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Suggestion: Persistent station with shift changes


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The suggestion is this:

After each round, before voting the round type for the next one, the players vote whether to return to the same station as it was left, rather than resetting a new station. If the vote is negative, the round starts normally as in the current version. If the players vote to keep the station, each player is returned to the lobby as normal and may change characters, but the station is the same when they get there as it was when the last round ended. Any damage, used resources, collected resources, reasearch etc. will still be present.


Encourages people to clean up after themselves, repair things, put equipment back.

Gives those that want it a chance to have a longer running game, without all of the disadvantages of a 12 hour extended mode.

Makes the game more varied at the start. Instead of always doing the same setup procedure, players will actually have to check the state left by the last shift, and try to get things running smoothly. This makes it different each time.

It would be rewarding to know you had kept the station running for x consecutive rounds without catastrophic failure.

Offers a new consequences for admin decisions and antag behaviour. Rewarding players when they protect infrastructure and don't destroy it.


Changes workload balancing, especially reducing R&D and Chemistry, and increasing workload for Engineering

Low incentive to actually use the mechanic.

- This could be improvded by simply posting records for the longest lasting station. People love breaking records.

Requires code changes. I am not sure how complex these changes would be. A comment from someone who knows this part of the code would be appreciated to clarify the amount of effort involved.\

Manufacturing of certain things is not implemented (I think) which means these items will be extremely rare as the rounds progress.

I feel this would take the game to a whole new level. I hope it would not be too hard to implement.

Please post any comments or feedback

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