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There was a shooter in Las Vegas earlier this morning who shot an approximate 10,000~ assorted rounds from the range of either the 29th to the 32nd floor of a hotel. His intended target was into the crowd of over 22,000 people attending a country concert, several hundred feet from the actual country grounds. This went on for 10-15 consecutive minutes until the police arrived and breached into the hotel room of the shooter, where he was found dead. This is the deadliest shooting in the United States in modern times (58 currently dead and 515 people hospitalized, it's possible the death count could rise) and there's no known motive at this time that can be taken from the scene at this point.

I hope nobody here was caught in it and that none of your friends or family were caught in it either. Hope you all stay safe, this is a really crazy month behind the Canadian terrorist attack and the riots in Catalonia just yesterday.

If you're currently in the West Coast and a stone's throw away from Las Vegas right now, you should drive over to donate blood to the local hospitals, at the SpringHill Suites Las Vegas Convention Center at 2989 Paradise Road and Ernest May Elementary School at 6350 West Washburn Road. You can also donate money to the Southern Nevada chapter of the American Red Cross. It's not accepting donations specifically for this shooting, but it always welcomes general support for disaster relief efforts. Give on its website, by phone at 702-369-3674 or via mail at 1771 East Flamingo Road, #206B, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89119.

There are many other local orgs you can support right now but the Red Cross is your most reliable bet if you want to do some good.

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