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How to learn Engineering


tldr: New player here, would like to learn how to be engineer

Hi, im a new player (i started playing on 27. 3. 2018 so green as you can get) and i would like to learn engineering. I started playing as an assistant, got to try a bartender and cook, now i spend most of my games as a janitor because i now what to do. But it feels kinda boring... i usualy get to read how station is descending into a shit, but i never feel like it because im either at my worklpace and/or RP reasons dont allow me to go toward danger (read fun areas where something is happening). So i tried engineering aprentice job, but found out that i dont know shit.I couldnt even put floor back together. I was told by head engineer one game to follow "this guy" and learn, but because station went to hell pretty fast, he had no time or didnt feel like it, to talk what hes doing or how he do it. I even looked for guides, but they are either too general, i didnt understand almost anything in them(since i dont know the game) or are nonexistant in the first place. I felt so useless, it discouraged me from trying it for the third time.

So i would like to ask, how did you guys learned all those things? Did you just goofed around and eventualy learned it? Did you had someone to teach you? I was browsing this forum for about 3 hours, but i couldnt find a guide for a starting engineer. I was also thinking on medic or security, but as a CNC machinist-turner in real life, i have closer to engineering. And i would like to know even basics, how to click on what with what, which buttos etc. i found some "do this then this, lastly this and your done" guides, but again, no idea what that meant. ANd because i want to RP as well, it does not feel right to ignore everything, join as engineer and frolick around, mess with things while others try to gave a fun game.

You might say to go to another server and learm basics there, but i dont want to. Not only servers are different mechanic-wise. For example, i couldnt find how to put mop into janicart in aurora, but on paradise station it was eazy. Not only that, people are jerks there and RP is mostly nonexistent (reason why i decided to play SS13 is roleplay). I got beated up by a doctor and got my mop stolen even thou i put wet flor sings down, ppl talked about bulshit that had nothing to do with game and first reply to my question i got was after about 20 minutes on server when i visitted head department and got a job as a janitor, everyone else ignored me. On Aurora, i got all my question answered, i got pointed a direction where to go, got a station tour and got to do some roleplay with Mya whom teached me on how to be a bartender.

PS: there is plenty of things i dont understand, but lets leave that for another time, for example if someone will take me under his wings

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The way I learned engineering in the beginning was playing as a maintenance drone and just trying out to repair/refurbish places in maintenance, Particularly the old bar/theater. You'll be left alone for the most part and nobody expects anything from you. This allows you time to practice basic structural repair, placing light fixtures, building doors and the like. Maintenance drones also have almost limitless resources as its metal,glass and other resources get replenished when you charge up.


You spawn as a drone by clicking the 'Join As Drone' button in the ghost tab when you're either dead or simply joined as an observer.

When you feel more comfortable with the basic repairs I wouldn't hesitate to join as a apprentice, Just remember to ask for guidance/help in areas you're unfamiliar. There may not be someone around to teach you every round but keep trying.

Also here's a guide to how wiring works, If needed. They're kind of an enigma at first. https://baystation12.net/Nwiki/index.php/Basic_Construction#Wiring

Hands on help and guidance is most effective. So If you do have any particular questions, Feel free to ask me on the server discord ferner#2487 or send me a pm.

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Hi, the worst CE main here.

I highly recommend starting off as an engineering apprentice, so that you can learn the basics before you play a drone. After you’ve the basics set, like building windows, lighs, reinforced windows etc, try playing a drone.

The current wikis do help, and I’ll admit I keep the construction guide open for reference as I play, even now.

We’ve an engineering Discord, for people who wish to learn about engineering, feel free to PM me on Discord, Eve#1315, for an invite.

And don’t be afraid to make mistakes, as they’ll be your greatest tutor on the way.

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Thanks for tips, ill check the discord. ANd playing as drone helped alot, but i didnt expected to be captured by a traitor and have to serve as a minion :D learned basic constructions thou.

Do you have any other tips for new player?

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