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Allow Simple Mobs to be reliably treated


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Currently, attempting to apply gauze/bandages or similar to a simple mob seems to consume the medical gear and heal only the most microscopic amount. You can go through literally dozens of bandage packs attempting to slowly heal a simple mob back to full health. I know it does SOMETHING, because I've seen it eventually change them from very wounded to slightly wounded.

Off the top of my head, I suspect that simple mobs are unable to process the slow regen function that medical kits normally cause, because they do not have any kind of bodily functions simulated. So they only get the initial smidgeon of health, and then the effect of the medical kit just stops.

Perhaps recoding them to just heal a fixed (and more significant) amount when a medkit item is applied would help with this problem.

Yes, it's very niche, and almost never do you have a player occupying a simple mob, but having that player stuck in a body that is nearly impossible to feasibly heal is very frustrating.

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