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race: Stepping outside my comfort zone and trying something new in regards to roleplay. As a primarily Unathi player, I feel as though I have fallen into a bit of a niche in regards to my roleplay, based on my own preconceived notion of how the species acts. Along with Unathi, I have always found Tajaran lore to be interesting and I would like the opportunity to try my hand at roleplaying one.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: In terms of mechanical differences (speed, heat tolerance, claws etc which I am used to as a Unathi player aside), I find Tajara notable from a gameplay perspective due to the variety of differing ethnicities, each with their own physical characteristics, histories, and culture. This mechanic influences roleplay through a surprisingly discriminatory relationship between the differing subsets of Tajara – the various ethnicities’ disgusted take on interbreeding between each other being not unlike the concept of breeding with another species entirely. Along with the different subsets of Tajara, there is one other obvious and notable aspect of roleplaying one that affects the species as a whole, namely the conflict which has wracked Ahdomai for decades. As a result, nearly every individual has in some way, shape, or form had their lives influenced by the civil war, and would generally find themselves in sympathy with one of the major factions participating in the conflict. These factions, as well as the discrimination between the various ethnicities of Tajara themselves, will have a great influence in how I interact with other Tajara on station. Finally, the use of third person when referring to one’s self can be used to indicate trust or intimacy, as a Tajara may switch to first person when speaking with one they feel particularly comfortable around.



Character Name: Izzsi Sa’eed

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs:

Born in an outlying slum neighborhood of Nal’tor to a decently sized and somewhat destitute family, Izzsi got to enjoy a brief taste of a relatively comfortable life as a teenager working aboard a fishing ship shortly before the outbreak of the second revolution. Upon the initiation of hostilities, Izzsi, with the rest of his siblings, enlisted in the Republican army, himself along with one of his older brothers being stationed together in an aviation unit, Izzsi a flight medic and his brother Pentrra a scout. In spite of the exciting nature of his work, Izzsi would experience a rather uneventful time in the army, while his brother would emerge a decorated as a war hero following his part in the successful rescue of the crew of another downed aircraft. Both returning home around the same time together, Izzsi would grow to feel somewhat envious of the tales his brother would share of his time fighting in the army and seek to one up him in any way possible.

Now a wayward and idealistic 24 year old on the hunt for his own story, Izzsi would think back to his earlier days as an impoverished child and remember the aid his family received from the Interstellar Aid Corps to put food on the table. Quickly deciding to put his medical experience from the Republican Army to use, Izzsi would find work with the IAC as an Emergency Medical Technician, travelling to remote locations primarily on Ahdomai to assist in relief efforts. He would work his way to a vocational diploma to supplement his EMT certification and bring his qualifications up to a galactically recognized standard. Still in contact with his older brother, who by now had signed on in the Nanotrasen Fleet Security Force and at this point been selected to work alongside their Emergency Response Teams, Izzsi was referred by him to a recruiter who promised funded education towards his Paramedic certification, as well as hands on experience working with some of the more cutting edge medical technology than he is used to, Izzsi signed on the dotted line and began his way through the pipeline to become a paramedic. Finally, after receiving his certification, and completing a probationary period, he has come to be assigned to the Aurora, where he seeks to quickly work his way up the ladder and prove his worth, with the ultimate hope of following once again in his brother’s path and securing work as an emergency response technician.

What do you like about this character?: My main goal with this character, and the underlying purpose it is written around, is that it pushes me to play in a different manner than I am used to. Isszi is approval-seeking, and perhaps somewhat insecure, and seeks to prove himself to those around him, especially his immediate superiors and those he feels holds sway over him. A character with such a mindset proves itself much outside what I am used to, and comes off as an interesting challenge.

How would you rate your role-playing ability? Average at best. I still find myself resorting to the same sort of niche for my characters, with similar personalities and shortcomings. As an inexperienced roleplayer it simply feels easier to base characters off a certain personality type and work from there. However, I am interested in developing my roleplay ability further beyond playing similar archetypes constantly,, and with a character that is behaviorally a 180 from what I am used to playing, I hope that in time I will continue to better myself as a roleplayer.

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Munks is a good roleplayer being modest. Archetype roleplaying is 100% allowed and okay (look at Helena Bonham Carter), but the fact that you want to practice something else to expand your own ability is admirable. You obviously took lore into detail and made a good backstory! I'm interested to see how this character comes out personality-wise. +1

(Also, we need more competent folks in medbay)

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I was asked to weigh in on this application by Munks. I guess I don't see anything particularly bad. He's an okay roleplayer.

I don't generally have a lot of invested interest in tajarans, and I only barely know their lore, because I am too busy with lizardmens. But I guess he is a field medic that came here to be a paramedic? Seems solid. If that backstory doesn't work for tajarans, it's not really my place to say. Someone who knows more about them would have to judge that.

If you start putting mice on your shoulder and being nursey-kawaii, I will murder you, Munks.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix


You show a solid grasp of the tajara race and the conflicts and dynamics of their races and homeworld. In addition, you have a refreshing take on a character with understandable and real motivations. I appreciate you trying to play outside your comfort zone and with your positive feedback I'm confident that you'll be a good addition to the Tajara whitelist playerbase.

Application accepted!

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