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[Accepted] Hackie Mhan - Security Ban

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BYOND Key: Hackie Mhan

Total Ban Length: Approximately two years, ban was placed in 2015

Banning staff member's Key: Tainavaa

Reason of Ban: Powergaming as a security officer: Dressed as a nuke to hunt antags without coordinating with his team. Decided to charge the nuke's ship head on by himself with the intent to keep the nukes from escaping. This confirms intent to win the round. You don't want to keep the dangerous people there.

Reason for Appeal: I'd accidentally deleted my character Radic yesterday, I'm going to take this as a sign. I really enjoy Security thoroughly, specifically detective, it's conflict-driven RP where you have to actively convince another player to cooperate with you when it is in their best interest not to. This is some of my favorite kind of roleplay, ones which involve genuine tension and a tenuous trust between two players. I've tried to amend my behavior the best I can in the meantime, and I hope I've demonstrated I've improved my conduct. I attempt to involve others in my roleplay, and operate in a more clear-headed and invest more trust in other players. I would enjoy a second opportunity to try Security once more.

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Alright, so the banning staff member is no longer around, so I'll deal with it.

I'm willing to remove this ban but there however is an issue with your playstyle even as non-security that shows a some what rushed play style. So I'm going to unban this under the stipulation that any rushed or improper playstyle as Security may result in this being returned. Sounds fair?

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