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[Accepted] Biphen Isra engineering appeal

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Appealing Personnel: Biphen Isra

Specific Incident: Trespassing and theft while attempting to save a friend who was spaced. He used the hand teleporter to try and locate a friend who had spaced themselves. Not understanding how the teleporter worked he found himself in the captains office and other places throughout the station.

Action taken as a result: Removal out of engineering

Action contested: Removal out of engineering

Reasoning for contest: He always felt that his permanent removal was overly harsh as he has learned his lesson. Communication with the captain during the situation would have avoided the issue as he would have been granted permission to use such device had the captain been aware. He also appreciates the importance of security and protocol for authorization. HE was only attempting to save a friend he was worried about but he realizes now that even in doing so he must do so properly for the safety of the entire station. At this point he feels he will conduct himself as a professional engineer should and would really like to return to what he excels at.

Additional notes: (ooc: the incident was over a year ago. I'd really like to play this character in it's fullest again. I was rather new to engineering back then and honestly didn't appreciate that just cause an engineer 'can' go anywhere they like, doesn't mean they are allowed)

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TO: Biphen Isra, NT Employee

FROM: Daniel Bay, CCIABS

SUBJECT: RE: B.Isra Appeal


BODY:10/09/2459 - Appeal against the 08/30/2458 suspension from working in the Engineering Department and prohibition from the possession of engineering related equipment granted.

In the event of the CCIA being informed of a return to any problematic behavior, immediate suspension of all employment contracts will follow. The likelihood for termination of said contracts will be determined following an investigation into the reported incident(s). Contract termination will be taken into great consideration in the event of the confirmed participation in any of the following activities:

- Infiltration of sensitive areas.

- Abuse of teleportation technology.

- Kleptomaniac actions of sensitive or restricted items.

- Use of engineering equipment and skills to aid another in any of the above actions.


DTG: 10-10:33-TAU CETI STANDARD-10-2459

SIGN: Daniel Bay, CCIABS

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