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Sitting: A Retrospective into why we are dumb.


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Noting for the billionth time of someone buckling themselves into a chair, simply so it can turn with them, I wonder why we haven't bothered to function in a sit command.

As if it's use isn't obvious, it's purpose would be to anchor someone to a chair, but also allow being pulled off, and what not. The reason is plain as watching someone do that awkward jig to try and match their turning with a chair, or getting the idea that most Doctors can't sit in chairs without apparently falling off every time they spin.

Obviously, this might be a lot of coding for nothing at all, but turn me sideways and call me an apple fritter, (???) I despise all the buckling, like we are some kind of bondage dungeon.

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I needed to trace the buckle code for simple_animals to make sure that mice can't be buckled into anything anymore (or lizards, for that matter). It's one of those things that gets intertwined and intermingled just about everywhere.

A tired head is telling me how this sit function could be accomplished, but it'd be so much code duplication, or a sheer amount of modification to existing procs, objects, mob files that I don't consider it as something that's worth it.

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What a shame then? I mean, buckling can just easily be fluffed (from an IC point of view) that you just, oh, I don't know, sat down? It's not like every single chair has a seat belt, dude.


Because the game implies your buckling down, every time. and it sets the point. And your immersion is already slightly broken, so attempting to RP it away doesnt particularly help.


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Slapping people across the face as hard as you can is also in-game immersion breaking because you kinda have to punch someone in the head for the damage to register.

Bonus points if you knock them out.

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