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Incident Report regarding Kyle Hunt and Jawdat


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Reporting Personnel: Sir Ver

Rank of Reporting Personnel: Security

Game ID: bRj-aEyY

Personnel Involved: (Name, Rank: Offender/Witness/Other (Ckey))

- Offender HoS Kyle Hunt

- Offender HoP Rhazajun Rhazakal-Jawdat

- Witness Visitor (Off-duty HoP) Ellie Shoshanna (I believe)

- Witness Wesley Mitchell

Real time: Happened near round end, around 12:00-12:20 est

Location of Incident: Mining Airlock

Nature of Incident:

  • []Workplace Hazard


    []Destruction of Property

    []Neglect of Duty




    []Other _____ (Place an x in the box that applies. If other, replace line and specify.)

Overview of the Incident: I was a security officer who was responding to a incident that was reported to of happened in the mining airlock. Upon arrival, such incident was found to be non existent. I was provided access through HoP Rhazajun Rhazakal-Jawdat, Ellie Shoshanna and Wesley Mitchell followed along, although technically they weren't asked to nor had a reason to, and such were trespassing. Because of the nature of the incident and my perception I was responding to an emergency I let them follow to not slow myself down, my intention was to ask them to leave after the situation was resolved.

Miss Shoshanna had accompanying with her two mice, of which she had given names and she was carrying. The origin of the mice were unknown, but she later claims they were her pets. Mister Jawdat then proceeded to say the following. "Cute mouse. Can I see it?" While their seemingly menial conversation was playing out, I was calling into security letting them know that the airlock was clear. However, before Miss Shoshanna could consent to letting Jawdat see the mouse, he had stomped the one. She then promptly said no after this act, before he then threw the other one.

Although this was a minor offence, namely Animal Cruelty, I decided to let it slide as a fellow security officer Emma was calling for help over the security channel, saying she was in distress. I tried to leave but found the hatch out was locked. Miss Shoshanna then punched Mister Jawdat as he continued to mess with her mice, and I intervened. Seeing as I had no way out unless Jawdat let me out.

Mr. Jawdat requested that I arrest Miss Shoshanna for assaulting a head of staff (corporate regulation i306). However as a witness I can attest to her punching Mr. Jawdat once in the face, which after what I had seen was reasonable considering he was killing her property in a cruel manner. She responded with "He killed Fievel, I am sorry." for reference, that was the name of the mouse. After asking Mr. Jawdat for verification he protested, claiming mice were pests and not pets, and he was within his right. After evaluating the situation and double checking regulation i113, animal cruelty and ensuring there wasn't a 'pest' exception, I informed Mr. Jawdat that he was under arrest for animal cruelty. He immediately fled while protesting, locking the three of us in mining. He then protested to the arrest on security channels, causing the Head of Security to ask me what I was doing. I explain the corporate regulation Jawdat had broken, and by that time, Jawdat returned to let us out. I asked him if he was turning himself and and ceasing fleeing/resisting arrest. He then began to run again, taunting me and telling me to hunt him over coms.

I pursued him through the security lobby, where I told him to get on the ground. He did not comply, and so I attempted to cuff him forcefully, after resisting I used my taser, probing him once. By this time he called for my demotion, and was fighting back. He knocked me over before Kyle Hunt came out in response to the commotion. He asked for an explanation and I proceeded to give him one. I explained what had happened, in less descript tone. That the HoP had pet mice, that Jawdat had asked to see them and then killed the one before giving her a chance to respond, and that he was resisting arrest. The head of security then informed me that 'killing pests isn't against regulations'. I informed him of i113, and he told me he was arresting me for assaulting a head of staff i306. I continued to explain about how jawdat resisted arrest, and the head of security, ignoring me kept asking if I was going to comply with the arrest. Corporate regulation i306, not only did it not fit what i did, as I did not use any more force than necessary, but it was in response to a lawful arrest. He repeatedly asked if I would comply, and then the transfer shuttle arrived. The Head of Security proceeded to take out his baton, and cuff me as I talked to him, I did not resist.

The shuttle arrived, and I was transferred while detained.


Did you report it to a Head of Department or IAA? If so, who?: Both heads of departments are perpetrators here, so it is laughable that I would report it to them.

Additional notes: I am a Knight, who has taken a vow with Nanotrasen to enforce corporate regulations. When I am punished for doing so because the Head of Personnel is a flamboyant psychopath and the Head of Security won't listen to his own officers it is difficult to do so. I am not looking for either individual to be severely reprimanded here. Mr Jawdat offences only lead up to a fifteen minute brig time, and since Mr. Jawdat was seemingly misinformed about i113 and so was Chief Hunt, I would understand the confusion and why they took those actions. Mr. Jawdat is in charge of janitorial, whom is in charge of pest control, and Mr. Hunt is right to believe a fellow member of command. However seemingly these two individuals are one of the many members of security and command who are unaware that even though mice are commonly pests on the station, owned mice are protected by i113, especially when said cruelty and eventual murder is done maliciously, as obviously done by Jawdat.

I simply ask for no demotion to occur, that this be removed from my record, and that the CCIAA either clarify their definition of what constitutes an animal or a pest if there is a 'pest exception' or make sure that command members and especially security heads understand that mice count as animals, and malicious killing of them (This of course excludes mouse traps and killing stray mice who are actively harming the work environment) will not be tolerated.

OOCly: I asked Jackboot if he wanted to void it, and told him I was willing to as long as he understood the regulation for the future, he told me to file this anyway. I cannot locate the player for the other character and couldn't ask them as well. So yes, we really doin a IR for mouse murder boys. However I can see if this isn't worth the CCIAA player's time unless they are bored, so I will leave it to their best judgment of how to handle this.

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TO: Sir Ver, Security Officer, NSS Aurora

FROM: Lyla Rathen, CCIA Duty Officer, NTCC Odin

SUBJECT: RE: Incident Report



After review of this case by the Central Command Internal Affairs Bureau, we have chosen to close it without investigation.

We believe mice to be pests aboard our installations and have supplied the custodial and culinary staff with the proper tools to dispose of them as efficiently as possible. While it is unfortunate that miss Shoshana developed such an attachment to the rodent and that it was killed in such a spectacular manner by the active Head of Personnel, Rhazakal-Jawdat, we will not be pursuing action with regards to its death.

Furthermore, we believe the action taken by the Head of Security, Kyle Hunt, to have been sufficient response to the illegal arrest attempted against the Head of Personnel, Rhazakal-Jawdat, and as such we see no reason to further involve ourselves with the actions of the filing Officer.


DTG: 06-08:34-TAU CETI STANDARD-11-2459

SIGN: CCIAA Lyla Rathen

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