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  1. +1 Would be nice to have whacky friend as CE -Drakuba Plazovic
  2. But this would make some rounds realy interesting, especialy that RNG element to it. I think decent antagonist will use the confusion to his advantage and blend in the chaos. Just beacuse you saw ninja, does not mean you are save from ling, or that surgeon is vampire. Beside, this does not mean we will play this mode only. Its just, regular modes have been there for a while, and his could spice the game alot
  3. Agree, maybe limited number of hacked drones at the same time depending of the number of players in round? Like 2 or 3 drones on 30 players. Other players will go to waiting line
  4. exactly, you can see everything around you anyway, why couldnt you hear it as well?
  5. +1 Its annoying to ghost to hear others and return everytime someone checks your body to show you are ready to cloning
  6. This is still not being worked on? Shame
  7. +1 This would give AI better fighting chance since it is stationary and one engi with emmiter can blast it to dust. Or CE. Or pretty much any officer with weapon and suit. Borgs can be pacified relatively easily, so does drone fabrication can be easily disabled
  8. +1 I cant belive this is not being implemented long time ago. Not a single dissaproval and all positive feedback. It sounds awesome as well. #LongLiveTrueSecret
  9. +1 Sounds fun. Waiting like 4 or so sec for doors to open is acceptable once or twice, but gets annoying quickly so you will call someone to fix it asap. Realism wise, it makes no sence to have lightbulbs in year 2460 yet we still have them for gameplay purposes. Make the acting up doors hapen
  10. +1 Why it is not implementrd already? This would be nice alternative to attacking when cornered
  11. Shouldnt they be printable? Autoloathe or protoloathe if you will. I liked the idea about ss13 that you can build second station ingame, which is not possible on aurora as i recall because plenty of things cant be obtained. It makes me sad
  12. I like this idea, but i think we should drop the role of phone operator, i know i wont play as one, sounds boring as hell. Instead, make it that you message whole department if you request repair, medical, report crime ...and you can use PDA to contact individuals. I usualy ignore green text anyway like 90% of time since my department is more interesting to listen anyway.Hiding identity sounds complicated like someone sayed before, you will overwhelm chat with too much info. We are in the 25th century, radios can tell you who calls you, but it could be a maschine in tcoms that does it, any by
  13. I think its good the way it is now. Antags ar non canon, everything else is canon. Mild job hoping is ok. For example, my char started as assistant, got to try barman and chef. Then had been janitor for about 15 rounds before "NT validated his engineering degree" and he started being engineer. He still remember his buddy whom showed him the station from times he worked as janitor, even now as maintenance tech he still remembers that, as well as all fruends he made from his apprentice days. As it should be. Treating others as strangers every round feels kinda weird
  14. Ill start with example. I died early and got spaced around 10-15 min mark, and acepted my fate of having a boring game. Decided to spawn as maintenance drone and proceded to repair/improve station. Around 30 min mark, i was captured by antag to do his biding and boy, round was fun again! Open this, scout that room, build baricades, hide around people so i wont look suspicious, take this plasma cutter and protect me. I was give na chance to actualy affect a round IC instaed of just fixing stuff or violating RP rules as maint-drone. And i didnt mind being someones slave one bit because i
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