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Potential Idea: (Not for the server)


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I'm not sure if this should go in suggestions, since it technically is a suggestion, but not one I'd like to see implemented on the server. However, for now I'll nestle it in General, since it certainly applies to ss13.

Basically, following the trend of porting themes to Space Station 13 (Archangel Station, Colonial Marines) a potentially simple (As simple as these edits can be) port would be Fallout in ss13. Now, not the open world wasteland, but rather constricted to a Vault. Vault (Not)13. Basically, instead of space, the map would be a mountain, and inside of the mountain the Vault. I suppose there would be some outside bits, but instead of them being oxygenless, they're highly toxic and radioactive. The vault itself could operate much like a space station, since it has to be a functional, self-sufficient home for generations. Cyborgs would be Mister Gutsy's/Protectrons/Mister Handy's. Maybe even Eyebots. Security would work much the same, so too Engineering, and Medical and Research. The assistant role and civilian roles might become more emphasized. The only one that might need a drastic change is Mining, because nobody leaves the vault. Perhaps there would be resource dispensers.

The Captain would become the Overseer, and to spice things up every round he would get a special directive (Since all Vaults are social experiments) and act upon this directives; sometimes serving as an antagonist, sometimes not.

Syndicate would be replaced with Brotherhood of Steel.

Vox would be replaced with Raiders.

Wizard would be replaced with an Enclave operative. (Replacing magic abilities with science abilities)

Xenomorphs would become Super Mutants (Dragging innocent vault-dwellers to your FEV vats.)

The remaining antagonists would probably remain the same.

There would be no Crew Transfer, for obvious reasons. Instead the round just ends, or perhaps everyone heads to cryo.

Instead of an escape shuttle, the Vault Doors are forced open. The Heads should NEVER do this, it would be the oppressed Vault Dwellers who break in and do this, optimally.

Just wanted to write the idea down; I personally lack any of the know-how, resources, or drive to make a regular ss13 server, let alone a unique one. Will be updating with new ideas as they come.

EDIT 1: Instead of Industrious Maintenance Drones, you can become a child when you die. Pretty much the same thing.

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I like this idea, it's something I always wondered, normal vault life. Downside is to get it to actually look and work well would be a lot of work.


Aye, it's taking a long time for Archangel (Mainly because they're under staffed) to adjust everything, they still got xenomorphs, they have multi-tile mechs that only actually exist on one tile, and a shitton of bugs.

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