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  1. My most sincere gratitude for all you do here Alb, both the creative side plus the neverending battle of keeping the shitters at bay. You are a pillar of this community. ❤️
  2. Borya, to me, seems like a kind, polite and well-meaning person and I'd trust them in any staff position in a heartbeat.
  3. Public stairs were just added. This is unneccesary and in this position will lead to security choosing the ladder over the elevator.
  4. Thanks for your suggestions, keep them coming and I'll get them implemented where I can, when I can.
  5. I went back and forth a bit on this, but eventually made the cockpit black again, as the rest of the ship flooring.
  6. Yes the dropship can ferry people back to the big ship if required, though its engines need time to recharge between drops.
  7. It'd be easier to make it so these events leading to the venting of the surface level have a less chance of occuring, for example, carps used to only break windows if they saw someone inside, and I think it should be reverted to that instead of them creating needless busywork by breaking into places. As for elevators being hard for new people to see, I agree. We need to change their visual style so they're more easy to make out from everything else. Moving departures to the main level would be colossal effort, and with it you'd have to reconsider the entire purpose of the surface level, I'm don't think it'd pay off either.
  8. Thread intended for feedback, ideas and questions related to PR #7457 https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/7457
  9. This should be adressed in this pr. https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/7225
  10. Job titles should be clear. Having a role with Engineer in the name, in the engineering department makes sense. People can understand what an engineer does on a space station almost instantly, Due to influences from other games, other science fiction media, etc. Maintenance technician doesn't lend itself to the same image, it's a vague title that has for years just meant a more unreliable engineer of some kind. Should they know how to turn on the engine? Should they not? Who knows. Its only uses being perhaps as a stepping stone between apprentice and a full on engineer, or perhaps for players who want to play to the archetype of a less educated engineer ,with less responsibilities. Pointing at real-life examples I find irrelevant, we're neither a milsim-esque server, and we're not all in the know how of how engineers operate in real-life either and we shouldn't be expected to. Tldr: Big -1.
  11. I'll handle this, as I've got some map bugfixes I'm working on atm and I can slide this in
  12. Would perhaps be easier for the smelter to count the resources, that way you couldn't put stuff through the stacker multiple times either. You could also maybe have the ore redemption console automatically sign the reports if you have your ID inside it when you print the report. I suppose a simple scanner could work too. With other pros and cons.
  13. I'll be taking a deeper look at this issue, it's something I too have noticed.
  14. It's certainly a possibility, though overriding ctrl click for rollerbeds could lead to them being a bit more of a hassle to use in emergencies.
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