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  1. ferner

    Aboshehab Letter of Resignation

    Thanks for having been, and continuing to be, a pillar of positivity of this community. After going through some tough times myself this past year I’m very thankful for your efforts to make me feel welcome here. Good luck with everything in the future, I’m sure you’ll do great in any effort you put your mind to.
  2. ferner

    Cargo Bounites / Exports

    I've certainly enjoyed this addition, managing exports and going around the station to broker deals with various departments is fun. An idea I had was to perhaps implement some rewards other than just cash. A bounty could sometimes for example offer a crate of leftover medical supplies, a crate of party supplies, mining equipment, or perhaps just a crate of completely random stuff akin to those found in the warehouse.
  3. ferner

    Random Asteroid "Dungeons"

    Sounds like a fun feature, bringing some well needed spice to the geography of the asteroid once in a while, which otherwise is just enormous, empty and repetitive to work in.
  4. ferner


    I've personally often felt cramped working in research on the main level, Both in the RnD lab along with the chemistry and misc science rooms. So opening it up a bit more like this certainly would incline me to enjoy working in the department a bit more. Also moving the conference table away from the elevator entrance would go to improve the flow of traffic for sure. The glass portions between the RnD lab and the research hallway, along with the test chamber viewing room are welcome additions too.
  5. ferner

    Flares and you.

    Flares can infact be ordered from cargo, under the operations tab, 80cr.
  6. ferner

    [WIP] Medical Map Changes

    I like the roundabout design, the expansive surgery and close proximity of critical care areas. But one problem I find is with the examination rooms, like the four at the bottom. Such rooms are rarely used from what I’ve seen atleast. Great for antag shenanigans but perhaps less so for the triage situations medical often turns into. Something I propose, although this'd ruin a lot of the work you've already accomplished, would be placing the medical lobby in the north-west corner giving it access to both those corridors while also keeping the EMTs easy access to the rest of the station instead of placing it deeper inside of medical. This sketch I made up also places the ICU and General Treatment close to the Lobby/EMT station as that is where the majority of patients in critical condition will be carted through. Included is a three wide corridor providing easy access to surgery without people getting cramped, akin to the old map design and your proposal. This sketch is far from perfect but it's just an idea.
  7. ferner

    Hydroponics Map Redesign

    Looks like a fine addition. An idea I had for more equipment was maybe giving hydro 1-2 weedkiller grenades. They can be ordered from cargo but I've never seen them used outside of admemes.
  8. ferner

    Info / Feedback: Cargo Changes

    The addition of the the cargo delivery program and the tablets have been working out good, and now that you can process payments before the crate is sent via the shuttle has simplified processing large orders. I see that adding invoices is planned, One thing I’d like to have as well is being able to print receipts, Because a lot of the time crewmembers pay for work related stuff out of pocket. With a receipt of the transaction they should be able to get reimbursed by their supervisor at a later time. The addition of a controllable shuttle to pick up deliveries is a cool idea. Cargo crew being able to directly affect shipment times instead of having to wait an arbitrary amount of time would be a really welcome change. One other thing, Some of the cargo categories are pretty bloated and you sometimes have to scroll pretty far to find what you’re looking for, But perhaps this’ll be made better if the categories are removed inplace of suppliers with subcategories and/or if the ability to search for an item like on the project page.
  9. ferner

    Minor Mining Gameplay Overhaul Opinions

    I'm up for anything really to make mining less mind numbingly boring once you've become good enough at it. I'd be up for some hostile creatures on the asteroid as long as their spawning patterns make sense and it's not out of thin air right next to you, I get enough heart attacks as is from sorting the cargo warehouse. Shock absorption boots sound like an interesting compromise instead of having magboots. The lethality of falling on the asteroid is brutal, Even when I try and rescue fallen miners the fastest that I can they usually end up dying anyhow. The Pr adding the availability of hoists as well as ladders is a welcome one, No longer would miners have to fight over them.
  10. ferner

    Lotto ticket noise removal

    I don't mind the sound that much, But It would be good if its radius was shrunk so mostly only you yourself could hear it while scratching.
  11. ferner

    How to learn Engineering

    The way I learned engineering in the beginning was playing as a maintenance drone and just trying out to repair/refurbish places in maintenance, Particularly the old bar/theater. You'll be left alone for the most part and nobody expects anything from you. This allows you time to practice basic structural repair, placing light fixtures, building doors and the like. Maintenance drones also have almost limitless resources as its metal,glass and other resources get replenished when you charge up. https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=Maintenance_Drone You spawn as a drone by clicking the 'Join As Drone' button in the ghost tab when you're either dead or simply joined as an observer. When you feel more comfortable with the basic repairs I wouldn't hesitate to join as a apprentice, Just remember to ask for guidance/help in areas you're unfamiliar. There may not be someone around to teach you every round but keep trying. Also here's a guide to how wiring works, If needed. They're kind of an enigma at first. https://baystation12.net/Nwiki/index.php/Basic_Construction#Wiring Hands on help and guidance is most effective. So If you do have any particular questions, Feel free to ask me on the server discord ferner#2487 or send me a pm.
  12. ferner

    Balaclava, Human Variant, Replacement

    Looks in line with the tactical balaclava which I much prefer. The standard balaclava right now looks like it was made for a cyclopse.
  13. ferner

    October Update: Cargo Boogaloo

    Space spice exists in the supply category for 60 credits.
  14. I personally like there being drawbacks from just living of off the vendors and never leaving your department instead of heading to the kitchen and getting a proper meal. I'd like the mechanic to get adjusted if people are finding it too annoying Instead of the change being wholesale removed.