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  1. AllyBearsley

    Aboshehab Letter of Resignation

    Didn't agree with every decision you made along the way, but you were a great member of staff, very reliable, and all around a good person. Take care man.
  2. AllyBearsley

    Make Engineering Great Again!

    I personally don't think there's anything wrong with engineering now, besides lack of imagination with engineers. As an engineer the sky is the limit with what you can do and you are generally only restricted by your own knowledge/the approval of others. Example: Today I was basically alone with an apprentice in engineering. I decided the IT Department needed something in it. I filled out the proper paperwork then went to work getting supplies and involving others not just from engineering but the station. (Mostly just mining). It was a near 2 hour process, pics are posted in the "Recently in Engineering". Link: https://forums.aurorastation.org/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=8701&p=93692#p93692
  3. AllyBearsley

    Recently in Engineering

    ONE MAN REFUSED TO LET HIS IDEA JUST REMAIN AN IDEA AND GOT THE WHOLE TEAM INVOLVED IN LIVING A DREAM! We fixed up the IT department real nice like. This is what happens when one man has the will to do paperwork and work work with a big help from all involved. Engineering and Command that round were great! Exterior: Interior: Celebratory Announcement: Some additional looks at the process under the spoilers. EDIT: If you were involved with this please let me know! It was very fun and I wanna remember you guys.
  4. AllyBearsley

    Raincoat Poncho Custom Item

    I absolutely cannot support this item. Purely on the grounds of how hard it is for me to find a rain poncho that actually fits my tall ass. Like holy hell I find a XXL and that shit still doesn't fit. Rain ponchos were my jam in high school don't mock me Strudes! -1 No in all seriousness, this seems like an alright addition. I would actually ask for this to just be in the regular custom loadout tbh, but if you want the best bot to be specialer both physically and in our hearts I won't steal your thunder my man.
  5. AllyBearsley


    I do know we've had some people get pets from the merchant and walk them around on occasion. [mention]Brutishcrab51[/mention] can speak for himself better than I, for he has bought/brought a few around while I was playing. However, I don't know how bringing those pets on station work. Furthermore I have to ask: Why are you bringing you pet on station? Do you plan to do while visiting or while working?
  6. I don't share any sentiments similar to that of Bygone or Seb, I have not seen anything spectacular or even that good about your roleplay or character. I have seen an average character that is quirky enough to just almost be memorable. Furthermore you've shown an old Engineering attitude I had to put up with of over two months "extreme tunnel vision". Where you only properly communicate with certain members of engineering and basically treat others as if they don't exist. That is not to say you intended to do that or even really did. Things happen in round and since communication is purely through typing at fast speeds to keep up with multiple people at once. Just letting you know a potential issue I see if you get the CE role and something to keep an eye out for. My experience with you and your character have been rather limited. I am not going to -1/+1 your app yet. I hope to see you more on server to get a better judgement of your character and potential leadership abilities.
  7. I have edited my post slightly to reflect my opinions more after a day to think on them better.
  8. Eve, you're an alright Wiki Dev and in DMs I think you're ok. In groups, on server, or in character, I absolutely dread seeing you online. You drive me up a wall. I don't find your jokes funny. I don't find your characters interesting or believable half the time. You are the prime reason I left the engineering discord and one of the big ones I left the Relay (again) with how annoying you act. Now perhaps I am extremely bias. Despite what some believe, I understand I am not a perfect person nor a perfect judge of character. Maybe you get accepted and prove me wrong. You act in a way that doesn't drive me out of a window, you don't ping people unnecessarily a dozen times a day, you don't post inappropriate pictures, and you just do your job well. Time will tell. As for now I strongly disagree with accepting this app. EDIT: I will be changing my stance from strongly disagree to just being more neutral with a general negative opinion. Mostly due to personal opinions. If Eve can remain professional then they do deserve a chance.
  9. AllyBearsley

    [Accepted] Elohi Adanvdo's Diona Loredev App

    I talk to Elohi quite often and would say I know them pretty well. I think they could do well in the position given their creativity. However, I just don't like this app too much. It's one of those apps where the applicant put a lot of words and said very little. Still I like the idea of actually going forward and exploring the Diona as a species biologically and perhaps socially. I do have some gripes with Elohi though. I haven't seen them take much criticism before of any kind and Aurora likes to throw a lot of criticism around, constructive or not. I just don't know how they will handle that. I also don't know how they will handle working with the rest of staff. They haven't shown signs of aggression against staff or anything like that, I just don't know how they will mingle with others. Can't say much else, I think they could be an alright dev but am uncertain overall.
  10. AllyBearsley

    [Denied] SovietCyanides CCIA Application

    Personally I would feel more comfortable if they had more than a couple of weeks of being around. Maybe in a month or so my opinion will change to feeling fine. I don't know right now and that's what bothers me.
  11. The current objective of the wiki team is to get all the juicy new stuff that came with the last updated in their proper place on the wiki. I am going to look toward the removal of M/LRP styled sections on the wiki and eventually try to get the wiki a general vibe to it. Where it feels like it was written by people on the same page instead of dozens of people from all over. I had virtually no experience when I joined the team and now I run it. So I can't cut you out because of that. Accepted. Someone please lock and archive.
  12. AllyBearsley

    [Accepted] Wiki dev application

    Accepted. Someone please lock and archive.
  13. AllyBearsley

    Wiki Pages That Need Updating

    With the Recent Update to the server the wiki finds itself out of date in a lot of areas. Devs were nice and gave us some info on what to fix. However, I've been buried under stuff to do. I'll be getting on updating this thread when I know everything that has been worked on/needs to be worked on.
  14. AllyBearsley

    [Accepted] Wiki dev application

    So it's known that I did see this application and will be reviewing it. I did. I am just back at hometown visiting family and friends this weekend (I will also be doing that next weekend) so I will probably be accepting this app in the less than a week I'll have when I return back to college town.
  15. AllyBearsley

    Psionic Powers Suggestion Überthread

    I think psionics are a cool idea. I am really not ready for the floodgate that opens when making them prevalent and very important.