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Heretics: The Revolution Solution


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A general vibe I get is that people don't like Rev all that much. There's a fun round every so often, but typically, people complain about revs being too underpowered just due to the nature of it. Someone had a pretty good idea last night while talking about cult which could be like a rev round in concept, but completely different in flavor and mechanics.

Instead of NT, Loyalists, and Revolutionaries, which is difficult and time consuming for revs to coin up a gimmick for why they don't like NT, easy for Loyalists to get power, and generally not a fun time, we have two gods. Nar'sie and X, or X and Y, two powerful dieties that have their own zealous followings. One can be holy, the other unholy, something something yadda yadda, but the idea is that it's two opposing factions that go about recruiting people to their following, fighting for power among departments and control, while also putting the spin of Magic and Gods into it.

Essentially, the idea is that there's the Cult as it is, maybe nerfed a little and spruced up, but it doesn't seem necessary to off the top of my head, and a Counter Cult, one that has a Holy God that is completely opposite to the ideas of the cultists. They're both very similar, a Holy and Unholy bible, Holy and Unholy armaments, End Goal is summoning your God and having control, short term goals is recruiting people, and there's some fun spiritual magic along the way! The counter cult, or the holies, will have holy magic, and Light based spells and prayers and incantations, as opposed to the offerings and blood sacrifices of the cult. Their magic would be similar, but they focus more on healing and blessings than raw power, sacrifices and bolsters.

That's the real gist of it, and I get it'd be an ASS to code and all that, but I really like the concept off the top of my head. What do y'all think?

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I was thinking that it followed the exact same principles of the Revolutionary gamemode, except instead of vague "fuck NT" or "i love NT" reasons to throw the station into chaos, while also bolstering it with fun magic shit. Could very easily just keep revolution as well as this, but the aim wasn't at all to replace cult either. It's like a mixed gamemode, except the mix is also with cult. Just a slightly different cult.

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