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Human Accents


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In general terms,

Based on the borders of the human settled areas, what do the humans of the ingame year sound like?

Most factions have their roots in a broad geographical area of earth so even a general idea would be nice to work off of.


Tau Ceti


Republic of Elyra

Eridani Federation

Empire of Dominia

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First thing to understand is that all these places have multiple nation states stretched over multiple planets/places across multiple star systems so there is no 100% "this is how you speak" system.

That being said, generally, there is a certain manner of speech for each - there "general accent" if you like.

Solarians speak with a lilting accent, this can be show in game by liberally sprinkling italics into your characters sentences: Something along these lines would be good.

Tau Ceti has no change. Understand that the characters all speak Tau Ceti Basic as a base language and as such, it remains unchanged when spoken by Bieselittes.

Frontier doesn't really have a set type as it is extremely cosmopolitan, however being curt and brief is good. A grunt instead of a yes-

Rando: "Hey buddy."

Frontier boi: "Mm, got any beer?"

Rando:"Got some space beer if you want?"

Frontier boi: "Mhm."

Elyrans tend to have extremely nice voices to listen to, very clear and elegant. Use /me to "orates, purrs, hums, chimes," when speaking.

Dominians speak very harshly and sternly generally. This can be shown by making the first word of the sentence bold for emphasis and further making any key words bald: "I am fine, how can I help you." You can also /me "utters,".

Again, these are general. You can have a rough and tough Elyrans or a purring Dominian femme fatale if you so wish.

There was actually going to be a project to make it so the whole "Bob says," changes with your home system but this turned out to be largely unworkable.

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