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Zahra's box of stopwatches

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BYOND Key:Fire and Glory

Character name:Suhail Zahra

Item name:

wooden box

gold stopwatch

Why is your character carrying said item to work?Zahra has noticed that most of the time people tend to be brought in one after another once he begins processing one person, this often creates quite a backlog (brig processing machine is shit btw) and it can be hard to track how long each person has been in the brig, thus Zahra invested in some golden* stopwatches so he can track everyone separately.

He has a box because keeping track of 4 watches jumping around is a pain.

*It's not real gold shit costs money you know.

Item function(s):When you activate a watch, the timer starts, the description then shows you how much time has passed since you first activated it, when you activate it again the timer stops and continues to display in the description until you activate it again, resetting it.

The box holds four watches, changes sprites depending on how many watches it has, and preferably holds nothing but watches.

Item description:A wooden box with a transparent lid, it looks like it's meant to contain four relatively small objects.

A stopwatch meant for tracking time, it looks like it's gold but to the trained eye it's made from something else. This one has the number [blank] inscribed on the back.

Yeah they're all numbered from 1 to 4 deal with it

Item appearance:


Like this but with only four rows going vertically and the lid is closed.


The watches look like this:


How will you use this to better interact with crew and/or stimulate RP?For one it'll reduce time people sit in the brig being bored. If anyone ever got a good look at one of the watches it'd also show that Zahra is not one to spend money for the sake of spending money when there is a decent cheaper alternative available. Maybe people'll think he cares about his job more if he's using watches I dunno not so sure about that.

Additional comments:I would not mind if a generic steel version sans box or companions showed up in equipment loadout.

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I am of the opinion that expecting interactions and reactions to come from a certain type of custom item is a bit of a farce in general, things like a magnetic flower pin, a headband, especially a flask, so on. I am mostly keeping my expectations realistic.

Although anyone who see's Zahra handling a watch could probably deduce that A:he is actually keeping mindful of the minutes and B:he is not making guesses as to how many have passed, whereas if I didn't have them I would be using a timer in real life, with no real vehicle to show that a timer is in action. So I suppose that's relevant.

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