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  1. Initially, I had my doubts. Whilst I've never doubted your RP skills, as the outpouring of public support for that in this thread affirms your skills (or at least likeability). My worries laid mainly in regards to your cross-departmental interaction and willingness to work with other departments beyond engineering. I imagine our little drill technician-engineering scuffles, would be an immediate example that comes to mind. However, despite drill technicians constantly pointing out an engineering problem no doubt being infuriating IC'ly, you've taken it in stride. It would've been easy to simply stonewall mining and ignore them completely, even if that would be contra to your department. Instead you've continued to look for solutions across rounds, which shows you're willing to learn and grow as a command member regardless of how tedious something might be. I can respect that, and thus you get my +1, mate.
  2. Honestly yes. +1. Definitely. You're hilarious mate. You play your characters to have fun and provide fun, not to ''win'' in any sense and that is rarer than it should be. As an example, I've seen you force in Pewter's character traits even in the middle of combat to try and RP, rather than simply end the combat as quickly as possible. An easy story that comes to mind would be Pewter throwing donuts at a juggernaut in the middle of combat because that is what he had on hand. Many many others would have simply tried to robust or run, why bother trying to do something that has no ''use'' after all? Yet you do it, because, shit, looking at an overweight warden clearly out of his depth throwing donuts and using a megaphone to try and order this horrific juggernaut abomination to stand down is absolutely fun. The only thing I'd want to leave you with aside from a +1 is some advice. Try not to take the memes too far, not everyone will appreciate them at all times, especially not coming from command staff. People do generally expect a degree of competency from command to maintain some realism. Honestly though my advice is very likely moot and you'll do fine regardless. Good luck!
  3. They can. Which aren't actually useful in EVA since you can't use them through a voidsuit/rig. Unless you powergame like mad and take your rig/suit off for a sec to apply a brute kit.
  4. They don't have one already? What the fuck. +1
  5. Reporting Personnel: Serana Emilia Valeria Zhao Rank of Reporting Personnel: Head of Personnel Game ID: bUL-c1XG Personnel Involved: (Name, Rank: Offender/Witness/Other (Ckey)) - Zaesur Guwan, Cargo Technician: Offender (ParadoxSpace) - Maria Al-Salhi, Assistant: Witness (Whiterabit) - Athena Marshall, Head of Security: Witness - Rex Winters, Research Director: Witness (Tailson) - Arrashi M'rta, Shaft Miner: Witness (Pratepresidenten) - Serana Zhao, Head of Personnel: Witness (Worthy) Time of Incident:)04:00am - 05:30am Real time: Around 21:00-22:00pm GMT+1 Location of Incident: Cargo, Head of personnel office. Nature of Incident: []Workplace Hazard []Accident/Injury []Destruction of Property [X]Neglect of Duty []Harassment []Assault [X]Misconduct []Other _____ Overview of the Incident: Cargo technician Zaesur Guwan's misconduct began when he prioritized, I quote, ''Searching maintenance for valuables'' over doing their actual job as a cargo technician which is to sort the warehouse and attend to the people wishing to place orders. Namely, the research director had placed an order quite early on in the shift and wished for pay for such. I reminded CT Guwan to attend to such, and not waste anymore time loitering around in maintenance. Instead of simply complying with my rather simple order, they decided to start an argument over communications instead, and I had to remind them multiple times to finally go attend to the waiting research director. This incident in isolation could be forgiven, but their rudeness and odd behaviour in dealing with both me and the research director had me be wary for any further unsavory behaviour. Their misconduct continued when they decided to purchase a katana from the merchant, which they were not granted a permit for, and stood around quite a while in the merchant shuttle waiting for a permit they were not getting. As both the head of security did not feel they could be trusted with one, and I personally advised to not grant them one either. All the while the warehouse remained unsorted and I had to personally attend to the numerous people that were lining up infront of cargo to pay for their orders and had assistant Al-Salhi attend to the warehouse, as CT Guwan was the only cargo technician present and there was not a quartermaster on shift. CT Guwan then decided he waited enough, and took the katana off the merchant vessel into cargo, to store such in the warehouse. The head of security had noticed this, and placed a warrant for their arrest, as they were now possessing contraband. Due to them failing to properly attend to cargo I wished for them to also be charged with Neglect of Duty as well. But due to the warden misscommunicating with their head of security the neglect of duty charge was not added, and they were only charged with contraband. After they had been charged improperly with only contraband I ordered for them to come to my office to discuss their behaviour and reprimand them for it. Stating that they would function properly from now on or I'd have them demoted from cargo technician. Their response was to attempt to throw a glass of wine at me instead, missing, but the rather childish tantrum was still there. With from this point on security and the captain being very pre-occupied with a few security issues,(antags) they were unable to charge CT Guwan properly for their misconduct and neglect of duty, hence why I decided to take this to an incident report instead. I retired to cryo shortly after the wine incident. Did you report it to a Head of Department or IAA? If so, who?: I was the head of the department. I reported it to both the captain and the head of security, but they were too pre-occupied with more important issues. Actions taken: They were charged insufficiently with contraband, and reprimanded verbally. Their behaviour persisted after however, and I was no longer available to deal with such. Additional Notes:
  6. I'm not too sure. While I can agree with Bygone that B.O.B does indeed feel very robotic, well done on that part, I do feel he is vastly too intense at times. Which kind of gives me a very validhunty vibe. Perhaps tone him down a little, remember that lawed synthetics are literally the lowest of low in terms of chain of command. I have seen you've been better with this, so I'm sure this will sort itself out in due time. Furthermore I believe your comfort zone so far lies in playing lawed robots, this does not necessarily translate over to being the leader of a department. I feel you might lack some experience actually leading people and thus a decent amount of expertise required to play a head role in this case. I'd recommend for you to perhaps play an actual crewmember more often and request interim positions, so you can get a feel of what it is like to be a head of staff. Also a slight pet peeve of mind is that you aren't that strict on punctuation, capitalization and grammar in game, these three often make your RP look ''prettier'' so to say. So I'd wish for you to perhaps take that into account, but it is only a minor complaint of mine. For now I'll have to give a -1.
  7. Chen's alright. They are capable of staying in character and maintaining a proper quality of RP. I think they'd be able to handle a Tajara whitelist just fine. +1
  8. So you've finally made your head app, neat, cool. If you had posted this a few months ago I'd have actually rolled my eyes a bit and been worried of you going combat CE every single time. But you've addressed this yourself, and you have indeed toned down a few valid-hunting tendencies. So I don't think this will be a particular issue should you get your whitelist, especially if you are aware of it yourself. Moving on to the more positive side of things. Geeves is a good role-player, I've never witnessed him breaking character or doing silly shit ingame for the sake of doing silly shit. He is more than capable of playing a believable and realistic character that are fun to interact with. Aside from playing an engineer that doesn't know not to touch live wires without gloves. I do believe he's capable enough to handle a command whitelist, so it has my support. Where is Ioraks in this list fam? +1.
  9. Recently I've had to witness Zorrianna murder a goat with her bare hands in front of the bar, then proceed to draw crayon runes on the floor in the main hallway in some odd attempt at sacrificing the goat? When told by the head of personnel to take this to a private quarter and simply have the goat cremated in the chaplain's office, she then proceeded to go to construction level and start a fire to send the goat onward to the afterlife in a fiery blaze, getting arrested over it shortly after. Could you imagine this scenario in real life and just realize this is maybe a little out of touch? I am not sure if a tad bit unbelieveable of a religion that is on station should be rewarded with a custom item. Furthermore, the dress seems horribly impractical to wear. It looks like something you'd wear to a fancy gala of some kind, not every day to your workplace. Not particularly a fan of it.
  10. Diona runespam is already a massive meme in certain cult rounds and a tremendous headache to deal with. They do certainly not need even more of a free pass to runespam. Perhaps have diona be damaged as normal, as they are offering part of their biomass for the ''blood magic''?
  11. I am not suggesting an OOC ban on it. I'm suggesting it's given more overwatch and to make it punishable if it is done without valid reasoning or if it contributes nothing to the round. Because that is what removing telecomms does, contributing very little to the overall round other than being an annoyance and removing two easily accessible communication methods which can be used to further other gimmicks unrelated to your own. Destroying the engine is allowed within certain circumstances and if you ahelp it beforehand. I am suggesting to give destroying telecomms a similar treatment.
  12. I'd personally like it if destroying telecommunications with no proper reasoning behind it was punished and considered similarly to engine grief. I've noticed a bit of a trend where antagonists make it their sole goal of destroying telecommunications and doing nothing else. I believe this adds very little to the round as it prevents all antagonists, including the one griefing telecomms to begin with, from effectively communicating with crew members, and thus furthering a story or gimmick. It is incredibly infuriating when you want to taunt somebody into despair via PDA's and communications but you are unable to since a fellow auto-traitor has already made it their goal of screwdrivering, crowbarring and wrenching the whole of telecomms to an ugly mess. Destroying telecomms is effectively the same as saying ''we don't want to negotiate or open up any dialogue at all'' which is fine at a certain point, but should not be your opening move or even worse, sole move, as an antagonist. Hence why my suggestion is to monitor traitors destroying telecomms a tad bit heavier, and make it punishable if no valid reason in the context of the round is given for it, as I do not believe this currently has a lot of overwatch. Do correct me if I'm wrong on that.
  13. They're a decent role-player. I've never witnessed them breaking character or failing to uphold any RP standards. I think they'd manage a Tajara character just fine. +1.
  14. Looks decent. Not a fan of the cockpit/bridge however. Right now it doesn't even have enough chairs to hold all 6 command members and it doesn't have a special seat for the captain. The captain just sitting next to another command member feels weird to me.
  15. Ohoho, a gay female guwan, how daring. Right, starting with the ''+1 because I like this person'' as is tradition. I'm a fan. Wynter Steele has to be the first trap I unironically enjoy. You're relatively new to Aurora yet have taken the initiative to organize some interesting role-play opportunities via your Aurora poetry slam jam. The numerous poems Steele has written were always enjoyable to read, and I've never once caught you breaking character. All of this shows you're a capable role-player and most likely more than capable of handling an Unathi character. Now onto the application itself. Solid enough answer. Shows you can properly tell an Unathi and a human apart. Could you perhaps elaborate on what exactly would clash? Some examples don't hurt. I like it, It touches upon heartbreak quite well, and as Jackboot has already said her actions are relatable and understandable. It's honestly quite a solid story in my opinion. One question though, and this is possibly due to my limited knowledge of unathi lore but, the shamans that educated Pipish in this story seem quite liberal? So to say. If Pipish asked the shamans for advise regarding her love for another woman I'd half expect the shamans to go ''miss me with that gay shit.'' How come they instead seemingly accepted it? 8/10 is being modest in your case. Overall I think it's a strong application, and it has my support.
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