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Character Feedback: Ka'Viax'Kee Zo'ra and Others


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I'm interested to see what people think of my Vaurca cook, as well as Ka'Akaix'Zed Zo'ra, my Vaurca Medical Resident/Surgeon (cmoooon avowal), and maybe Shawna Butterfill (Hydroponicist, Xenobio/botanist).

I have a month or two of RP experience to my name, and I'm curious if I'm going in the right direction, and/or if there are things I can improve on. Thanks so much!

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I wish I could interact more with Kee, I've heard of delightful things about the KiiKee cooks, and I really wish I could interact with them more.

And despite my brief interactions with Zed, I really wish to work with him more in Medical. He seems sensible, competent and an excellent co-worker and Surgeon to have. Sometimes I wonder how Zed would interact with Kzon if the two were ever to meet.

I can't say I remember interacting with Butterfill much (besides the usual xenobiogist treatment and procedures).

Overall, my post is lacking since I haven't interacted with any of your characters as deeply, but I'm fairly sure they seem to be great.

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