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[1 Dismissal] Much More Blood When You Slit Someone's Throat


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Slit someone's throat, and get two blood drips on the floor? The person who does it has none on them? Seriously?

You could get your throat slit and there would be no evidence beyond a couple drips on the floor and a bloody weapon. If you fall flat on the floor with your throat slit, you should bleed out quite a bit on the spot before you run dry. This is based on seeing throats slit in-game and there hardly being anything to suggest that a murder took place in tile the victim laid upon. I've also seen animals have their throat slit in person, and it's more than a couple drips I promise you.

It's rather underwhelming.

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Alternatively, crazy idea... Maybe add support for more blood to the blood code??????

If someone machines guns you, you should be painting the floor and walls behind you with blood, not lightly sprinkling the floor. Similarly principal here.

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I don't know about that fowl. We already have procedurally-generated Bloody footprints that can leave a trail after you walk over a blood pile. Creating a line of blood splatters that mesh with each other into a longer splatter shouldn't be impossible. If it's the blood spread to you're concerned about, I could easily get you some. It's literally a flat image of some splatters, there isn't even depth or shading to it, I could draw it myself

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