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  1. Sytic

    Departmental Security

    As I've mentioned on the Discord and in OOC, I feel like one of the reasons Security mains are complained about is, that they consistently improve with their ability, and more importantly, competence. One of the most obvious fields that they improve in is their ability to collaborate and potentially lead. This is one of the reasons Security can be so strong with limited resources. I don't think this will put a damper on Sec players occasionally curbstomping a bad antag and ruining the fun because "it's their job", but I think it'll help fix another problem: Other departments don't get as much fun as Security. If this change is implemented, each Departmental Officer will be encouraged to work with their department, and not each other. Each officer using their department's strengths and weaknesses, actually SECURING their fucking department, playing defence instead of running off to murk a guy in the maintenance tunnel 24/7. On top of that, when shit gets heavy, they'll turn to rely on the people around them- leading them, securing their department together. It'd give a lot more roleplay and fun to each department if we add this. Plus, Science Departmental Security would be the biggest meme lets be real Plus, the Detective's office will be public again, so that'd be awesome. +1.
  2. Sytic

    Remove Lethals from Detectives

    Lethal rounds are a deterrent on both sides of the field. It's for self defence, or when situations absolutely demand it, similar to pulling out .45 lethals from the Armoury. I think it should stay.
  3. Sytic

    Hold Security/Command To Antag Standards

    Well, on a personal level, planning for when "things go wrong" and then allowing a certain gimmick is the best way to go. I've heard a lot about the "shutting down" of antags and I can see it often by Security- can we just also shove that "hey, that's not cool, ok?" in the rules somewhere? There's a line Security won't cross- Inspectors boarding with weapons, unauthorised personnel access to the Vault and/or Captain's Office, etc etc. But can we just try to be a little nicer? Plan for when things go wrong, don't assume things have already gone wrong upon first contact.
  4. I would have originally said "Wait for the Trauma fix that Fowl's making!" But that's taken months. Personally I'm all for an entire rework by someone else more enthused with doing so, or deleting traumas. They have always sucked, and I demonstrated why many, many times before, and demonstrated how you could change or refluff items in Psychology to make it better. Maybe if Psychology wasn't filled with crazy weird pseudoscience, we would have more psychologists and this would be less of a hassle.
  5. Sytic

    Tau Ceti Foreign Legion - Refactoring ERT

    Love it. In terms of character, reason, and equipment, as well as OOC reasons.
  6. Gotta agree with Burger here. As a sec main, it can be real frustrating to deal with other members of Security suddenly deciding to turn on their staff. But I also totally agree with his methods, too- Sec players often are antags too, so they'll often be antags as Sec. Bumping that chance down allows us to see other antags more and sec antags less, without removing the possibility entirely.
  7. Sytic

    kyres1 spriter application

    You're not already a spriter? I didn't even know that was a role and always assumed you sprited for the server all the time. Why are you not? +1, look at his fucking work already! Also you're missing ALL the head of security voidsuits.
  8. Sytic

    Curtailing IPC Authority

    Their documentation, their whatever. Records, I think. I'm tired as balls right now, Kaed. Identification via tag whether free or not seems smart to me, methinks.
  9. Sytic

    Curtailing IPC Authority

    Free IPCs have it on regulations- if they do not, they are AUTOMATICALLY owned by NT as a default. If they claim "But I'm free!" and their regs support it, it's Automacide, as they're a free entity in control of their own actions and would be treated as such (with some specism). Otherwise, it's automatically a lesser charge than automacide, as their regs do not support it and thus they are owned by NT.
  10. Sytic

    Curtailing IPC Authority

    Potentially this is more of a problem with IPC's being "the powergame race" as you described it, and less of a problem with the HoS' themselves or the people playing them. How would you suggest cutting out the problem at its root, removing the "powergame" from the IPCs as a whole?
  11. He always puts a major foot forward in terms of feedback, progression, and development. Crab makes a lot of effort to do better and to try to do his best. While a little awkward at times, I find it hard to believe that anybody ever wasn't awkward when constantly trying to both improve, and prove yourself. I'll endorse this. +1.
  12. Oh hey, it's Yonn. I've always thought Yonn is one of the best roleplayers on the server, and is a pretty rad dudeo in general. I have absolutely no doubt that Yonn could play a Skrell. +1.
  13. Sytic

    Low-Pop Map/NBT Testing Grounds

    Wow, that's. Pretty damn cool. Also a massive endeavour. Good luck, I'd love to play this.
  14. Sytic

    Player Complaint - Alberyk

    From the perspective of a Security player, who frequently finds himself as either a Visitor or alive by the time Faysal gets to work, I'd like to put in three main points: 1: Faysal sticks to what Faysal knows. He doesn't touch Research (although if Research sticks their hand out, why not), other departments other than Cargo, and does the simple communist Tajaran tactic of taking a lot of bodies, giving them bolt actions with bayonets and charging. On that note, 2: Faysal's only strategy is a modicum of common sense. Ironically this makes Faysal one of the best strategists on the server, but I digress. He does not know other methods to an end other than "we'll just charge and shoot at 'em, how hard can it be?" He knows how to secure places, and murder things. He knows when to fall back and when to push forward, and he knows how to communicate. 3: Faysal only does these things when Security is dead/down to a few people with no HoS, and his tactics are ALWAYS lethal, bar the enemy surrendering. Faysal is not a Head of Security. His playstyle represents it. He doesn't secure a station, he fights a battle, raising morale and using a modicum of common sense. He outright murders most of the antags he comes across, because at the point where Security is dead, nobody is going to notice/care. I've never seen Faysal fight a battle before Security was fucked- ironically, the same round Kaed was complaining about proves this. I found Faysal in the hallway as ODIN, said my usual greeting, and remarked that it might be in his best interest to carry a gun, as the Heisters have managed to get all across the station and raise hell. He said he wasn't going to worry about it, as Security was handling the situation fine so far. He also said he's gonna stick to his usual sidearm, as there's currently no major threat. Sometimes, I disapprove of how Alb is lethal, and stronk in either Events or his characters. But I think he's gotten better- a lot better- yet Faysal has always been in my mind a stellar character. Just my two cents.