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The BSD operates as a club of professionals within the NanoTrasen Corporate Conglomerate, working to assist in training activites and all shades of research and engineering projects as suits.

Current Members

Commander - Chair person and def-facto leader of the BSD. May use the professional title cBSD (as in Phd, BSc etc).

Sean Richter

Lead Troopers - Unit leaders who report to the Commander and operate as their seconds as well as key members of the group. May use the title tBSD (as in Phd, BSc etc).


Troopers - Normal members of the BSD.



Hurrah for Human rights! Hurrah for the Black Flag!

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Greetings all members of the BSD and any interested parties! There will be a BSD meeting held on Saturday the 21st of April on the NSS Aurora where we vote on a new Commader for the group as well as discuss current issues effecting the group within Biesel and actions going forward in relation to these. Generally it will be a meet and greet so please attend and have fun. The meeting will be held at around 8:20am EST however if anyone is unable to attend I will connected to the Relay Extranet to report on current discussions as well as field any questions members on the Extranet may have. Hurrah for Human rights! Hurrah for the Black Flag!
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