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[Resolved] Player Complaint - DasFox

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BYOND Key: ajstorey456

Game ID: bRf-aZl8

Player Byond Key: DasFox

Staff involved: SirCatnip, but after the round. I didn’t have the time or bearings to ahelp.

Reason for complaint: It was a round of Veil Party, and I, as a head vampire, had gained tremendous power by convincing Command I was the Captain, accumulating probably 800 some blood, and thralling 4 people as well as embracing the Head of Security and changing the AI’s laws to follow the order of the Veil. Toward the end of the round, It was me and DasFox's character, a shaft miner, in an elevator. There was another guy, but he was fucked beyond reason since like 20 minutes in. I think DasFox’s character was trying to get them to the shuttle. I told DasFox's character as the captain to lie down on the ground and put your hands behind your back. They complied, I began succing, and I was only gonna do enough to enthrall them, but they resisted enough to get up halfway through and went wild attacking me with something (I didn’t know what) until I went horizontal and dropped my telebaton. Thankfully, I got back up pretty quick, so I took out my shotgun and put two slugs into their leg and began to run, shouting to the bartender that that guy is a maniac and to follow me. I then enthralled the bartender and went back to finish the job, and they were unconscious. DasFox IMMEDIATELY started shittalking in LOOC about how shitty I was to kill them like that and how I'm a real piece of shit and all, yadda yadda.

Beyond the powergaming that is breaking loose of a succ and attacking the vampire, it really frustrates me that people insist on shittalking in LOOC whenever they lose, and this is no exception.

Did you attempt to adminhelp the issue at the time? If so, what was the known action taken by administration/moderation? No, it was the end of the round and by the time the shittalking had reached an end, it was over. I reached out to Catnip over discord to help me out, if this is an offense, and if I should report it. So here I am.

Approximate Date/Time: 11/2/2017, about 4:50. I don’t have the exact time of the offense, sorry.

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Alright, after reviewing the logs I can confirm that DasFox was a vampire during this round, which sort of justifies resisting out of the sucking. This doesn't really justify the LOOC agression however.

OOC: (LOCAL) Kalita Mrakiizar/DasFox : headgiv me faggot.

OOC: (LOCAL) Kalita Mrakiizar/DasFox : *do it*

OOC: (LOCAL) Kalita Mrakiizar/DasFox : Nice kill, man. It was prettty pathetic.

OOC: (LOCAL) Kepper Dytes/Ajstorey456 : youre not supposed to be able to resist dude

OOC: (LOCAL) Kepper Dytes/Ajstorey456 : your fault for exploiting that

OOC: (LOCAL) Kalita Mrakiizar/DasFox : I'm a vamp you faggot

OOC: (LOCAL) Kalita Mrakiizar/DasFox : So yes I can

OOC: (LOCAL) Kepper Dytes/Ajstorey456 : well, get fucked anyhow.

OOC: (LOCAL) Kepper Dytes/Ajstorey456 : and no, you arent man

OOC: (LOCAL) Kepper Dytes/Ajstorey456 : its a bug right now

OOC: (LOCAL) Kepper Dytes/Ajstorey456 : everyone can resist, because its bugged

OOC: (LOCAL) Kalita Mrakiizar/DasFox : I ahelped before and they said it was fine.

OOC: (LOCAL) Kalita Mrakiizar/DasFox : *shrug*

OOC: (LOCAL) Kepper Dytes/Ajstorey456 : yes really, whos the fucking head vampire?


To be honest, you were both a little out of line in LOOC here. DasFox will be recieving a warning for the above, but I highly suggest that if you spot someone, to quote the rules, "being a dick" in LOOC, just ahelp in future, rather than retaliating with the same field of aggression.

Locking and archiving in 24 hours, if there is anything left to be said, do so during that period please.

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