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Scoundrel Dice: An RP classic minigame.


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What I suggest should be, in theory, simple to code if someone wishes to take the time to indulge in this concept.

We need the ability to make a "hand" of dice like cards allow, with the ability to roll them all together and allow the roll to be concealed so that only the roller knows.


Scoundrel Dice. Also known as Lie n' Die, Swindledice and a few other things, it's a lovely dice game that I've been taught by a DnD player, and also was a mini game inside of the Sorcery IOS games. What it is, I will explain, but the point of the game is to make idle talk and attempt swindle people into losing.

Scoundrel Dice Rules

-Both Players determine a set amount of dice for each hand. Atypically the amount is above or equal to 5.

-After the roll, each player takes turns stating the amount of similar dice in both players hands. If the other player believes it to be a lie, they call them. If they lied, they win. If not, the caller loses.

-Each time a person states the amount of pairs, and the number (For example, 2 four's.), the next player must make their next guess one above for the number of pairs. (So, perhaps 3 two's.)

-Upon loss, either the player loses a dice and the game continues until one player is out of dice, or a round system is used, such as best of three's.

To give an example match:

Rai Amari Rolls:

5 3 5 1 5

Nikolai Petirosky Rolls:

3 2 5 6 6

Rai Amari Goes First: 2 Fives.

Nikolai Petirosky responds: 3 Sixes.

Rai Amari responds: 4 Fives.

Nikolai Petirosky calls.

Four Fives exist, Rai Amari wins.

What's the point?

Well, it's a good thing to just be doing while RPing, and assists players in attempting to learn more subtle ways to RP, by using cues and such. In theory, at least.

As well, it would be fun to play, and allows for another thing to do, along with cards.

Obviously, a Die pack would need to be a spawn-able item with, and maybe a few of them sitting in the bar/dorms.

Secondarily, differently coloured dice would allow another concept, which is attempting to collect dice. Unless we could somehow set up a secondary code to keep track of who has won what or something, it would mean nothing, but attempting to collect different types of dice is another sub part of the game, if it could be added.

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