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[Accepted] Conspiir's Skrell Application

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BYOND Key: Conspiir

Character Names: Witcher II, Ka’Akaix’Kzon Zo’ra, Ka’Viax’Kii Zo’ra, Taste of Flowing Tears

Species you are applying to play: Skrell

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Holy shit this lore page was long. I admit to not reading it all in one sitting.

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race: I never got to play the old slurring Skrells. I almost did, and even found my old app for it. I scrapped it because I didn’t want to play a Skrell anymore. But then I made up a fanfiction about characters that didn’t exist, and I got so into it that I wanted to play them so badly. Which means I’m going to have to put in a Head whitelist at some point. I am both excited and very not.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:

It’s been a while since I played a human, bear with me while I compare them to species I actually play. Skrell are squish. They actually care when they get shot at, which is a truly plebeian concept. They also have a lot less stigma on them than the races I play, and I get to ignore the miniscule number of slurs thrown my way because of pride. Not to mention their (understandable after what they’ve been through as a species) view on synthetics. It’s incredible to me. It’s as if Mao Zedong, Stalin, and Hitler were all Farm Equipment gone wild… the species would have an understandable distrust of all Farm Equipment. But sometimes Farm Equipment is just Farm Equipment and it doesn’t want to kill you.



Character Name: Moros Zarikqk-Antivios

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs

He was born of a brood of seven. Through extensive treatments, two of the eggs survived: Moros and his sister Kiiris. His parents were joyous. They hadn't hoped for such an outcome, but the Stars had aligned for them. However, both Moros and Kiiris were plagued with poor health as children. Their parents were devastated to learn that after a particularly bad infection, Kiiris was infertile and physically impaired. They placed their hopes in Moros, who would have to assist the Skrell against the genophage. But Moros never had an interest in that. Children. A mate. Kiiris would be the one to go into medicine. She would cure the genophage. She was intelligent and a critical thinker. Moros felt he was neither of those things. He went on to pursue a higher degree in business management.

Moros was only 30 when humanity stumbled into their recovering world. He was immediately drawn to the idea of these new beings, but he was not of a science mind. For five years, he worked coordinating supply lines for a minor company. Then, Moros heard of the company NanoTrasen hiring for new ships fashioned to investigate this... phoron. Moros applied and became Secondary Personnel Director of the Antivios. Over the next 40 years, several updates and refurbishings and overhauls to the Antivios kept it active. The turnover rate for crew was about four of its approximately dozen members per year. It was a transition ship, a place for minor experiments before scientists went on to bigger locations and more pointed research. But not Moros. During those 40 years, Moros remained a permanent member of the crew.

“… An assistant?”

“A bridge assistant, Moros!”

She must have seen something in his face. Funny. He thought he hadn’t changed his expression at all.

“It’s only temporary, until they know you’re good enough to help run such a big ship.”

“Station. Aurora is a station.”

“Right. Same thing, really.”

“Aside from dozens more people and stationary workplace.”

“Ahhh… I appreciate the pun.”

She rolled her eyes. Eye. She had not yet gone in for a replacement. He suspects she might not wish to.

It has been three weeks since the accident aboard the Antivios that resulted in both of them severely injured and their nine colleagues dead. It should have been ten dead to the phoron leak fire that overcame them while they were eating dinner, but Kali pulled him to safety. Kali lost an eye, her leg up to her knee, her arm, yet she had the strength of character to save whom she could. The one still breathing. Him. All of her was thankfully repaired and replaced, skin carefully grafted without blemish. They each have their way of honouring the dead. Moros with his name. Kali with her eye.

“You find this a good idea?”

“I do. The Antivios was a big part of your life, Moros. You’ve been documenting supplies, coordinating cook schedules, approving this and that for half your life. This seems like a way forward.”

“I will consider it. If they will have me.”

“I won’t lie to you. It’ll be hard. A place this big isn’t going to accept you overnight. The flow of people in and out is so high as to seem like a waterfall. And, sorry to say, you're a bit of an introverted nerd. But it’ll be okay. Know why?”


“Because you’re my hero.”

He stared at her blandly.

“I get it. You’re adorable.”

Her smile widened.

What do you like about this character?

His name stuck with me. Moros. Moros. Moros. I’d think about it during class and I’d think about how he would act. In my story he was specifically designed to sound synthetic. That was the point, actually. But he isn’t, and I don’t want him to be. He is a wuss with mild PTSD. He’s very likely to duck for cover and let security do all the work while keeping a straight face for his subordinates. A very “Bring me my red shirt” guy. Though probably more of the “Bring me my brown pants” variety. Never fight in battles he can’t handle, unless he absolutely has to. He’s going to set an example.

How would you rate your role-playing ability?

Pretty good. I mean. I can probably do it in my sleep.

Actually, I have. My dreams are weird.



Shameless plug about fictional pirate events meshed in with canon meeting: https://forums.aurorastation.org/viewtopic.php?f=120&t=9372

I never sleep

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You've made a very good story about a skrell, and you make a pretty good app. You seem to understand the lore and are willing to play the skrell. I like that your backstory is a story, that's pretty nice. I usually criticize apps for not showing us enough personality and growth there in, and I won't start saying yours is the first showing too much. However, I feel there is little said here about the character's history. I would like to know more about his schooling, childhood, previous jobs before the last one went terribly. Things like that would be fantastic and help show that you understand the lore and how it shapes a character.

Still it might not be necessary it is something I like.

Now for your characters. I have a little experience with Witcher II and Kii (I think). Witcher II is a shell that doesn't make me scream internally all the time. That's a plus. Kii is a Vaurca. That's all I can say about Vaurca. They are Vaurca. You play them like a Vaurca, so you know how to play other species. However, I can't fully judge your RP skills and that's mostly my play time, plus departments I usually play.

So I think you have a solid app. MAYBE add some more actual history to the backstory, maybe not. I'd let Loow weigh in on that beforey ou do anything. I like the app, even though sadly I've had little interaction with your characters. I did enjoy your story and believe you have talent writing characters. If you are capable of translating that to roleplay you're a solid RPer.

I wish you luck man.

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-1, the acquisition of a Skrell Character will allow them one step closer to total race domination. It is a slippery slope, and all they will need from there is the Unathi race to become Supreme Ruler of All Races.

For real though, if anyone is deserving of this whitelist, it's Conspiir. Their characters are all interesting, unique, fun to interact with, true to their concept, I could go on. OOC, Conspiir is always nice, helpful, and generally a great addition to this community. They've put a lot of time into this game, a lot of love into their characters, and a lot of work to be something more than Left Clicking Spessman.

+1 and beyond, good luck Conspiir!

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Good to see you're applying for the superior species.

Jokes aside. Your OOC and IC conduct is pretty good. In all honesty, you're amazing at roleplaying. You're also excellent at story writing, and I'm being objective here. Your RP in game is very good, and from the interactions I've had with your characters I can safely say you're a very, very capable roleplayer. You never break character, and you meet all the criteria for me to consider you excellent.

Now, onto the actual backstory. I'm not too keen on the idea of a Skrell having a relationship with a synthetic. I'd think they'd be the first to know that synthetics don't have any concrete emotions. I also think that the 3 incidents would be pretty much drilled into Skrellian children's backstory. Which makes the fact that a Skrell is that close to a synthetic odd. I don't think I have any other issues with it to be honest, and it could turn out to be quite the interesting twist, if I ever see you play this character. It'd make for good conflict IC. Which I'm always a fan of.

Overall, +1. Can't wait to see you play, buddy.

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