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  1. I very much agree, it's a mechanic of tedium, repeating the same steps round after round, and as said by others, feels just gamey and non-collaborative. Not conducive for a good rp experience. Starting the levels at 5 would be a small relief certainly.
  2. Feedback thread for this pr: https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/6168
  3. I’m all for making the xenofauna we so often run into more alien. And these sprites look absolutely lovely for that purpose. If we want to keep normal carp around in code, I suppose these could be introduced as a new kind of species with similar mechanics, leaving current carp for adminbus and wizardry. But personally I’d be fine with them being an outright replacement too.
  4. Okay, many hours later, I feel it's time to show the changes to virology itself. The testing area, the three red cells along with the adjoining room will be access restricted to the pharmacist, while processing, morgue and isolation ward will be available to the other medical personnel. How the lockdowns will work I'm not entirely done with, but I intend to have separated lockdowns for the testing area, processing corridor and the isolation ward itself. The isolation ward was expanded, to provide some room to maneuver and walk around without bumping into eachother, the same reason the entrance was expanded. If these are seen as acceptable I can go do all the menial parts, connecting, adding all missing utilities, adding access requirements, new areas and additional polish and so on. A lot of stuff to go but I feel all the hard parts are done with. As always, I'm thankful for any feedback you can give me.
  5. How do you feel about this for a freezer? Also not completely happy with the furnishing in the northern room, but I'm going to make another pass at that soon, need to start thinking about the changes to the sublevel as well.
  6. Hastily threw together another alternative, not sure how I feel about it. Will continue investigating other options as well.
  7. Shrunk it down a bit Removed the testing room for now. If you'd rather see another soloution do let me know, It'd be no issue at all. I only want what's best. A combined lab for example would work well but it'd need some possibly major reshuffling on the main level.
  8. I find it'd be a lot of unneccesary travel time if the labworker just wants to produce some simple antibodies, And the lab will have containment possibilities as the sublevel already has. But I'll see what happens, thanks for your feedback. I'm going to work on shrinking the workspace for now.
  9. Some progress: There's still a lot to do as this is only a draft, and I haven't touched the sublevel yet. Still a lot of utilities to fix/add and so on. I removed the isolation room and replaced it with a single simian testing pen, there will still be additional ones in the sublevel.
  10. Thanks, I'm happy that you like it, I appreciate the feedback I'll take it all into consideration. As for the questions, There'll be a lockdown of some capacity, I've not yet decided on how best to do this. The lab's size as in the picture is a bit smaller than I'd like, I'm going to work on this so atleast 2 people could work in it comfortably, as for now it's made for one. The bolted hatch is meant icly for like once a year maintenance, so it's going to be bolted and locked to engineering/atmos access.I'll think about If I want to put in a button to unbolt it. Thanks for the questions, as always my dms are open if there are any grievances or direct questions.
  11. If you want me to, I could. But it'd need some rounds of polish. Also what access would all this be locked to, chemistry? I'll continue working on it.
  12. I'm all for a merger of these jobs, and I had an idea on how to fit in the virology equipment upstairs, closer to the chemistry lab. (This is a rough draft, a lot of details are missing and not really decided on layoutl.) Where instead of cramming it into main level medbay, you use some of the potential verticality of the map and put it above. And from the workarea the biochemist can even see if someone is waiting at their desk down below. I also put in a single isolation cell if it's needed, For larger outbreaks you'd use the sublevel. The maintenance tunnel on the right goes right over to the psych ward's maintenance tunnel. This only one of the possible soloutions, if you'd like other ideas, do let me know.
  13. I think atleast that those few that play virologist will feel pretty miffed that their current lab gets turned into what amounts to a cleaning supplies closet. If you want to combine these roles I'd for one make the setup a bit more inspiring as not to make players of both of these jobs feel disappointed at the outcome. I'm all for merging the jobs but not if the lab turns into this.
  14. Thanks for reporting the issue, I'll get around to fixing it when I can.
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