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  1. Security, Engineering (to a loose extent, usually they'll be in an EVA suit, so I'll cut them some slack on their casual wear similar to MAKE), and Paramedics (with other members of Medbay wearing appropriate wear that won't obviously stain easy and can wash well, like Scrubs or labcoats or something, but not necessarily a major limiter) should all be wearing their uniform. Being presentable and notable is part of your job. If you're Forensics, wear an appropriate business casual setup, if you can. If you're Security, wear your appropriate uniform accounting for modifications that still obviously show you're Security, which could change dependent on Contractor. If you're Paramedic, wear your appropriate uniform accounting for modifications that still obviously show you're Medical. Some people need to be recognizable at a glance. Let's focus on that instead of stripping away everyone's fun overall, And if you want to completely fuck your uniform as a member of Sec, I really do not care. There's a point where you have to accept that it'd be ridiculous to even care about your feelings when you have a job to do over causing a shitfit over something as inane as wearing a Uniform, which people have done already. Be an adult.
  2. Don't retract this, because the laxity on Security, Engineering and Medical uniforms recently have imo crossed a line (ESPECIALLY Security) which warrants discussion. The others are non-problems, besides maybe implementing safety gear notices in Science.
  3. I agree, but I also agree with species-specific implementation like the Skrell (who are androgynous by form).
  4. Limbs are very much designed not to come off, regardless of species. So, no. -1.
  5. If this is the case, does this mean it's impossible to clone individuals who died during canonical event rounds, as opposed to an Extended round? Or that it can just be refused by the Staff Team as has always been the case?
  6. Seconded with Amory's comment, that just sounds real lazy.
  7. It was plausible that the Federation knew they were going to prevent a tragedy, but the way that Glorsh was created was to prioritize efficiency, so Glorsh became... efficient! Thereby creating their own tragedy! Hooray.
  8. I very much enjoyed it. I can give a full writeup later, but working in the shadows as ODIN while conspiring to get Lyrii moved from place to place was exhilarating. I went from completely unassociated and just brought a data chip to the head of the station's Revolution and managed to keep Incognito across the full seven rounds. I'm rather happy with how it went.
  9. Sytic

    Absolute State

    Yep, pretty much my suggestion! Feel free to DM me anything that I could help out with in this regard. Not necessarily applicable sexism, guidelines on where it's going too far would be far more appropriate. Overall, setting a standard of a Conservative Unathi that you stated you are doing and this behaviour being reinforced as a Lore Writer, regardless of personal beliefs (and I do agree you subvert the female 'oh i am weak' trope almost all the time in the overall lore) people will look to you for an example and guidance. The one that is set, however, is very publicly defaced by Burger and many other members of the Community, whether for right or wrong, it sets a poor example for how badly it affected some members of the community. That is why I believe making an obvious statement of what is unacceptable behaviour would be useful so examples like this can be seen for what they are: Just Conservative Unathi doing Conservative Unathi things, and not as an excuse for people to slippery slope into more and more ridiculous behaviour, as Burger and some others have been woRrIeD about. Let's acknowledge that sometimes, people are OK to worry. And let's put the worries to rest by handling problems, even before they appear. Regardless of Burger being a shithead, or you being a shithead, be the bigger person and let it drop. Being the bigger person overall, will allow you to feel resolute and calmer about the situation after it's handled.
  10. Sytic

    Absolute State

    Personal bias is in regards to an individual, not the situation. Nor does this affect how I view the situation in any capacity. Me disliking an example set is because it created a huge fucking issue, is not affected by my personal bias. It is an observation based on it causing a capital fucking issue with players somehow. You can take this in comparison to Sleepy Wolf, which as I've stated, didn't make me uncomfortable on its own, but rather the continued connotation that the example original set by the Lore Writer is getting traction, which has good and bad connotations given that we should be covering more mature topics, but that it's also caused a rather large issue on the forums and in the community. Personally, I want a line obviously drawn in the sand. Let's just create, as I've said, a Dos and Don'ts list. What is more acceptable topics, while what is less acceptable topics to cover? For example, difference between Sexism and Sexual Harassment, that's a good one. This issue, as I've stated, comes from people not knowing where the line is drawn. People have been getting very easily offended, and then you have people saying some wack stuff in response, and generally a lot of hostility. How about we talk about potential pitfalls that people can fall into, where it crosses a line that might be obvious to some, but less obvious to others?
  11. Sytic

    Absolute State

    Really, let's all just remember to set concrete examples for how we should play characters and ensure that when we set those examples for the Community, that players do not run the risk of potentially taking this in a poor or negative light and creating a disruptive atmosphere. Some players believe a line has been crossed, some haven't. So set the line. Make it more clear. Someone has said it's a problem, so even if you dislike them or doubt the validity of their claims, let's try our best to accommodate all individuals and help each other out so we can't set a poor example. Those weren't indirect, I just honestly have some personal misgivings which I won't go into. But the examples set are poor. If a better example of a Conservative Unathi were set, maybe we wouldn't have a huge debacle, maybe Burger wouldn't have gone off and started a shitfest, maybe this could have been handled better. This is what worries me, a poor example that someone will use as an excuse for negative behavior on the server. I'd prefer to make it clearer rather than have to essentially publicly deface someone whenever someone sees this kind of thing of what people are worried about and inevitably uses it as an excuse to act like an Edgelord. Someone has made a problem visible, I can understand how they can see it, and even if I think they're overblowing it more than a little, I can understand what brought them to that conclusion, and maybe it's best to work as a team to fix any future problems before they come up in an egregious manner.
  12. Sytic

    Absolute State

    Given the in-round resolution, I had no problems with the character. I was there for it and backed them up when a few other people were doing dumb debates about charging pretty much everybody involved, iirc. (That was also handled.) It, however, did make me uncomfortable because with this in mind, it's definitely become clear that the example that has been set has actually set in, both positively and personally from the shitfest on the Forums that has since completely fucked a lot of things, negatively. I'd like to not dismiss Burger's claims and instead focus on accepting that even if some people may be too personally affected by certain situations, we should still accept that we could improve by even just attempting to dissuade doubt or bad vibes by allowing people to be comfortable without compromising lore integrity. That's why I feel like this example that has been set so far by the Lore Writer is poor. It's too loose. Someone will be given an inch and take a mile, someone will run off with it and push the boundaries. We have quite a lot of players coming through here with a lot of traffic and already player complaints or staff complaints and the like made about this topic. Let's try to settle it down before it overblows, right? Let's give some boundaries for people to work with so we don't end up with OOC shitlords. Again, no problems with you, Sleepy. Just raised an alarm in my head with the fact that it was happening, not how you were going about it, that an example was being set. Someone could use it for positive RP, and someone can use it for negative RP, and if players are becoming uncomfortable, instead of claiming "they're a shitlord, fuck the patriarchy, ree" and responding with "character assassination, ree", let's find where the critique is invalid, the critique is valid, and find solutions to problems. In this case, let's solve a problem before it appears: How can we make more concrete examples of characters representing an Unathi patriarchal society without making players uncomfortable OOCly, by explaining to players do's and don'ts about how to approach the topic, avoiding and being able to punish players who go too far? Let's stop creating imaginary lines for players to cross to hurt our feelings by actually creating the damn line and making it obvious when someone crosses it.
  13. Sytic

    Absolute State

    I'm stating that people will take it egregiously. People will go further with it than expected and take it too far. The example set is one set poorly, and I agree with Burger on this. I do not agree with how Burger made their statement. I'm glad that everyone managed to come away from the situation civilly, as we managed to come to a positive resolution in-round. However, regardless of the whims to separate IC from OOC, there is never going to be a complete and utter disconnect from the two. For example, I will post one you yourself posted: This thread relates to Nazi imagery in the Necropolis Industries Contractors. The debacle there is that its disliked from the cringe (agreeably) movement that is the rise of Nazis and Fascism especially in terms of WW2 uniforms. This thread was a shitstorm because few people could see it as relevant towards the uniforms, which had more in common with the Soviet Union. Eventually, it devolved into what is worth taking reference to and blah blah blah. Fact of the matter is, if IC was kept separate from OOC entirely, that thread wouldn't exist, you should raise your concerns about the similarities to an ancient Fascist movement ICly and we can all move on. Now, back to the matter at hand: How does this relate to the current situation? Well, some individuals are offended at how things are being done ICly, in your case uniforms and in Burger's case Unathi stereotypical male behavior seen in certain planet demographics. One is a uniform of the Necropolis PMC, the other is the standard set by the Lore Writer for this particular demographic. Both are IC issues bleeding over into OOC ones because of how players see them. People will find that this upsets them, and to an extent rightly so. They have a right to feel that way and we should come to it maturely as a community- Whether that has been done, I don't personally think so, but that's no reason not to try. The standard set is one that I believe will be taken egregiously. There's an old idiom, "Give an inch and they'll take a mile", which I believe is appropriate here. You've given a good flatbed for roleplaying an interesting conflict (as I said in my original post, here: I don't think that it's impossible to use this lore as a way to create interesting, topical, or well thought out scenes) but I do believe it is a quick, slippery slope. And one that has caused quite a massive amount of uproar and upset and while I originally believed it probably wouldn't become a problem, now I hesitate. At the moment, it is only these "cult of personality" type characters who get away with shenanigans (which tbh isn't that bad, but it does set an example) and people who genuinely roleplay well (the individual that round, as an example, which is a good example to set) but it can quickly turn sour and not acknowledging that this could become a problem really just is hardcore deflecting. Instead, let's take critique like this in mind, and denote it for the future. How can we approach the problem in a constructive and adult manner? How can we set examples that are constructive for the community? On the note of setting an example as a Lore Writer, I'd like to take this in mind with you a few days ago: As I stated, I had specifically mentioned setting an example of play, (not necessarily the individual in question which you don't play the character of this more relates to you broadly setting an example of a Conservative Unathi), which you do: As a community, we should understand that while setting an example of play is important, and playing to act as a "foil" to other characters, as well as complex or even despicable characters (Bayfugees know the name August Finster, and damn well should as an example of doing a downright evil character) that articulate more complex parts of the lore is important on our server. At the same time, setting examples that could potentially be harmful on the server is important. Perhaps you should clarify further in regards to how to appropriately do such a thing, so that people will not look to characters so simply, taking the inch and pulling a mile out of it by making egregious errors with it, stretching it further and further until it becomes far more of an OOC issue than an IC one? I do quite like this, but I'd also appreciate a bit more depth. Maybe some examples? Flesh it out, really dig deep. Do's and Don'ts might be a good way to approach it.
  14. Sytic

    Absolute State

    I remember that scene, and believe personally excusing the behavior of cringeworthy sexual harassment by setting the standard that the Lore Writer has, is very dumb. People will abuse it not to create topical or well thought out but relatively comfy scenes to roleplay in, to instead exhibit toxic or otherwise undesirable traits. This is a bad move. The way it has been set an example for has created a shitstorm that is somewhat unexcusable from all parties, but more importantly by setting this example from the Lore Writer's mouth themselves, they've allowed players to act in this capacity, stating "I'm just roleplaying my character as appropriate, look at (x), they've set the example already." And what are you supposed to do about that? They're the Lore Writer. They wrote it that way. Should people have seen the signs earlier? Yes. But not spotting red flags until after the fact shouldn't mean you're stuck with the shit. It's behavior that is already getting worse, and I believe it'll only increase in the amounts of Unathi "uber chad males" until it becomes far more of an OOC issue. Tl;dr, don't use realistic standards to allow bad OOC behavior to crop up, IC reflects on OOC, OOC reflects on IC, if you don't want or expect people to be comfortable with the bullshit expect people to lash out at you OOCly and man the fuck up and deal with it if you have set the standard for that behavior. Everybody has to be an adult here, and personally I'd prefer avoiding the behavior itself rather than accepting it and making this community a lot more of a place where we focus on IRing and otherwise attempting our best to squash cliques from existence. This can be easily solved by fixing this demographic issue by: "While typically Unathi that are from (x locales) exhibit several behavioral clauses making them improper in the Tau Ceti workplace, all Unathi males from (x point in timeline) onward in non-Visitor roles aboard NT Stations must go through a behavioral training course."
  15. Stay safe, DRagO. We're here for you if you need it. Always around. ❤️
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