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What is the parasite "meme"?



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I'm assuming they are also locked behind a "event" wall?

It saddens me that borers are not in the regular rotation as I have had a great time in the past both being infested as, and infesting people as a borer. In my eyes it's more or less a role which you have to roleplay to have anywhere near a pleasurable experience.

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I never got a chance to play a meme round, but basically the antag was a incorporial being which IIRC spawned inside another crew member. The meme player could control the host through similar methods as the borers, making them feel pain or pleasure, talking to them in their head, and a few other things I can't remember now. The meme player could also jump to another host by making the host shout out a phrase or word and if someone heard it, they could get infected.

As far as I know it was bugged to shit so it never was a round type by the time I started playing SS13. Everything I just said is based on what I remember from an old Baystation wiki article about them.

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