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  1. I said this after I was mentioned, not in response to Kaed, and not in a server Kaed is in. Please don't bring it up.
  2. Almost every +1 I'm seeing here is talking about how the sprite is cute, and little else. I maintain my past opinion that custom mobs should not be a thing in any shape or form; this is a workplace, not a pet show. Bring a picture of the dog or something instead. -1.
  3. There is no legitimate reason to bring a bird of prey to a workplace. If it needed that much care, you just would have to get someone to look after it (or take a leave of absence from work). A kitten is not directly dangerous to personnel. Dogs are debatable. A bird of prey definitely could be a threat, and has no place in a corporate setting.
  4. My stress tests were only on sparks. High volumes of teleports (fancy ones with accuracy, which the ore tele uses for some reason) are insanely expensive, and the current restriction is at least partially due to performance constraints.
  5. Testing has shown that this (at least in its current form) is not technically feasible. Server ran out of memory and hung before even finishing boot with a live-like config.
  6. A corporate research station. That is out of the Icarus' range. With various non-antag threats (Carp, tunnel dwellers, etc.) Frequent visits from traders, some of which are Vox who are known to be possibly violent or dangerous. On top of that, while the ISD is reliable at best, it's completely dysfunctional at worst. It's within the Icarus' range considering that the station gets malfunctioning drones from them occasionally. The security department is there to deal with carp/tunnel-dwellers, why would civvies be directly interacting with them? Traders are also vetted by CC before they're allowed to come, p sure. I don't think the sec department being totally incompetent to the point where bringing guns is required is canon either.
  7. I don't really see why normal personnel would be allowed to carry firearms on a corporate research station.
  8. Normal engineers aren't able to get insulated gloves until they get to engineering, and so the same should apply to xenos. Shouldn't go in loadout, regardless of job lock. Best solution is probably just a locker or crate in engineering somewhere.
  9. Exodus was pretty huge, and it wasn't overkill. I've completely filled Exodus atmos with pipes a few times.
  10. Tbh, I kind of want the distro linkage to be space-constrained like Exodus so it requires some actual work to double (or more) distro/waste flow to/from station.
  11. For punching without doing harm, there's already the pull-punches verb.
  12. This should be possible, but would require some minor changes to RIGcode. How would you set the color?
  13. Sorry to say, but I don't think having mobs as custom items is a good idea. The existing ones in code are purely a holdover from bay, and I wouldn't be surprised if the custom item code won't handle mobs properly as well.
  14. The merchant station can't really get an airlock to space without moving it off the centcomm Z, though that's probably perfectly doable.
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