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IAA Incident Report 31/10/59 - Kunta X


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Reporting Personnel: Christine Clarke ((XanderDox))

Rank of Reporting Personnel: Internal Affairs

Game ID: bRd-ayEN

Personnel Involved: (Name, Rank: Offender/Witness/Other (Ckey))

- Kunta X, Surgeon (Offender) ((Ganjaa)

- Leo Wyatt, Detective (Consulted Detective) ((Keinto..?))

- Corvo Oaken, Captain (Consulted)

Time of Incident: N/A

Real time: 12:00AM EST 10/31/17

Location of Incident: NSS Aurora

Nature of Incident:

  • [X]Workplace Hazard


    []Destruction of Property

    []Neglect of Duty




    [X]Other Misqualified (Place an x in the box that applies. If other, replace line and specify.)

Overview of the Incident:

Kunta X's records state the following:


"Known to be a pretty hard worker, very competitive though. Studied medicine for two years, been cooking and drink making all his life."

I decided to begin a staff review into Mr. X as a result of reading these records, being concerned that he was not qualified for the Surgeon position he was occupying, which should take 12 years or so to achieve the education required for the position, as opposed to the record two years.

Mr. X was incredibly hostile with me from the initiation of contact with him, and when we first arrived at my office and he was asked about his qualifications, his response was:


"People like you who think all because you have a nice little office think you can push people around like you actually mean something. You snap youe leg in two, you come to me. I have people to take care of and if you want to see a job well ldone, let me go back to my job." - Kunta X,


He refused to answer my questions, even though they were as simple as the university he received his education at, and as we know refusal to answer valid questions from Internal Affairs is a breach of contractual obligations. He then proceeded to shut down the discussion completely, telling me the 'interview was over' , as I could not force him to stay, I allowed him to leave to attend the medical calls he was most likely, not qualified to handle. At the time, he was informed however the Captain had ordered he was NOT to treat anyone until my review was complete.

Additional things to mention is his utter lack of H&S adherence, he wears his surgical scrubs and apron for entire shift-lengths, as well as dons a cowboy hat most of the time that does not come off during operations, and he refuses to not wear his surgical gloves - they are always on his hands, which is dangerously unsanitary.

Finally, when leaving my office, Mr. X made incredibly rude, and in my opinion, sexually-oriented and degrading comments.


Kunta X says, "Add [sic] the length of your skirt is gross"
Kunta X says, "Come get your legs fixed."
Kunta X says, "Gross."


Did you report it to a Head of Department or IAA? If so, who?: As the acting Internal Affairs Agent, and without a present CMO, I had to address the issue myself, the Captain went to cryo.

Actions taken: I attempted to complete a staff review, but Mr. X refused to partake.

Additional notes: Other medical staff should be asked to consult with this investigation, as they almost definitely have further stores of mal-practice and misbehaviour.

OOC: Right after this incident of him walking out of my office to do his 'job duties' he entered medical, jumped on a bed and went SSD.

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TO: Christine Clarke, Internal Affairs Agent, NSS Aurora


SUBJECT: RE: Incident Report



This is an automated message to inform you that your incident report has been received and placed in a queue for the CCIA Division to review.

You will be contacted, if necessary, by a CCIA Agent if and when an investigation begins.


DTG: 31-06:04-TAU CETI STANDARD-10-2459


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