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Mogelix's Garrote Suggestion.


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After completing Hitman: Blood Money brain storming for a while, I got an idea for two new weapons of scaling power and accessibility.

Fiber Wire

Only buyable from a syndicate up link for 7 TC, this is the best garrote weapon. in operation, the weapon must be wielded by both hands, 'stretched' (by clicking the fiber wire with itself while wielding it) , looped around the targets neck (Click on target with harm intent), and then waiting (The target cannot resist nor move, but taking any damage instantly cancels the process) for one progress bar to finish (should take six -seven seconds), when it does, it plays the noose sound effect, and causes the following effects:

Crushing of the windpipe (No O2 for target)

Crushing of the larynx (Target cannot talk)

After the first progress bar is completed, the player can either leave their target to eventually suffocate, or continue the strangulation, causing another progress bar (should take four seconds), that when finished, instantly kills the target even though that's not what it does in real life.

Additionally, the corpse should be blood free from examiners, and the only sign that their dead is through the examination menu, "They have a stupid expression on their face..." allowing smarter assassins to prop up their targets corpse on a chair, creating the illusion they're merely asleep.

When the fiber wire is not stretched, it's invisible even to examiners, making concealment incredibly easy.

Piano wire

Has a chance to spawn after dismantling a piano. While functionally the same as the fiber wire, the target of this weapon can attempt to resist, taking four resistances to escape. Additionally, both the first and second strangulation phases make the noose sound effect. Feel free to add more downsides.

Cable Coil/Makeshift Garrote

While I find this one very optional, It'd be nice to see some sort of incredibly makeshift garrote by crafting two garrote handles (one steel rod each, and combining them with a cable coil to make a incredibly shitty garrote.

I'm sorry I didn't flesh out the Piano Wire a bit more out, thinking of meaningful downsides is incredibly difficult.

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A 10 second kill weapon with no chance of escape, and no way to find out if the person has it or if the person died by it?

1. The fact it kills in 10 seconds with no hope of escape is pretty darn OP, it should allow a small chance to successfully resist and a WAY longer kill time, and causing no O2 in 6 seconds and no talking just makes it the best silent weapon in the game.

2. you should be able to see the mark when wire was used, and that is how they can find out the killer used wire.

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