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[Denied] Antag Ban

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BYOND Key: Coolbc2000

Total Ban Length: Permanent

Banning staff member's Key: Abo

Reason of Ban: Killing a fresh spawn and rushing an execution

Reason for Appeal: Oh lord who saw this coming?

Now this is going to be a weird complaint because I myself can't really decide if this was a really justified Permaban from Antag or not. I believe it was made permanent for my extensive notes I have collected over the past few years and frankly I think the decision was quite rushed. I trust Abo made the right call and god forbid I don't mean any disrespect in his opinion I was Permian worthy end of, that's why we have this whole sub-forum for.

The Situation is as follows: It's a late Rev round when I join on, Revs are complaining in AOOC to spice the round up as there was really no Command on the Station at the time and they needed some fuel to get it going. So I go and recruit..All.. of Security and decide, "Hey, why not play some Space Hitler?" so I went and did that, round started getting interesting and more Heads were joining at the minute.

Now, I was very busy, I was being bombarded with PDA messages and the Security Channel was exploding, there was no keeping track of anything as I still needed to put more fuel to the fire. The Revs were being stomped out by me so I needed something the Crew really hated me for. Martial Law... Executions bla bla, normal Rev round stuff as this was not planned out since I was really the only one making this round go somewhere.

This is the part where the HoP jumps on. I had no notice there even was a HoP as I thought that was the only Head Position still available. Running to the Bridge to make another Announcement, I see the HoP being shot at from what I remember being one of my Officers (The Security that was on at the time were not regulars, only people I knew was Noir.) ignoring it since I still think there is no HoP, I make my announcement and start heading back to the Brig. I notice a man screaming about how the other Heads were being arrested and he was shot at. I then pass him by in the Hallway where he stops me. I notice the ID and the name and was asking what was going and if I can do something about him being shot.

Aftering stopping me on the way to the Brig since it was being assaulted by Revs at the time, I had no time for him and pointed a gun at him. Sadly he moved and it shot him. There was a moment pause where I was typing sorry where he then shot me. A firefight ensued and I won with him in Paincrit on the floor. Since all of Medical was mostly in the Brig with only a Nurse in the Department. Noir gave me a shotgun to end his life in which I did.

I know this was all very rushed and the execution I did was also poor, which I believe I said sorry for, but correct me on that. It was a very difficult situation and there was no time for anything.

If anything I would like to just be banned from Rev, as I think a whole Antag ban is a little much.

Again, sorry for the trouble. PS: Love you Xander, xx

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I'm not really partial to removing this ban at this time, since if I'll be honest, when you have 78 entries and a sizable portion cite you as "cooperative" and "understanding" without any real improvement, it just makes me feel you do it to get the topic over and done with, in hopes of getting a lesser punishment. And I highly doubt you've really changed your behavior when it comes to rushing things since you've only had from quick glance no more than five rounds since I applied the ban, almost a month ago.

The situation with the HoP was also not as time sensitive as you're trying to lead us to believe. He was no threat to you whats so ever at the time and had you properly escalated this matter, this ban wouldn't have been applied. Here is your actual antagonist ban reason.


19007 2017-09-16 16:23:43 aboshehab Banned from Antagonist - As a Loyalist Head of Security, conducted a very hastly execution under the guise of them being seditious and a lot of build up prior to it. The HoP was infact a new arrival who had protested the arrest of two command members and then complained about you leaving him to get shot. Murder is a tool to drive a narrative and shouldn't be done in such a manner as this. You are free to appeal this ban on the forums.


At this time, I'm not very partial of removing this ban, and the fact you haven't been permanently banned to this day is still a topic that astounds me. You play in bursts, which I'm sure you have reasons for but that isn't the issue, the issue is in those bursts in which you play, an issue always pops up which you either get some form of talking/warning/ban for. I'll leave this appeal up for at least 24 hours to see if anything else is brought here.

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You talk as if I'm some kind of stain on the Community and try to make me out as the bad guy here.

How come I am getting accepted as a Head of Staff Whitelist? Even just a few days ago my IPC App was accepted and ready to come play my new IPC today which I'm excited for. Changed my behaviour? It seems everyone else thinks so but you.

And it was /very/ time sensitive. The Gimmick was a racist regime and he was speaking against my actions and protesting. Correct me if I'm wrong but you agreed with me in-game that was fine and the real point was that the execution was terrible and he was a fresh spawn. If you could perhaps post the logs of that chat, that would be lovely.

And I do indeed don't play as often as I do since I'm working and studying at the moment and when I do get the chance it's one of my go to games to play to relax and have some fun.

Perhaps the reason I have not been Perm'd yet is... Well to be honest I have no fucking idea, perhaps it is because of those long pauses.

And I don't need to change my behaviour. Yes, it was my fault that I rushed the execution but you can't very much improve on that when you're antag banned now are you? To even try and improve that kind of behaviour I need to be in the situation and think it out. I've always respected your judgement but it seems you went overboard this time.

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Just to clear this up. If you disagree with my ruling, a staff complaint is more appropriate. If you agree with my ruling, then this is the correct place.

The reason I'm not accepting the appeal at this time is because I'd like to be able to go over your record over a good period of time where I've felt you've played an adequate amount of rounds without an issue. Not it's not a set amount, infact it's quite arbitrary based on the roles you played, whether you played them in full, what kind of rounds they were and etc.

And the ban reason is visible. I posted it here. Your usage of murder here was something I exceptionally disagree with. There were a plethora of other options that could've stopped him from protesting that didn't involve murdering him. You rushed the whole thing.

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I do not disagree with your ruling in total, but I think it was harsher then it should have been.

I'll be playing for bit today so if you're on at all today you can have a look for yourself. It's going to be boring since I'm going to get used to my new Character.

And the reason it ended up in a bloodshed is because he moved while being held at gunpoint, not his fault by the way. It ended up getting him in Crit at the end of it. The reason it ended up in a huge firefight is because he pulled out his pistol when I was typing sorry for shooting him but I don't think I was able to finish it.

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