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I made it a little meme awhile ago that I wanted to be the Wizard Lore dev. As much as I found that funny, I see great potential in the Wizard Federation as a faction to develop and give more meat and bones to for future staff run events.

The TL;DR is...

The Wizard Federation is a human founded federation that is no longer antagonistic towards Nanotrasen, but instead works with Nanotrasen in secret. They are essentially another space corporation that has a interest in assisting Nanotrasen with supernatural messes in return for great rewards.

Allows for backstory reasons for if you are gifted with the Wizard role for you to do more than just the generic rogue wizard, although that is provided as an option. These options include

-The before mentioned 'do whatever dafuq i want rogue wizard' that is now SEPARATE from the federation.

-A federation wizard known as a Merlin that is looking to help the crew fight supernatural phenomena. May it be another rogue wizard or a cult.

-A wizard that serves as part of a team of wizards for MAGIC ERT or MAGIC DEATHSQUAD.

With these proposed ideas, the following would be proposed to development.

- Allowance to have multiple wizards as a possible game mode. For sweet magic duels for either a Merlin vs Wizard or Wizard vs Wizard.

- On special occasions allow Wizard as a respawn role similar to ERT to respond to magical disaster at adminbus will if it would make the round more interesting.

and to admins

- I would love to help plan wizard events with you if you would let me.

Here is the fluff, and the part I TL;DRD



The Wizard Federation is the single most longest lived organization in human history that nobody knows about. Since before the space age there has been a Wizard Federation, and although the size and scope of the Federation is larger now, it's mission statement is still the same. Study and maintain the art of magic artefacts, and prevent exposure of such to mundanes.

The Wizard

Magic is the manifestation of the casters intellect and strong will as a force that can affect the world around them. Wizards come in many shapes and sizes, and anyone with the know how can become a wizard. Which is why the Wizard Federation is so adamant about keeping it's secrecy and limiting the knowledge of magic. Wizards are dangerous, able to warp the world and people around them in terrible ways. The effects of magic’s use can be noticed upon a character study of a wizard. Wizards who use magic as a constant tool tend to develop quirks and mannerisms, as the weight of their incredible power sets in and changes them.

There are many different brands of wizards, all having their own specialty. Usually this specialty leads to wizards having certain roles in the federation. Standard and Student wizards are the common working man of the federation, at least as common as a magic space being can get. They are usually sent on missions of low importance or tasked with a job on the citadel. Cleric wizards are typically doctors, and come to areas affected with a magical disaster to help the recovery process, an essential part of cleaning up and covering up the wrong-doing. Battle-mages are the security force of the Citadel and the enforcers of the Federation’s will. They are typically the first wizards sent into a skirmish. Spatial wizards are the federations infiltrators, used for reconnaissance and spying on factions of interest. Druids are typically used as relief as well and as a distraction after magical disasters, they also design the defenses of the inner citadel. Spoiler: There are a lot of bears. Necromancers are far and few between in the federation, as you need a special license to practice this art and it is usually only granted for research purposes only. Lichdom is especially taboo, those in the federation giving up the little free will they have left to be disposable tools who come back to life. Most necromancers a mundane is exposed to are Federation renegades or Wizards who learned the art on their own.

Federation Bureaucracy

The Federation’s strategy to control and centralize wizards involves inviting wizards into its fold with the promise to A.) Teach them more and progress them farther down the path of a wizard in a year then anyone can do in a lifetime and B.) provide them the means and funding to do their own magic research, or ensure they get employment that makes use of their unique talent. If a Wizard declines this generous offer, they are then presented with two options. Be compliant to a set of secrecy rules and audits from the federation into their magic use, or confiscation of their artefacts and if they attempt to get back into the magic field or are proven to have leaked information on magic they are silenced through a variety of unique and cruel means. Lenient punishment is execution, however depending on the wizard sent to enforce it punishment can range between being polymorphed to being an unwilling test subject.

Founding and dealings

The Wizard Federation was first organized and instituted in 1998 as part of a treaty between multiple secret wizard societies that were at contention with each other on earth. Typically they took the guise of corporations to disguise their dealings in the day hours. Competition and rapid expansion and increased proficiency in magic use called for the heads of these organizations to meet. Concerned with the discovery of magic on a larger scale, and less concerned about their competition with each other. They agreed to secrecy and reigning the wizards created in to maintain a monopoly on these unnatural abilities.The Wizard Federation in the modern era sells information and services to other space corporations in secret, and maintains a healthy relationship with Nanotrasen in secrecy.

Federation Hierarchy

The Greybeards

The highest of the order, descendants of the original founders and board of directors of the Wizard Federation. They decide the future of the federation and direct its business proceedings. Yes they all have glorious beards.


Powerful wizards who have been shown to keep their composure and show restraint despite having great power are rewarded with the position of Merlin. Merlins are essentially the CCIA agents of the Federation, with the exception that they typically handle most matters hands on. They are the ones who are sent to the magical disasters in disguise to silence rogue wizards and combat cults on the precipice of success. They are strictly forbidden from having beards, or else they would stand out too much. They forfeit their former wizard name and take a new one, that gives them the surname Merlin. Typically when responding to magical disasters on space stations they read in the commanding officer and works with the station to resolve the disaster if it has made itself apparent. If they somehow got intelligence of the disaster in advance, they would do their best to resolve it with stealth and keep as much classified as they can.


Archmages are considered mastered in their studied field, and direct wizards that share a field with them. They are very similar to department heads in this regard, with the exception that they are expected to understand their field completely, and be a valued resource to the federation when they are required.

Ways to play the Wizard

The Rogue Wizard

The way you are probably already playing it! You either benefited from the Federation at one time and broke away, or discovered the arcane arts on your own. Either way, you are loud and you are proud that you are a wizard, wearing the almighty robes and doing as you wish wherever you go. You either made the wise decision or grave mistake of paying Nanotrasen a visit at one of their locations. Don’t cause too much trouble else a Merlin notice and come to take action towards you (kill) or recruit you (kidnap, imprison). Is there another Wizard? Perhaps it is time for a WIZARD DUEL.

The Merlin

You are a Wizard! But… there is already another wizard… perhaps you can be the Merlin? On mixed antagonist rounds, talk over AOOC to see what the other antagonist type is, or if there are multiple wizards. If they are supernatural in some way, perhaps it would be appropriate to be a Merlin. Merlin’s seek to end the spread of magic and rituals outside of the federations control. The Wizard Federation on principle is against the idea of wizards independent of themselves, and fight a constant battle to keep the minions of Nar’sie at bay. If you can try to stay secretive, end the threat and leave uneventfully and without fanfare. If not, you can read a commanding officer in and work with security to end the threat. Don’t worry, Nanotrasen is just as invested in keeping the secret as you are. Merlins will be waiting on the Odin to mindwipe greet the witnesses afterwards, it just isn’t cost effective to do so.

The Relief/The Enforcer

Somehow you are a wizard joining a round in progress, typically this is an event archetype. Either the Merlin succeeded and you are here to help the crew recover, or the situation went to shit, the merlin failed and it is up to you to contain the secret and what happened here. You are essentially a magical ERT/Deathsquad. Feel free to use your magic as you see fit as the secret is already out on station. Whether that be to the crew’s benefit or detriment is up to the Archmage leading you and the success of the Merlin.



It's just a summary, and if the premise is interesting I could go on and on writing out intricate details, but wanted to gauge player interest in the idea and admin/dev/lore team comments on such.

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