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TruLemIPC's Official Signature


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BYOND Key: Tainavaa

Character name: TruLemIPC

Item name: It's a signature for paperwork.

Why is your character carrying said item to work? It's programmed into TruLemIPC's positronic brain to advocate the company it was developed from.

Item function(s): Shows a different signature when [sign]ing paperwork.

Item description: It is a signature. It is signed. It appears on signed paperwork, and anything else you decide to put your signature on.

Item appearance: "True Lemming Integrated Positronic Chassis, a True Lemming Aerospace Corporation™ Integrated Positronic Chassis" displays rather than TruLemIPC.

Additional comments:

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Three ways this can go:

I add an entire mechanic supporting custom signatures for all. I actually have wanted to do this for a long time now, so maybe.

I hack, depending on how the conversion proc works and add a singular exception. May not be possible, and will be silly if it is.

Third, neither of the above is doable at this time an will be done at a later date (option one, at this point).

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