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Cherish - Astorey456 Ban Request

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BYOND Key: Biolock

Accused Players Byond Key: Astorey456

Time of Act: 0430EST 10/13/2017

Reason reason for report: Breaking AI laws as a slaved cyborg.


Let me preface this by saying that for a large amount of what justifies this report, I was alive and unable to see robotic chat. The reason I'm writing this rather than someone who witnessed the rule break more vividly is because I'm the one who was directly effected, and therefor the only one motivated enough to write this. I'm going to be reliant on someone checking the logs since I don't (to my knowledge) have any access to server logs of past rounds.

I'll give what happened in bullet points so that it's pretty darn easy to understand.

-The round is a secret round, with rev being the secret antagonist.

-I am assigned as a loyalist

-Warden is the revhead

-The round is fairly quiet up until the warden is locked in the armory by the AI after having murdered one of the prisoners he had taken (one of the loyalist heads).

-The AI, the warden, and myself are all going through negotiations of sort using the AI as a medium of communication.

-The AI orders the cyborgs (Cherish/Astorey456) to not interfere with anything as the AI is trying to keep everything from breaking out into violence.

- Cherish, upon seeing me, immediately tasers me, cuffs me, and drags me to the warden who shoots me with a shotgun.

- Warden is still the only person on station to have killed anyone, and it is very obvious he's killed people, no secret about it. The AI knows, the cyborg helped him kill me, and the whole crew knows the warden is shooting people.

- Cherish now moves with the warden assisting the warden in killing anyone who is a loyalist.

- AI actually orders Cherish to state their laws since it's acting out so blatantly against the AI's wishes.

Even if Cherish didn't know the warden was an antag and thought he was just being 'shitcurity' or something, it still is breaking his laws pretty heavily to allow the warden (and assist) to kill handcuffed people multiple times with a shotgun in the hallways. I'm hoping that this player gets a jobban from both AI and cyborg roles because he clearly puts his involvement in the round above his rules as a cyborg.


Burger BB response to event- https://gyazo.com/8851bc345a91c7cd1e75f27039fdbd64

- https://gyazo.com/7ba17236178ad39996dc1f50c825577d

Odin response to event- https://gyazo.com/de8764c20301444c262ff25c01e3ead9

- https://gyazo.com/fdd6f1e39b4a9d2c35b66c7bcd563b42

P.S. Sorry if I put this in the wrong section, I wasn't sure if it should go in this one or "character complaints".

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